Sonic Rise
Created by:
Lunaticthegame, Toei Animation, Sega, Sonic Team
Animated by
Studio Cockpit
Directed by
Funimation, Ocean studio's

Sonic Jamz (2) is the sequal series to Sonic Jamz and is the 7th TV series based on Sonic The Hedgehog and the 3rd Anime based off of the franchise. The story takes place 2 years after the ending of Sonic Jamz when a device causes multiple dimensions to combine into one. A lot of weird things come together including Evan, Trinity and the rest becoming 14 like they were before Sonic and the rest left. The show is animated by Studio Cockpit who do the Key animation and the music is made by multiple people.


Main Plot

2 years after the Sonic heroes left Earth once again, Evan and Trinity meet up with their old friends who all went there own separate ways. During their reunion they are greeted by the man who created the teleporter which sent Evan, Noah and Issac into Sonic's world. He claims that there are warp holes appearing up all over the place. They group investigates until they are knocked unconscious. Evan finds himself were he was when he was 14 before realizing that he is 14. After exploring he finds out that he's still on Earth and ends up finding his friends. Noah discovers Sonic and Tails knocked out and after waking them up they are reunited with their old friends. They then learn that more than their dimensions crossed together and they find an new model of Mega Man named Mega Man X. Somehow Lyric is also here with them and tells the story of how he was killed but was revived 100 years later in Mega Man's universe. Mega Man, Roll, Protoman, Bass, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily all appear through a time portal and they converge. Dr. Wily teams with Eggman for the last time because Earth has been weakened by the converging of worlds. Sigma is then revived by mistake because of Wily. He attempts to kill the 2 but they escape but when he finds Mega Man and the rest he decides to host a tournament to see who can beat him. (Sort of like the Cell games.) The second arc is about the attack on the space shuttle which secret documents hidden by the remains of S.O.N.I.C.X. They are attacked by many of there fears and nightmares (Ex. Evans fight with Axis in Sonic Jamz season 6 which left him scared for life.)


The show is split into seasons which are split into arcs.

Season 1

Dimensions X arc

  • Dimensions combine
  • Just one step
  • 14 again?
  • Things go seriously wrong
  • Friends return
  • A new weapon
  • Dr. Wily?!?!
  • Zero vs Mega Man
  • A 2nd Sonic?
  • Ion! The new figure
  • Sigma's tournament! The 2 week plan
  • Lyric has a plan
  • The games begin
  • Haven't lost our touch/ Trinity and Evan's fight
  • Maverick battle!
  • Anger pulls through
  • Down to Zero
  • Sigma and Zero fight
  • Who won?
  • Sigma's 2nd phase! Fight!
  • The end of the line! Draw out our weapons!
  • A Chaos Control X2?
  • Sigma falls!

Axis-Space Station arc

  • Dr. Light's return
  • Wish upon a star
  • Another problem
  • Blaze returns
  • The old space station
  • Hidden details
  • Cosmo vs the monster
  • Plant vs Fire
  • A major downfall
  • Eggmans plea
  • S.O.N.I.C.X. was behind it?
  • GATE revival
  • Path of destruction
  • Mavericks attack!
  • Sonic vs the hidden leader!
  • Cloud Strife
  • Noah vs Cloud!
  • Evan's nightmare (I just want to point out that in this episode it reveals that Evan was traumatized by his fight with Axis.)
  • Tiens Tri-Beam X5
  • Lyric vs Zero once again!
  • Dr. Wily's revenge
  • Evan and Lyric team up
  • Super Sonic's final attack!
  • Blazing storm! I will destroy you nightmare man!
  • The scrolls of destiny, cure for the universe!

Season 2

Bio-Sayain Saga

  • Goku?
  • Long deserved rest
  • Eggmans findings
  • Killer instinct
  • Revival of the Sayain Race
  • Maverick Hunters fight!
  • Super Sonic won't win!
  • Power of a Super Sayain 2
  • The revival of a king!
  • Goodnight sweet prince
  • vs King Vegeta
  • Impossibility
  • King Vegeta, Super Sayain?
  • Goku's final move
  • Super Silver and Fire Blaze!
  • Desired memories
  • One more game!
  • Ion Comes Back, Defeat Is No Option!
  • True Enemy, Broly's Return!

Broly and Xenoverse Saga

  • Goku's Demise, Broly Vs. Goku!
  • Broly Too Strong, Sonic Steps up!
  • Sonic's True Power. Darkness within.
  • Broly's near Defeat, Finish him Sonic!
  • Trunks from the Future?!
  • Mira's Return, Time is in Danger!
  • Mind Controlled Ion, Save the Guardian!
  • Exacliburn X3! Noah's confrontation with the enemy
  • Noah and Issacs team attack! The final coup de grace!
  • Super Shadows Kaioken X15! The ultimate life form will not fall.
  • One way out, the super warriors biggest attack.
  • Trunk's warning. Truth of the past
  • Demon God's Return, Revival Of Demigra!?
  • Ion's true Rage, Darkspine Ion!?
  • Unkown Power, Demon's Sworn Nemesis.
  • Race Against Time, Battle against the Demon God.
  • Eggmans real plan. Any ideas?
  • Tails counter attack plan. We need more time!
  • Robotized Demigra vs Kaioshin of Time
  • The final counter attack! Goodbye Goku.

Season 3

  • A long deserved rest, 2 months later
  • More combined universes? A new world to explore!
  • Evan vs Lyrics! rematch for the ages!
  • Revival of Kefka the emperor, a new threat arrives
  • Power Beyond Imagineable. The Universeal Problem Unveiled.
  • Tails Gone Missing!? The Search Begins!
  • Sigma Returns!? Sonic and Ion's Fight!
  • Trouble for Sonic! Ion Man?!
  • Ion is Back! The Search Continues!


  • [JPN] Moyasu! Dākushīdo no pawā (Burn! The Power of a dark seed) [ENG] The war of the Seedrians
  • [ENG] Guardian of Dimensions [JPN] Gādian no monogatari, sekai no gādian (Tale of a Guardian, Protector of Worlds)


Sonic: Greg Ayres

Tails: Collen Clinkenbeard

Knuckles: Vic Mignogna

Evan: Brianne Siddall

Shadow: Johnny Young Bosch

Espio: Ian James Corlett

Blaze: Laura Bailey

Cream: ???

Noah: ???

Hidden Leader: ???

Openings and Endings


Season 1 - Don't Look Back Again (By WAG)

Season 2 - Progression

Season 3 - Spiral (Kana-Boon)


Season 1 - Mega Man X4 staff roll theme (With added Lyrics for convince)

Season 2 -

Season 3 -


  • In episode 19 (Who Won?), Zero references the What am I fighting for meme.
  • The whole first arc is based off of the movie Sonic Jamz: Rise of Dimension
  • Evan and Trinity are technically 18 years old in this series but due to the dimension warp, the both became 14 as the same with Issac, Noah and Rachel (However they became 13.


FF2 Symphonic Suite Rebel Army's Theme-0

FF2 Symphonic Suite Rebel Army's Theme-0

Goodbye everyone

Dragon Quest VII 3DS OST - Memories of a Lost World

Dragon Quest VII 3DS OST - Memories of a Lost World

Never forget

Dragon Quest VI - Dream World

Dragon Quest VI - Dream World

Evan, Trinity, Noah and Issacs theme

Best VGM 317 - Final Fantasy VI - Searching for Friends

Best VGM 317 - Final Fantasy VI - Searching for Friends

Zero's shatterd memories

Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin) Trust & Betrayal OST - The Will

Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin) Trust & Betrayal OST - The Will

Dark Times

Dragon ball Kai 2014 OST - 05

Dragon ball Kai 2014 OST - 05.Battle Royale


Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods OST - Eternal Universe (Brand New Friendship)

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods OST - Eternal Universe (Brand New Friendship)

The war is over

Heat of the Battle - Bleach Music Extended

Heat of the Battle - Bleach Music Extended

Sigmas tournement

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