Sonic Jamz
Created by Lunaticthegame
Writer(s) Lunaticthegame, Sonic Team
Director(s) 1- Present: Unknown
Run time 30 minutes(W/Commericals)
Rated PG
Network On Toonami's revived weekday block (Every Weekday)
Number of seasons 10

Sonic Jamz is a series created by Sonic Team and TMS Entertainment. It is a continuation of Sonic X but takes place many years later. It is mostly original but certain arcs focus on adapting the video games (Ex. Season 2 = Sonic Rush and Shadow, Season 3 = Sonic Riders and Sonic 06, Season 4 = Zero Gravity, Secret Rings and Black Knight).

The series has an English dub.

Tropes Page link: Sonic Jamz/Tropes (Unoffical but fun read)


At the end of Sonic X, Chris was returned to Earth from Sonics world. Quietly, he began to research dimensional travel and slowly put together a group of people.

13 years later, a few teens arrive at a building in Station Square which holds the facility where the research is done. 14 year old Evan and his friends, Isaac and Noah are checked in where they are to see an experiment. Noah's uncle who works at the facility allows the to watch, however a prototype of a machine that can create pocket dimensions malfunctions and explodes.

Evan wakes up on his own in Sonics world where he discovers that he has traveled dimensions. He is discovered by Tails who takes him to his lab to heal. Later on, it is revealed that Eggman is holding his friends hostage and so Sonic is called upon to help them. They defeat Eggman and save their friends. Tails begins to devise a plan to get the three back to Earth when suddenly their world gets thrown into chaos by an evil sonic. He attacks Angel Island where Knuckles defeats him. However, he absorbs the power of the master emerald which turns him into Scourge.

He defeats Knuckles and the rest before Sonic gets involved. After Scourge nearly kills Tails right in front of Sonic, Sonic unleashes his Dark Super Sonic form in which he defeats his opponent. Not to long after, wormholes begin to appear all over Mobius (to the confusion of the Sonic Heroes) until mobius is engulfed.

Somehow, these wormholes teleport the Sonic Heroes back to Earth where people recognize them and panic because of the possibility of the worlds merging. Only 7 months had passed on Earth and the people who created the dimensional machine had been arrested. Chris however, is freed from prison by Sonic. Chris later discovers that because of the amount of dimensional holes created by the prototype machine, Mobuis and Earth are pushing away from each other as if they were like magnets. This allows them to stay on Earth for a while again.

However, the reunion is cut short because a few weeks later, another major dimensional hole pops up that allowed Eggman to communicate with Wily triggering the events of worlds collide.

Following that disaster, Sonic disappears after the final battle with Dr. Wily and Eggman. Shadow doesn't have all of his complete memories still. While he wonders about the rest, an alien space ship arrives outside of Earths orbit.

Black Doom arrives and tells Shadow that he can show him his past which he does. Shadow is shocked to realize that Maria was shot dead by the soldiers of G.U.N. and decides to help Black Doom wipe out Earth. The begin at Westopolis and pretty much destroy the place.

As they begin to head out to their next location (Empire City), Evan tracks down Shadow and yells at him for his actions claiming that he had to let go of the past. Shadow takes what Evan says into consideration before going neutral.

Later on down the road, he sees the error of his ways once he remembers what Maria told him before he watched her die (To allow the humans on Earth to be happy) and goes rogue against Black Doom who reveals how Shadow was created. Black Doom was the one who set in the chain of events that led to the death of everyone on the space colony including Maria.

Shadow manages to defeat Black Doom with the help of Eggman (Who used to Space Colony to finish him off) and decides to take Evans word and let go of his past. Soon after those events, S.O.N.I.C.X. is formed.

Not very long after that. Sonic is found (He had been in stasis, trapped between dimensions) and revived. Months later, another dimensional problem occurs when a copy of Eggman named Eggman Nega shows up. However, a mysterious purple cat with fire control named Blaze shows up and begins a search for something called the Sol Emeralds.

She befriends Cream the Rabbit and they go searching around. Later on, Sonic and Blaze fight (Because she wanted to keep Sonic from interfering with her business). However, as Eggman and Eggman Nega team up, they use the Chaos and Sol emeralds and defeat the two villains. Blaze is sent back to her world since the Sol Emeralds and Chaos Emeralds could possibly mess with time and space if they were in the same dimension.

However, a mysterious Red-ish cat stays behind. He reveals himself as Axel the Cat to Eggman. They decide to form an alliance to get revenge. They recruit Scourge (Who survived his fight with Sonic) and later another mysterious being named Gush and form the group named S.E.G.A.

S.E.G.A. attempts to make their name known but only ends up failing. Meanwhile, Shadow is busy getting himself into G.U.N. and catches the attention of the higher ups. However, just as S.E.G.A. is starting to gain momentum, the identity of the people who brought the Sol emeralds from Blaze's world are revealed; S.O.N.I.C.X.

As their second major act of trouble, the hold the president hostage in the White House. Evan (Who was close to the Capitol City) was called in to rescue him. However, as he easily slipped inside and rescued him, it was revealed that S.O.N.I.C.X. had planted multiple bombs inside the White House and it would implode in less than 15 minutes. Evan and the president just BARELY make it out alive and war is declared on both S.E.G.A. and S.O.N.I.C.X.

After the war with S.O.N.I.C.X., the group is quiet now but have been trying to take down its enemies. Evan is targeted first and they hire a female assassin named Trinity to kill him. Evan manages to survive when Trinity learns of the whereabouts of someone named Shiba... setting up the plot for Season 4.

After the confusion is over, Sonic and co learn of the chaos emeralds whereabouts: Soleana. The entire group travel there when it is revealed that Eggman is hosting an extreme gear tournament and 4 of the chaos emeralds are stolen by Team Babylon (Jet, Wave and Storm). The only way they can get all 7 emeralds is enter and win the event.

Tails creates extreme gear boards for Sonic, Knuckles and himself while also creating a backup one just in case. Evan randomly steals this board just so he can get involved in the tournament. Sonic manages to reach the finals against Jet and the two have their final battle in dusty desert.

Wave interferes however. Using a bomb she planted on Sonics board, she blows up Sonics board which ends up making him lose. Jet manages to get all 7 emeralds as his reward and he unlocks the Babylon gardens. However, Eggman steals his key and all the emeralds from Jet causing Sonic and friends to go chase after them.

When they reach the gardens, Evan gives his board to Sonic when they notice Jet on his hoverboard chasing down Eggman. The two have a final race which Sonic wins.

Sometime in an apocalyptic future, a hedgehog named Silver and Blaze the Cat are fighting off a creature named Iblis. After defeating him and pondering how they can defeat him, he complains about the fact that Iblis will never stay down for good. Suddenly, a black and grey hedgehog with a similar appearance to that of Shadow arrives and explains that he has a way to end Iblis for good... go back in time.

After the Extreme Gear Grand Prix ends, Tails learns of the annual ceremony of the sun god which the princess of Soleanna will be attending. The group decide to go their and watch. Sonic ends up running around the crowd to get a good look at the ceremony from above while the rest are just stuck in the crowd.

Suddenly, Eggman attacks the event and reveals his new plan, kidnap the Princess. Princess Elise also holds onto the chaos emerald which Eggman is after.

Sonic interferes and rescues the Princess. The Princess, Princess Elise, notices something familiar about Sonic. Sonic goes off to fight off a couple of robots when suddenly Elise is kidnapped. The hedgehog from earlier, Silver, is busy watching all of this happen and plans his attack.

Menwhile, Shadow is busy at White Acropolis trying to rescue Rouge who happened to have gotten lost in Eggmans base. She was on a mission capturing the Specter of Darkness. The two are attacked by the Egg Cerbus which Shadow takes down. They then head out to Soleanna at dawn.

Later, Sonic meets up with the Tails who was running around looking for Sonic. Tails mentions that he wants to go save Princess Elise but she's being held captive in Dusty Desert which is too far away to get to on foot so Tails suggests getting the Tornado which is currently at Wave Ocean.

They head out to Wave Ocean which is where the Tornado is. Tails flies to Dusty Desert and finds Elise and Eggmans base hidden in some ruins. Eggman reveals his newest creation which he uses to fend off the main characters with.

Differences between video games and comic plots

Sonic Rush

  • Blaze was teleported by the dimensional holes being formed.
  • Blaze has an original sibling.
  • Blaze is 14

Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)

  • The Games story will be slightly different so it could make a little more sense.
  • Sonic and Elise aren't as close as they are in the game and seem to be friends but kind of closer. Many of the human characters however poke fun at their relationship... (Because of that, the 'kiss' was replaced with Elise praying)
  • The scene when Sonic is revealed to have died to One-Hundred times more emotional. Many of the characters (Tails and Amy included) are seen crying. Evan and Knuckles are close and the other characters are saddened by this
  • Blaze was not killed when she sealed Iblis. Instead, she was transported and reborn in another dimension, given new memories and everything was different. However, because Iblis is inside of her still, she has a faint memory of Silver and the future world. (This is the Blaze that was taken to Sonics world in Sonic Rush)

Shadow the Hedgehog

  • Sonic disappears after Worlds Collide so Black Doom decides to attack Earth then.
  • Shadow jumps between Bad, Neutral, and then back to bad in the Arc finally jumping to the Good side when Evan yells at him about his choices
  • Rosalina helps Shadow beat the Black Arms... Yeah, I know...

Sonic Unleashed

  • More characters will be involved including Shadow and Knuckles who will help defeat other enemies.
  • Sonic will keep Chip's necklace/Bracelet as a good luck charm for the rest of the series
  • Espio and Blaze will play a role as well
  • The effects of this arc will be felt for the rest of the series because of the amount of deaths caused by the planet being split, Dark Gaia and overall the governments eye on Sonic
  • People were actually killed by the planetary destruction

Sonic X Comics

  • S.O.N.I.C.X. Will be more mysterious like the Vespers in the 39 Clues series

Sonic & The Black Knight

  • Noah is given the sword that Sonic uses at the very end of the arc.

Sonic Riders

  • Evan competes in the Grand Prix as well but ends up giving up his board to Issac who had been feeling left out in the group
  • The arc takes place in Soleana instead of a futuristic world but they still have some of their futuristic gear. In Zero Gravity does though this is assumed to be Westopolis.
  • Tails will use his Sonic Riders design for the rest of the series.

Sonic & The Secret Rings

  • Both the Secret Rings and Black Knight worlds were both simulations and not reality. This is why Shara is crying in the ending, just the fact that she doesn't exist and she'll have to say goodbye to Sonic.

Main Hero's

Anti Hero's



Scourge the Hedgehog

Anti Villains

Axis the Cat

Supporting characters

Cream the rabbit (w/cheese)

Episode List

Season 1 

Prelude Arc

  • Teleportation Mystery
  • Who are they?
  • Signs
  • Meeting with Sally
  • Eggmans New Plan
  • Photon Bot
  • Sonic's turn!
  • Black Chaos Energy
  • Not Good!

Evil Sonic/Scourge Arc

  • Evil Feeling
  • A day with Tails
  • Sonic's idea
  • Master Emerald absorbed!
  • True Power
  • No More!
  • Winner Takes All
  • Sonic's Best Bet
  • Sonic's Final attack
  • Warped to Earth
  • Feast
  • Eggman's plot (21)

Season 2 

Earth Arc

  • The Underground Facility
  • It's Chris
  • Knuckles Plan
  • Remember me? Shadow Returns!
  • Party at the beach
  • A Boy named Rock
  • World's Collide Part 1
  • Worlds Collide Part 2
  • Worlds Collide Part 3

Black Doom Arc

  • Disappearance of Sonic
  • Note of the past
  • Hero or Villain? Shadow's battle
  • Shadow & Knuckles! Battle against black arms
  • Shadow Android?
  • Hidden in Darkness
  • Maria part 1
  • Maria part 2
  • Return to the Ark
  • Help from Rosalina
  • Light in the Dark
  • Letting go of the past

Blaze Arc

  • Beginning of S.O.N.I.C.X
  • No one lives! Trails in between worlds
  • Sol Emeralds
  • Who was that Girl?
  • Eggman Nega
  • Blaze's Discovery
  • Axis the Cat
  • Axis mystery
  • Battle in Water Palace
  • Back to Black
  • Where is Cream?
  • Sonic & Blaze
  • Taking it to the skys
  • Into Space
  • Unpredictable battle! Sonic vs Blaze
  • Fire Tornado! Blaze's finishing move
  • Eggmans true plot
  • Super Sonic & Fire Blaze!
  • Just a Set Up? (60)

Season 3 

S.E.G.A. Arc

  • Gush the Fox vs Axis
  • Of another world
  • Formation of S.E.G.A
  • Shadow in G.U.N.
  • Looking for clues
  • Putting the plan into motion. S.O.N.I.C.X. trouble
  • Robot Battle Royale
  • Chris's idea
  • Decleration of war
  • War on S.E.G.A
  • Death Defying Act
  • S.O.N.I.C.X challenge
  • Evan's mission! Save the President!
  • Scourges Revenge
  • S.O.N.I.C.X reveal

S.O.N.I.C.X. Arc

  • Escape the White House
  • World War
  • Silence of the majority
  • Battle between Heroes & Villains
  • S.O.N.I.C.X. Takes over
  • S.E.G.A. vs S.O.N.I.C.X. Part 1
  • S.E.G.A. vs S.O.N.I.C.X. Part 2
  • Areal Assault
  • No Hope
  • Disaster strikes
  • Gush switches sides
  • Truth behind S.O.N.I.C.X.
  • End of S.O.N.I.C.X. (88)

Riders Arc

  • Jets Ambition
  • Riders in Soleana
  • Relaxation Day
  • Evans Gear
  • Test Ride
  • Opening Day
  • Tails lost Family
  • Knuckles chance
  • Race at the old castle
  • Final Races Part 1
  • Final Races Part 2
  • Unlocking Babylon
  • Closing Ceremony Disaster

Flames of Disaster Arc (06)

  • Where did they go?
  • Finding Rouge
  • My past, present, future
  • Silver troubles
  • Creams decision
  • Old Castle
  • Egg Cerberus
  • A New Face
  • Light vs Silver
  • Eggmans Base
  • Into the future
  • Emeralds
  • The Dark
  • Catching the train
  • Silver vs Shadow!
  • Truth of the Past
  • Relization
  • Into the Jungle
  • Eggmans attack
  • Chasing Memphiles
  • The Truth Behind the Emeralds
  • Silver & Sonic
  • Return to the castle
  • Death of Iblis
  • Emerald destruction!
  • End of the World
  • Solaris part 1
  • Solaris part 2 (128)

Season 4 

Worlds Unite Arc

  • Creams Birthday
  • Tails & Cosmos do some... stuff?
  • Worlds Unite part 1
  • Worlds Unite part 2
  • Worlds Unite part 3
  • Worlds Unite part 4
  • Worlds Unite part 5
  • Effects of Timeline Change Shown
  • Presidential Meeting
  • New Death Egg Base

Shiba Arc

  • New Freedom Fighters
  • A.U.G.V.
  • Danger
  • The assassination of Evan?
  • Meet the killer! Trininty!
  • Collapse
  • Battle Within two lines

Secret Rings Arc

  • Page 1
  • A Hopeful Flame
  • Race against Time
  • Help from Ali Baba
  • 2nd Ring
  • Battle for the Rings
  • Sallys Big Plan
  • The Palace that was found
  • Erazor Djinn Battle
  • Sharas goodbye

Black Knight Arc

  • Legend Told
  • Excalibur
  • Chosen Hero
  • Knights of the Round Table
  • Quest for Power
  • Sonic vs Black Knight
  • Saving The World
  • Betrayal
  • The true Chosen
  • Final Conquest
  • Reveal
  • Live Life!
  • Final Wish
  • Goodbye, Noah

Season 5 

Planetary Destruction arc

  • Attack on Eggmans base
  • Werehog powers
  • Chip the unamed...
  • Onto Spagonia! Defending the Tornado
  • Shadows Mission
  • Eggmans idea
  • Egg Beatle
  • Restore the World
  • Into Chun-nan
  • Knuckles vs Dark Moray
  • Empire City Trouble
  • The sprawling city of Shamar
  • Chaos Control battle
  • Scourges Final Plan
  • Espio's attack
  • Battle of Spongonia
  • Darkness of Holaska
  • Noah Returns! Prepare yourself Gaia
  • Adabat Jungle
  • Last Resort
  • Into Hiding
  • Eggaman Strikes
  • Chips identity
  • Tornado Offense again!
  • Eggman Land part 1
  • Eggman Land part 2
  • Eggman Land part 3
  • Eggmans Last Resort
  • Dark Gaia part 1
  • Dark Gaia part 2
  • Farewell my friend. Goodbyes from Chip

Wisp Arc

  • One year later. Eggman reemerges
  • Eggmans new theme Park
  • Wisp's
  • Yakers Family
  • Out of Time
  • Sweet Mountain
  • Wisp against Time
  • Starlight Carnival
  • Stopping the Generator
  • Eggmans true plan revealed
  • Planet Wisp
  • Disappearance
  • His name is Silver!
  • Silvers reveal
  • Aquarium battle
  • Noah vs Shadow
  • Simply impossible duo
  • Tail's problem
  • Axis vs Espio
  • Blaze's feelings
  • An unusual frenzy...
  • Asteroid coaster
  • Disappearance of Yaker
  • Saving the wisps
  • Terminal Velocity Part 1
  • Terminal Velocity Part 2
  • Gift of friendship

Season 6 

Universal Tournament

  • Sonic's Day
  • The governments ploy
  • Day with the girls
  • Day with the Sonic Heroes
  • Axis returns. The Universal Tournament at the edge of the world
  • Blaze and Axis
  • Qualifying rounds
  • Noah's challenge
  • True persona
  • Evan vs Axis
  • Evan is crushed
  • Rival vs Rival
  • Semi Finals begin
  • Brother vs Sister. Axis and Blaze's fight
  • Axis cheats?
  • Ready or not
  • Battle to the death
  • A short glimpse of power
  • Axis & Sonic. The final round
  • Reach for the stars
  • The Final Showdown
  • Eggmans interception
  • Running into a trap
  • Fun & Games
  • The real problem
  • Calm before the storm

Teleportation Error (Rush Adventure) Arc

  • New faces
  • New Dimmension and the return of Blaze?
  • Meeting Marine
  • Something bad comes up
  • Captain Whiskers
  • Trying to find them
  • Blaze returns
  • Battle against Johnny
  • Captain Whiskers defeat
  • Eggman reveal
  • Power stars
  • Catching up
  • Axis fights Eggman and Nega
  • From nobody to nightmare. Axis revolts

Axis Arc

  • Axis' rematch with Blaze
  • Espios true colors
  • Espio vs Axis
  • True Killer
  • Cause for chaos
  • First comes destruction
  • Super Sonic revival
  • Axis meets his match
  • Demise
  • I can't go on! Sonic reverts
  • Trinity and Evan! Special counter attack
  • Chaos Blast! Don't lose your way!
  • Dark Super Sonic's rebirth
  • Challenge
  • Tears of a prince
  • Blowing out the torch

Season 7

Free Riders Tournament & Balance arc

  • Trinity's scars
  • Team Dimension?
  • Things change up
  • Jet turns
  • Something different
  • Team Rose's comback
  • Something strange about Team Dark
  • Team 360 vs Team Chaotix
  • Finals! The race heats up
  • Behind the mask
  • Metal Sonic comes forward
  • Who's the fastest
  • Jet and Sonic! At it again!
  • Balance
  • Fear of the unknown
  • The hate comes out
  • What is a Nazo?

Nazo Arc

  • Negative balance
  • Charge!
  • Blast vs Control
  • Nazo's motives
  • Spirits of those who live
  • Earth is engulfed
  • Mystery
  • Danger of the timelines
  • Blaze vs Blaze
  • War of change
  • Blitz
  • Singing a Rena
  • Who's the birthday guy?

Generations arc

  • Happy Birthday Sonic
  • Green Hill?
  • Classic
  • Metal Sonic returns
  • Showdown at the sanctuary
  • Tails and Tails?
  • The void
  • Death Egg battle royal
  • Two of me?
  • Station Square
  • Escape from your past
  • Classic and modern allies
  • The ark
  • Angered Shadow! Can Sonic counter?
  • Shadow vs Sonic. Who can hold on
  • Perfection at last!
  • Something long forgotten
  • Silver?!?!?!
  • Water Palace
  • Reminiscing
  • Past, Present, Future
  • Time Eater attack Part 1
  • Time Eater attack part 2
Goku's theme from Season 8

Goku's theme from Season 8.Theme Of Super Saiyan

Season 8

Power Hungry & Gula arc

  • Interesting new problems
  • Get ready for death
  • Between the two
  • True Nature of Goku
  • Sora's rematch
  • Unknown killers
  • Flash in the Dark
  • Gula's ultimate power
  • Card #22
  • 72 hours before Death
  • Writing on the wall
  • No way to survive
  • A Link to the hope (*Cough* Link *Cough* Is Here *Cough*)
  • Running into a wall
  • Day of Death
  • Final Goodbyes

Lost World arcs

  • Eggmans revenge
  • Suicide attack
  • Into the Lost Hex
  • No luck
  • Deadly Six?
  • Tazz attack
  • Deadly Six rebellion!
  • Eggman on Sonic's side?
  • Working for a cause
  • Tails gets captured
  • Running from the past
  • Sonic attack's
  • Noah?!?!?!?
  • True Power Shown
  • Into the deep forest
  • A new power
  • Eggman die's?
  • Sonic vs _______(Deadly Six leader)
  • Battle into the deep
  • Silvers concern
  • Finding a way
  • Eggman's final shot
  • The end of Eggman

Season 9

Sonic's past Saga

  • Genocide of the Hedgehogs
  • The war against robotnicks army
  • Sonic's last goodbye's
  • Sonic meets the freedom fighters
  • escaping problems
  • Rising Powers
  • Extermination
  • A quick death note

Trap Saga

  • Sonic & Goku collide
  • Kaioken X5 Sonic
  • Super Sayain 3?!?!?!?!?
  • The Trap is released
  • New powers found
  • Noah big break
  • Problems with the children (Centered during Noah's big break and feat. Evan, Trinity, Rachel and Issac)
  • Noah and Trap battle
  • Speed vs Sword
  • Message's from the past Part 1
  • Message's from the past Part 2
  • Message's from the past Part 3
  • The truth behind Trap
  • Heroes find Eggman
  • Goku vs Goku-Bot
  • Trap vs Eggman
  • Destiny of the world
  • Evan & Trinity's date?

Revival of Nazo arc

  • Nazo X
  • Nazo kills Issac
  • Vs Nazo
  • Old enemies fight
  • Sonic's battle
  • Into Action
  • Nazo wipes out G.U.N.
  • Shadow vs Nazo
  • No mercy
  • Looking for the truth
  • Attacking Nazo
  • Return of the evil one
  • Black Doom vs Shadow
  • Black Dooms revenge

Season 10

  • Black Doom vs Sonic
  • Dark Super Sonic can't win?
  • Chronicles of the past
  • Mecha Sonic!
  • The battle for Earth begins
  • Invasion of the world
  • Now the death day begins
  • Giant Emeralds
  • Evan vs Nazo
  • Noah revived?
  • 2 powers Collide (Black Doom vs Nazo)
  • End of the world
  • Not making the mistake again
  • Doomed Planet
  • Silvers new move
  • Devastation
  • The Final Battle for all of the world part 1
  • The Final Battle for all of the world part 2
  • Problems with teleportation show
  • Escaping true problems
  • Earth's revival
  • Sonic & Amy's date
  • New problems arise

New Dimension arc

  • We have to go?
  • The Earths Crisis
  • Our only hope
  • Evan vs the truth
  • Are we still friends?
  • The last few days
  • The time we spent...

Goodbye's arc

  • Life to be protected
  • I found the truth
  • Espio & Blaze
  • Last day together
  • One last Goodbye
  • The day without the heroes (460 episodes)

Sonic Jamz: Rising Fear

*Note - Some of this Sonic Jamz(2) was worked on with DUBSTEPxSonic.

2 years after the Sonic heroes left Earth once again, Evan and Trinity meet up with their old friends who all went there own separate ways. During their reunion they are greeted by the man who created the teleporter which sent Evan, Noah and Issac into Sonic's world. He claims that there are warp holes appearing up all over the place. They group investigates until they are knocked unconscious. Evan finds himself were he was when he was 14 before realizing that he is 14. After exploring he finds out that he's still on Earth and ends up finding his friends. Noah discovers Sonic and Tails knocked out and after waking them up they are reunited with their old friends. They then learn that more than their dimensions crossed together and they find an new model of Mega Man named Mega Man X. Somehow Lyric is also here with them and tells the story of how he was killed but was revived 100 years later in Mega Man's universe. Mega Man, Roll, Protoman, Bass, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily all appear through a time portal and they converge. Dr. Wily teams with Eggman for the last time because Earth has been weakened by the converging of worlds. Sigma is then revived by mistake because of Wily. He attempts to kill the 2 but they escape but when he finds Mega Man and the rest he decides to host a tournament to see who can beat him. (Sort of like the Cell games.) The second arc is about the attack on the space shuttle which secret documents hidden by the remains of S.O.N.I.C.X. They are attacked by many of there fears and nightmares (Ex. Evans fight with Axis in Sonic Jamz season 6 which left him scared for life.)

Season 11

Dimensions X arc
  • Dimensions combine
  • Just one step
  • 14 again?
  • Things go seriously wrong
  • Friends return
  • A new weapon
  • Dr. Wily?!?!
  • Zero vs Mega Man
  • A 2nd Sonic?
  • Ion! The new figure
  • Sigma's tournament! The 2 week plan
  • Lyric has a plan
  • The games begin
  • Haven't lost our touch/ Trinity and Evan's fight
  • Maverick battle!
  • Anger pulls through
  • Down to Zero
  • Sigma and Zero fight
  • Who won?
  • Sigma's 2nd phase! Fight!
  • The end of the line! Draw out our weapons!
  • A Chaos Control X2?
  • Sigma falls!
Axis-Space Station arc 
  • Dr. Light's return
  • Wish upon a star
  • Another problem
  • Blaze returns
  • The old space station
  • Hidden details
  • Cosmo vs the monster
  • Plant vs Fire
  • A major downfall
  • Eggmans plea
  • S.O.N.I.C.X. was behind it?
  • GATE revival
  • Path of destruction
  • Mavericks attack!
  • Sonic vs the hidden leader!
  • Cloud Strife
  • Noah vs Cloud!
  • Evan's nightmare
  • Tiens Tri-Beam X5
  • Lyric vs Zero once again!
  • Dr. Wily's revenge
  • Evan and Lyric team up
  • Super Sonic's final attack!
  • Blazing storm! I will destroy you nightmare man!
  • The scrolls of destiny, cure for the universe!

Season 12

Bio-Sayain Arc
  • Goku?
  • Long deserved rest
  • Eggmans findings
  • Killer instinct
  • Revival of the Sayain Race
  • Maverick Hunters fight!
  • Super Sonic won't win!
  • Power of a Super Sayain 2
  • The revival of a king!
  • Goodnight sweet prince
  • vs King Vegeta
  • Impossibility
  • King Vegeta, Super Sayain?
  • Goku's final move
  • Super Silver and Fire Blaze!
  • Desired memories
  • One more game!
  • Ion Comes Back, Defeat Is No Option!
  • True Enemy, Broly's Return!
Broly and Xenoverse Arc
  • Goku's Demise, Broly Vs. Goku!
  • Broly Too Strong, Sonic Steps up!
  • Sonic's True Power. Darkness within.
  • Broly's near Defeat, Finish him Sonic!
  • Trunks from the Future?!
  • Mira's Return, Time is in Danger!
  • Mind Controlled Ion, Save the Guardian!
  • Exacliburn X3! Noah's confrontation with the enemy
  • Noah and Issacs team attack! The final coup de grace!
  • Super Shadows Kaioken X15! The ultimate life form will not fall.
  • One way out, the super warriors biggest attack.
  • Trunk's warning. Truth of the past
  • Demon God's Return, Revival Of Demigra!?
  • Ion's true Rage, Darkspine Ion!?
  • Unkown Power, Demon's Sworn Nemesis.
  • Race Against Time, Battle against the Demon God.
  • Eggmans real plan. Any ideas?
  • Tails counter attack plan. We need more time!
  • Robotized Demigra vs Kaioshin of Time
  • The final counter attack! Goodbye Goku.

Season 13 

  • A long deserved rest, 4 months later
  • Evan vs Lyrics! rematch for the ages!
  • Power Beyond Imagineable. The Universeal Problem Unveiled.
  • Tails Gone Missing!? The Search Begins!
  • Sigma Returns!? Sonic and Ion's Fight!
  • Trouble for Sonic! Ion Man?!
  • Ion is Back! The Search Continues!
  • Departure of a friend. Is Rachel ever coming back?


Note: Though most of these pairings never end up official in the end, these all come close together at some point.











So far 7 movies have been made. The first one was non-canon and fans submitted fan made characters.

Note - Sonic's Battle Royale is slightly based off of the 2000 Battle Royale movie (Based on the book of the same name)

  • Sonic's Battle Royale (Non-Canon)
  • History of Blaze (Prequel to Sonic X and Sonic Jamz)
  • War against two worlds (Takes place between seasons 1 and 2)
  • Revenge of the Meterex (Takes place between season 3 and 4)
  • Sonic Jamz: Rise of Dimension (Non-Canon, written by DubStepxSonic)
  • The Pain of Loss (Takes place between episode 217-218)
  • The Four Fiends (Takes place between the Unleashed and Colors arcs)
  • Sonic Jamz: Rise of Dimmension
  • The Pain of Loss (Takes place between episode 217-218)
  • [JPN] Moyasu! Dākushīdo no pawā (Burn! The Power of a dark seed) [ENG] The war of the Seedrians
  • The Four Fiends (Takes place between the Unleashed and Colors arcs)
  • [ENG] Guardian of Dimensions [JPN] Gādian no monogatari, sekai no gādian (Tale of a Guardian, Protector of Worlds)
  • [ENG] Break through the limit! [JPN] Genkai wa kowareru koto o imi suru! Ningen no bōken (Limits are meant to be broken! Adventure of the humans)


  • Noah's training
  • Christmas Battle
  • The fall of the Robotnick empire
  • Spooky Battle
  • The Rise of Iblis
  • Trinity's past
  • Sonic Splat! (Splatoon crossover)
  • Olympic Adventure! Mario & Sonic 2 hour special
  • Winter Olympics Adventure Episode 1!
  • Winter Olympics Adventure Episode 2!
  • Winter Olympics Adventure Episode 3! (Note. The 3 episodes are based on DS Story mode)
  • London Olympics Super Special (It is a 2/3 hour special based On London Olympics 3DS)
  • 22 Minutes of Nothing! Sonic Characters Answer your Questions (April Fools episode)

Opening & Endings

English Openings 

Season 1 - Sonic Heroes [Crush 40, Sonic Heroes)

Season 2 - (Earth, Worlds Collide and Blaze arcs): Through the Fire [Crush 40, Sonic & Black Knight]

Season 2 - (Shadow Arc) I am all of me [Crush 40, Shadow the Hedgehog[

Season 3 - (S.E.G.A. and S.O.N.I.C.X. arcs) What I'm made of [Crush 40, Sonic Heroes]

Season 3 - (Riders and 06 arcs) Catch me if you can [Runblebee, Sonic Riders] (His World in Europe)

Season 4 - With Me [All Ends, Sonic & The Black Knight]

Season 5 - Endless possibilities [Bowling for soup, Sonic Unleashed]

Season 6 - Reach for the stars [Cash Cash, Sonic Colors]

Season 7 - Free [Chris Madin, Sonic Free Riders]

Season 8 - ???

Season 9 - Ungravitfy [Cashell, Sonic Riders Zero Gravity]

Season 10: His World [Crush 40 Version] (Sonic 06)

Japanese Openings

Season 1 - ???

Season 2 - Golden Time Lover

Season 3 - Crossing Fields

Season 4 - ???

Season 5 - ???

Season 6 - ???

Season 7 - ???

Season 8 - ???

Season 9 - ???

Season 10 - ???

English Endings 

Season 1-2 - You Can Do Anything [ Keiko Utoku/Masafumi Ogata/Casey Rankin, Sonic CD]

Season 3 - (First half) - Worth a Chance [Steve Conte, Sonic & The Secret Rings]

Season 3 - (2nd Half) - Live Life [Crush 40, Sonic & The Black Knight]

Season 4 - You're My Hero [Richard Jacques, Sonic 3D Blast]

Season 5-6 - My Dear Friend [Brent Cash, Sonic Unleashed)

Season 7-8 - Can You Feel The Sunshine [Richard Jacques, Sonic R]

Season 9-10 - Dreams of Absolution [Bentley Jones, Sonic 06]

Japanese Endings 


Sonic: Billy West [Funimation]

TailsCollen Clinkenbeard [Funimation]

KnucklesScott McNeil [Ocean]

Shadow: John Kassir

BlazeLaura Bailey [Funimation]

Eggman/Robotnik: John Rhys-Davies

EvanBrianne Siddall

Issac: Greg Ayres

Noah: TBA

Evil Sonic/ScourgeVic Mignogna [Funimation]

Rouge: TBA

Vector: Sean Scemmel [Funimation]

Cream: Julian Micheals [Ocean Studio]

Espio: TBA


Axis: Mark Gatha

Gush: Kirby Morrow [Ocean studios]

Scene from Season 7


  • The first episode and the last episodes of the franchise are the only ones not to have any Sonic characters in them.
  • Obviously, S.E.G.A. (Scourge, Eggman, Gush and Axl) is named after SEGA, the company that owns the Sonic franchise.
  • Starting from Season 3 and on, when Evan gets annoyed he quietly says something in Japanese. This was a joke on the actors part. Starting from Season 5 of the Japanese version. Evan would speak in English when he got annoyed as a take that to the English cast. French version started doing this as well in Season 5 but Evan would jump between English and Japanese. The Spanish dub was the only one to not do this. Instead, he speaks German when he gets annoyed.
  • In Season 3 alone had 71 episodes. Sonic X had 78 episodes...
  • Knuckles, Shadow, Scourge, Espio and Blaze all appear in the unleashed arc. Scourge challenges Sonic again while Shadow and Knuckles fight the Dark Gaia Phoenix and Dark Moray. Espio is around for most of the arc and helps Sonic defeat the Egg Devil Ray and Blaze also gets under Gaia control and fights Espio.
  • Worlds Collide/Devastation is sort of a crossover of the Mega Man Blast OVA series which features a few new characters including a character named Lyric. Silver is not in the arc and neither is Blaze. Shadow will be in it but doesn't have his memories still.
  • Sonic Jamz is longer than AOST, Sonic (cartoon), Underground and Sonic X combined.
  • The first 3 episodes of the Trap arc uses Shunsuke Kikuchi's score of DBZ. Since Dragon Ball characters are in those episodes it was a great call back.
  • There is a Manga that was drawn for the series. It also chronicles some of things that are only mentioned in the series.
  • After Unleashed, the world governments are slowly starting to turn their heads towards Eggman due to the lives lost throughout that arc, slightly messed up parts of the planet and more.

Home Media

DVD releases (NA)

DVD Name Arc Season
Fractured Dimensions Prelude - Scourge arc 1
A Shift in Power Earth - Blaze arcs 2
Faction War S.E.G.A - S.O.N.I.C.X arc 3
Change The Future! Riders - 06 arcs 3
Warnings Worlds Unite - Freedom Fighter arcs 4
Shibas weapon Secret Rings - Zero Gravity arcs 4
Legend Black Knight arc 4
Continental Divide Unleashed Arc 5
Eggmans new plan Colors Arc 5
Universal Tournement Universal Tournament arc 6
Hunt for Axis Teleportation error - Axis arcs 6
Free! Free Riders arc 7
Negative Reality Nazo arc 7
Generational Gap Generations arc 7
A Lost World Power Hungry/Gula - Lost World arc 8
Past and the Present Sonic's Past - Trap arcs 9
Revival of Nazo Revival of Nazo arc 9
Goodbye Heroes Black Doom - Goodbyes arc (All of Season 10) 10

Blu-ray Releases (NA)

Blu-Ray Name Arcs Season(s)
Fractured Dimmensions Prelude - Scourge Arcs 1
Battle for the Earth Earth - Blaze arcs 2
Faction War S.E.G.A. - S.O.N.I.C.X. Arcs 3
Change The Future Riders - 06 Arc 3
More Than Just a Weapon Worlds Unite - Zero Gravity Arcs (Also features "The Pain of Loss" movie) 4
Darkness of the Unknown Unleashed arc (Also features Sonic Splat, Olympic Adventure and Four Fiends) 5
Reaching for the Stars Colors Arc (Also Features "Revenge of the Meterex" and "War of Two Worlds" and Noah's training) 5

DVD releases (JPN)

DVD Name Arc(s) Season
Sonic Jamz: The Complete 1st Season Prelude - Scourge 1
Sonic Jamz: Battle For Earth (Featuring Mega Man) Earth - Worlds Collide Arcs 2
Sonic Jamz: Just Let Go! Shadow - Blaze Arcs 2
Sonic Jamz: S.E.G.A vs S.O.N.I.C.X S.E.G.A. - S.O.N.I.C.X Arcs 3
Sonic Jamz: Trouble in Soleanna Riders - Flames of Disaster arcs 3
Sonic Jamz: Don't be afraid 4

Blu-Ray Releases (JPN)

DVD Releases (PAL)

Blu-Ray Releases (PAL)


  • Here comes trouble[1]
  • Fateful battle [2]
  • Fateful Battle V2 [3]
  • Running into a trap [4]
  • Countdown [5]
  • Try Me [6]
  • 1v1 [7]
  • Goodbye [8]
  • I'll be the winner [9]
  • Surprise Attack [10]
  • Mistakes were made... [11]
  • Truth be told [12]
  • Return of a friend [13]
  • Imagination [14]
  • Imagination V2 [15]
  • A familiar foe [16]
  • Next Episode preview (Season 1 & 3) [17]
  • Next Episode preview (Season 2) [18]
  • Next Episode preview (Season 4) [19]
  • High Speed Chase [20]
  • Secrets revealed [21]
  • Secret Weapon [22]
  • Melody of Fear [23]
  • Scourge theme [24]
  • Endless Possibilities (Insert song version) [25]
  • 5 Minute War [26]
  • Beautiful World [27]
  • The reason to live [28]
  • Invasion of S.O.N.I.C.X. Base/ Evans theme [29]
  • Hidden Hero [30]
  • War of Words [31]
  • Home Sweet Home [32]
  • World to explore [33]
  • Let's speed up! [34]
  • The True Fight Begins [35]
  • The Beach [36]
  • G.U.N. theme [37]
  • Tell me the Truth [38]
  • Battle to the Death [39]
  • Give me a reason [40]
  • Chaotix theme [41]
  • Bad, to worse [42]
  • Sigmas Tournament [43]
  • Let's Go! [44]
  • An Unwinnable Battle [45]
  • Stay Away From Me [46]
  • FIRE [47]
  • Life, Death, Afterlife, ??? [48]
  • Life, Death, Afterlife, Reapeat [49]
  • Life, Death, Afterlife, hope [50]
  • Life, Death, Afterlife... Sonic... [51]
  • Mirror Image [52]
  • Step it up! [53]
  • Darkness [54]
  • Judgement Day [55]
  • Challenge [56]
  • Uneasy Feeling [57]
  • Noah's theme (Season 5-13) [58]
  • Am I a hero? [59]
  • Hero? Villain? Rival? Enemy! [60]
  • Pressure [61]
  • We're all friends [62]
  • A game [63]
  • Memories greater than time itself [64]
  • Don't underestimate me! [65]
  • The Battle begins [66]
  • Unlikely hero arrives [67]
  • Empire City [68]
  • Plan A [69]
  • Pick your side [70]
  • A World to Explore [71]
  • Evans Theme [72]
  • Broken Promise [73]
  • The Future is revealed [74]
  • Friends?/Chips theme [75]
  • Hidden Demons [76]
  • All together! [77]
  • Sonic's birthday [78]
  • Welcome back guys! [79]
  • This is it... [80]
  • Finale [81]
  • Unbreakable bonds [82]
  • Hard Question [83]
  • Sonic Heroes Forever [84]

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