Sonic Ice Adventures is a short Sonic game released in 2015 christmas. This game was released to PC only. This game is totally based in the Sonic megadrive games.


In the IceLand Island, an island with much ice and snow at all time, is the home of the 5 Ice crystals, powerfull crystals what controlls the winter.

Dr. Eggman has discovered these crystals, and used them to freeze the South, West Side and Angel Island. Now, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles need catch the Ice Crystals and save the islands of the total freeze.a

Playable Characters

The playable characters of the game are Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. You play with Sonic in the South Island levels, Tails in West Side and Knuckles in Angel Island.


Sonic Story

  • White Hill(Green Hill)
  • Quartz Zone(Marble Zone)
  • Winter Yard(Spring Yard)
  • Freeze Zone(Labyrinth Zone)
  • Snowflake Light(Star Light)
  • Frozen Brain(Scrap Brain)

Tails Story

  • Diamond Hill(Emerald Hill)
  • Melted Plant(Chemical Plant)
  • Glace Ruin(Aquatic Ruin)
  • Rink Night(Casino Night)
  • Everest Top(Hill Top)
  • Icepolis Zone(Metropolis Zone)

Knuckles Story

  • Sky Island(Angel Island)
  • Icycity Zone(Hidrocity Zone)
  • Acrylic Garden(Marble Garden)
  • Pine Hill(Mushroom Hill)
  • Flying Icestorm(Flying Battery)
  • Crystal Egg(Death Egg)
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