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Sonic Hotcakes is a fanfic by BearfootTruck. In this one-shot, Sonic tries to be more diplomatic towards Dr. Robotnik by giving him a gift. However, his plan backfires in some unexpected ways…


One day, Sonic decides that the best strategy for defeating Robotnik is not just outright warfare, but also diplomacy. To this end, he decides to give Robotnik a gift. Sally isn't so sure about the plan, but Sonic goes ahead with it anyways. When he arrives at Robotnik's HQ, Sonic gives the Doctor his gift – hotcakes. However, Robotnik gets mad and attempts to kill Sonic. Naturally, the Blue Blur escapes unharmed.

The next day, Sally changes her mind about the plan and decides to give Robotnik some hotcakes. Robotnik also gets mad at her and attempts to kill her as well. Luckily, Sally escapes. However, when she gets back, she discovers that Knothole is empty save Sonic. Initially, Sally blames him for being lax about security, but after some investigation, they find that everyone else left voluntarily. Furthermore, somebody else has found out about Sonic's plan and informed the rest of the Freedom Fighters, leading them to try it. Of course, everybody else fails, but they all get away.

After meeting up with the Freedom Fighters, Sonic warns them not to try the plan again. They all agree to it and go back to Knothole. However, somebody else must have forgotten about the dangerous part because Amy, Shadow, Rouge & Cream all try to give Robotnik hotcakes, all with the same results. Robotnik gets especially angry with Cream & Cheese, sending as many badniks against them as possible. However, Shadow comes to the rescue and destroys part of Robotnik’s HQ. The Doctor & Snively survive, however.

Sonic Says

It’s Christmastime in Knothole. Sonic explains the importance of giving people gifts and why it's important to get them the right gifts. The Blue Blur's advice seems to be working for him because Tails & Amy are impressed with their gifts (power tools & concert tickets, respectively). However, Shadow is unimpressed with his gift (Sonic '06), so he chases after Sonic.



  • The part where Sonic first gives Robotnik hotcakes – as well as the plot of this story – are both inspired by the opening scene of the AoStH episode "Robotnikland".
  • Sonic's line "Kids, there’s nothing more cool than…" is a popular phrase for YouTube Poop videos.
  • Nikki Gregoroff sang "My Sweet Passion", Amy's theme song.

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