this game is the finisher to the heroes trilogy you have team and a new feature custom team in that you unlock different characters evil or good and customize into a powerful combination and new ranks not just flying, power and speed, like speed flyer Speed Swimmer and speed digger and much more.

This game features a host of new starter and unlockable characters, including Archie exclusives Fiona Fox, Saffron Bee, Nicolette the Weasel, etc, Egmont Fleetway exclusives Tekno the Canary, Fleabyte the Cat, Hobson the Walrus and Choy the Beaver, some that debuted in SATAM (Antoine D'Coolette, Dulcy Dragon, Rotor the Walrus, making up Team Knothole), one that's a SATAM exclusive (Ari the Ram, unlockable character) as well as Tiara Boobowski, from the axed game Sonic X-Treme and Honey the Cat, a secret (possibly hacked) character from Sonic the Fighters. It also has the characters from the first Sonic Heroes as well as fan characters created by User:Ryushusupercat User:Darth tane. and User:Sonichog5


Team hedgehog

Team Biosquad

Team Undersabre

Team Darker

Team Jackoala Brigade

(Wii only)

Team Archie Chaotix

(Wii only)

Team Chaotix Cuties

(Wii only)

Team K-9

(DS and Wii)

Team Bounty Hunters

(DS and Wii

Team Razorwind

(DS And Wii)

Team Dragoon

(Hacked Characters,Wii only)

Team SpamSpam

(DS only)

Team Knothole

(DS only)

Team Guardians

(DS only)

The Babylonian R

Team Destructix Alpha

Team Destructix Beta

Team Supression Squad

Team Robotnik

Lander Corp.

Lander Corp. is a organization that is made of divine beings. Marcus the Jackal, is the leader. Second in command is Wodash. The other members include Mac the Shapeshifter, Revlis the Demon Hedgehog, Metal Wodash and other deceased characters.

Team stories

Team Undersabre

Mission 1: Go through Mobotropolis without drawing attention from the crowd.

Mission 2: Stop and ask the team if they have any to do with the natural disasters.

Boss 1: Team Razorwind After the battle, Team Razorwind tells Team Undersabre to find Lander Corp.

Mission 3: Infiltrate the Lander Corp.

Mission 4: Go through the security hall and take out the guards in your way.

Boss 2: Team Darker After that Team Darker and Team Undersabre team up to face Revlis.

Co-op Battle #1: Team Undersabre and Team Darker VS Revlis.

Mission 5: Destroy Lander Corp. building and follow the Lander Corp. minions to the secret base to save Terra.

Co-op Battle 2: Undersabre and The Babylonian R Vs Wodash after wodash gets beat he said bruce you are ultra spectral beam and then alister the hawk jumped in front of bruce got hit said Bru..ce follow them *coughs* save your girl w.e will hold off the minions run then team undersabre then followed them terra was rescued he then turned into necro Bruce and said let her go Blasted Wodash and said for harm taste my Galom beam it kills wodash he then picks up terra and says come on joey

Boss 3: Team Chaotix Archie After the battle, Cinos appears.

Co-op Battle 3: Team Chaotix Archie and Team Undersabre VS Cinos the Werehedgehog After the fight, Cinos deems them worthy and gives them the Blue Doomstone.

boss 4: the devine being marcus jackal he has absorbed his comrads to get power that is so called unmatched the devine being makes mobius's earthy exterior sink into the core known as the Cryptic core the lava was every where and the freedom fighters were frozen in stone not harmed at all the mobians were evacuated and then the fatal core roseand the spewed all over and turned the contenetal planetscape turned into a rocky wasteland Tingle agreeded to help bruce so he fused with a hedgefairy named Dyven they call themselves super tingle tingle only agreed to this because if there was no mobius he could hang out or do Other things with sonic Bruce said terra go with tingle and terra said no and then a tentacle shot up and absorbed Terra and bruce went ballistic he lost the pupils in his eye he uses perfect shockball and keeps It Constant he sees himself going back to regular bruce theres lava underneith him the orange doomstone his unamed form became necrofear fear he then used chaos arm rift and then the devine being said wait why does that hurt wheres my doomstone brother and necrofear just kept just hitting him with every thing mobius returned to normal he did a regular shockball to finish him and after that Bruce fainted out of to much energy use.

Team Customization

In this game, you can unlock new characters and use them to build new teams, which you can even name yourself.they get there own story based on what character put on the team

Unlockable Characters




Bonus Characters


  • Although Grounder is depicted as being faster than Scratch in the show AOSTH, he is a Power Type and Scratch is a Speed Type, to better suit Grounder's offensive capabilities.
  • Cinos the Werehedgehog and Lyrina the Light have been made into Flying class characters in order to supplement the lack of Flying class characters.the uncut character pack are unlockable if you beat the game most of them are from the mecha bruce tragedy event and from wodash the terrible others from the reletless hunter Joey?!