"United by friendship, we're heroes now and forever!"
—Quote by Tails four times in the game
Sonic Heroes 2 the Adventures of Friendship
Sonic Team
Xbox 360, 3DS
Action, Racing, Adventure, 2.5D Platformer
Release Date(s)
September 16, 2011
ESRB: E (Everyone)
Sonic Team
Stylus, D-pad, "L" and "R" bumpers (3DS) Controller, Kinect (360)

Sonic Heroes 2 the Adventures of Friendship, tells the tales of 7 teams, each with their own goal and mission, however they're adventure begins to intertwine with each other.


Team Sonic Underground

After many years separated the Sonic Underground re-units, Sonic, Manic and Sonia gets a message from "Eggman" saying that in a week he'll conquer the world, and tells the Sonic Heroes to stop him, and the Metal Team Sonic. The Underground goes to collect all the Chaos Emeralds before "Eggman"'s forces could and stop "Eggman".

After they stop "Eggman" and Metal Sonic the Underground celebrates, and Sonic bring the 3 Emeralds they got and plans to seal them away for protection, but then Amy appears and Sonic gives his brother and sister both an Emerald takes the last one for himself and leaves.

Team Blast: Royal Blast: The 3 Hedgehogs pull out their Medallions and blast away any enemies on screen.

Team Babylon Rogues

The Babylon Rogues, who are awaiting another race from Team Heroes, go after all 3 members and make an attempt to get the Chaos Emeralds.

After losing, battles to Sonic, Knuckles and Tails' teams, the team returns to their blimp, but before Jet makes a quick call, over some sort of communication device...

Team Blast: Gravity Strike: Jet takes out his Ark of the Cosmos changes the shift of gravity making all the enemies on screen exploded, but this move will make you unable to use Wave to fly around, and springs won't work, but it's quite helpful during bosses.

Team Knuckles

Knuckles just on Angel Island, when Tikal and Chaos exit the Master Emerald and tell Knuckles about the problem, and that they need to stop "Eggman".

After stopping Mecha Knuckles, and getting a Chaos Emerald, the three head back for Angel Island.

Team Blast: Master Blast: Summoning the power of the Master Emerald, then Team Knuckles blasts all enemies right off screen, and Chaos uses his Chaos 2 form, to attack and then Knuckles uses the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack.

Team Tails

Tails begins to wonder what Sonic is up to, and he, Cream and Omega go out to find him. Tails who was getting sick of being ignored heads for "Eggman"'s base, with Cream and Omega, following him.

After stooping Metal Tails, and gaining a Chaos Emerald, Cream asks Tails if they could do something later, Tails replies yes.

Team Blast: Aerial Blaster: Tails and Cream lift Boomer high into the sky, he attacks with a missile barrage and destroys all enemies on screen.

Team Rose

Amy who's been waiting for a long time to see Sonic again becomes friends with Blaze the Cat and Ray the Flying Squirrel, the three head after Sonic, but not just for that but so Blaze can save Marine the Raccoon (again) and Charyb can save Shard.

Marine's team is saved and Team Rose gains a Chaos Emerald, but Amy leaves it with her friends and begins to chase Sonic (again).

Team Blast: Flower Dance: Ray, drops some bombs, Blaze ignites them and Amy brakes them and it creates a flower explosion, defeating all enemies on screen.

Team Hooligan

Shadow receives a mission and takes 2 new G.U.N recruits, with him Nack and Bark.

They win some hard battles and beat some hard missions, the 3 begin to investigate the air fleet, and meet up with the Babylon Rogues and then they are approached by a mysterious figure.

Team Blast: Chaos Dynamite: Shadow unleashes Chaos Control, Nack begins to lay bombs, and Bark punches the ground, Shadow finishes with Chaos Blast, detonating all the bombs, defeating all enemies on screen.

Team Marine

Marine still adventuring, meets Silver the Hedgehog and Shard, the 3 set off for adventure.

Marine's team got captured by "Eggman" for stealing a Chaos Emerald, but get rescued by Team Rose. But by looking into the problem, they learn that all the teams haven't been battling Eggman but someone even worse....

Team Blast: Psychokinesis Blast: Silver uses his Psychokinesis to grab all the robots on screen, Shard beats them up, and Marine Spin Dashes and defeats all enemies on screen.

Last Story

After Team Marine finds Eggman, they ask who's really behind all this, Eggman tells them, that it was Metal Sonic and his team. Sonic with the teams see that Shadow's and Jet's teams had teamed up with Metal, Sonic and his team go super, and fight off Metal and win. Tails tells his friends that they're "United by friendship, we're heroes now and forever!" and all the teams take their leaves.

Stages and Bosses

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