Sonic Heroes 2 - Hedgehog Quest
Sonic Heroes 2 title
PS3, Wii U, XBOX 360, PC.
Sonic Team
Sonic Heroes
Created by
Asaf 03 Productions

Sonic Heroes 2 is the new game in the saga Sonic Heroes, the game so anticipated by fans!


Sonic and his friends discover that the seven Chaos Emeralds were stolen! And we also discover that Eggman was not caught. So who did? In this game you will have to solve this mystery.

Teams and Characters

Team Sonic: Sonic, Cream and Big race to uncover the mystery of the seven Chaos Emeralds.

  • Speed: Sonic The Hedgehog

    All Sonic Heroes 2 characters, except Shade

  • Power: Knuckles the Echidna
  • Fly: Cream The Rabbit

Team Dark: The Team Dark arrives at the theft of the emeralds and decobrem a shadow. So wonder if that Mephiles was not returned for revenge, even beaten in Sonic 2006.

  • Speed: Shadow The Hedgehog
  • Power: E-123 Omega
  • Fly: Rouge The Bat

Team Rose: This Tails on the beach, when Cheese is captured by a machine with several Chaos. Tails calls Amy and Knuckles to save Cheese.

  • Speed: Amy Rose
  • Power: Big The Cat
  • Fly: Miles Tails Prower

Team Chaotix: The Team Chaotix learns of the disappearance of emeralds and decide to search for clues to solve this mystery from beginning to end.

  • Speed: Espio The Chameleon
  • Power: Vetor The  Crocodile
  • Fly: Charmy Bee

Team Future: The Team Future just arrived and when the seven emeralds are stolen, they discover a secret plan of Eggman.

  • Speed: Blaze The Cat
  • Power: Shade The Echidna
  • Fly: Silver The Hedgehog

Team Babylon: The Babylon Rogues here are to help the mystery of the emeralds. In this game they do not play on boards, but usually as the other characters. They are considered bonus team.

  • Speed: Jet The Hawk
  • Power: Storm The Albatross
  • Fly: Wave The Swallow

Team Hedgehog : After the teams recover the seven Emeralds, Shadow, Sonic and Silver run to stop the thief. This team is the team used in the Last Episode.

  • Speed: Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Power: Shadow The Hedgehog
  • Fly: Silver The Hedgehog


Story Stages: The Story Stages are the normal stages of each team.

Hill Stages:

  • Beach Island
  • Flower Hill

Cave Stages:

  • Dark Cave
  • Rock Tunnel

Aquarium Stages:

  • Water Falls
  • Blue Stream

Montain Stages:

  • Cloud House
  • Steep Peak

Plant Stages:

  • Acid Plant
  • Toxic Factory

Space Stages:

  • Gravity Path
  • Star Explosions

Last Episode Stages: After closing the game with all teams, the Team Hedgehog will be released. Play with it to enter the Last Episode. Eggman Base Stages:

  • Eggman Ship
  • Eggman Control

Dimension Stages:

  • Mystic Dimension
  • Black Portal

Final Boss Stage:

  • Final Battle


Story Bosses:

Hill Boss: Metal Sonic

Cave Boss: Egg Worm

Aquarium Boss: Egg Fish

Montain Boss: Team Boss

Plant Boss: Mecha Sonic

Space Boss: Eggman Rocket

Last Episode Bosses:

Eggman Base Boss: Eggman Burst

Dimension Boss: Mephiles

Final Boss: Metal Mephiles and Egg ILusion

Team Battle:

1- Sonic x Future/ Dark x Babylon/ Rose x Chaotix

2- Sonic x Babylon/Dark x Rose/ Chaotix x Future

3- Sonic x Chaotix/ Dark x Chaotix/ Rose x Future

How unlock teams

Team Sonic - Unlocked

Team Dark - Complete Flower Hill with Team Sonic

Team Rose - Complete Dark Cave with Team Sonic

Team Chaotix - Defeat Metal Sonic with Team Dark

'Team Future' - Complete Rock Tunnel with Team Rose

Team Babylon - Defeat Egg Worm with Team Future

'Team Hedgeho'g - Finish the story with all teams

DLC Teams

The game features teams that can be bought for DLC on PSN or Xbox Live. The DLC teams have no history, is just playing with them in the phases of the game. The teams are:

Team Fighters: 

  • Speed: Honey The Cat
  • Power: Bark The Polar Bear
  • Fly: Bean The Dynamite

Team Metal:

  • Speed: Metal Sonic
  • Power: Metal Knuckles
  • Fly: Tails Dool

Team Friends:

  • Speed: Fang The Sniper
  • Power: Mighty The Armadillo
  • Fly: Ray The Flying Squirrel

Team Chao:

  • Speed: Light Chao
  • Power: Devil Chao
  • Fly: Angel Chao
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