Sonic Heroes 2 Is A Game Being Released In August 2021. Teams: Team Sonic: Sonic, Miles ''Tails'' Prower And Knuckles. Team Blast: Spin Dash Inferno. Team Rose: Amy, Cream And Big. Team Blast: Flower Fiasco. Team Dark: Shadow, Rouge And Omega. Team Blast: Chaos Dash. Team Runners: Garfield, Odie, Slingshot And Blake. Team Blast: Glide And Run. Team Waleed: Waleed, Jacob, Chuckles And Elijah. Team Blast: Youtuber Hyperdrive. Team Champions: Teken, Nermal, Roolis And Mason. Team Blast: Winner Dash. Team Demons: Mephiles, Linna And Eclipse. Team Blast: Possessed Dash. Team Chaotix: Vector, Espio And Charmy. Team Blast: Musical Detectives. Team Sol: Silver, Blaze And Marine. Team Blast: Future Boom. Team Girls: Funtime Foxy, Cindy And Funtime Foxy. Team Blast: Flower Festival. Team Among Us: Player, Veteran And Stoner. Team Blast: Innersloth Boost. Non-Playable Characters: Arlene, Mother, Bro, Ninja And More

Sonic Heroes 2 title.jpg

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