This page features a list of all the levels in the 2012 game Sonic Heroes 2. Each team has their own levels, though some of them are the same as other teams. Each team has 12 levels and 6 Bosses. Seaside Hill is always the first levels for all teams.In each stage, there are 3 keys. If the player manages to collect them all, in the end of the level, the player must complete a Special Stage to earn a Chaos Emerald. There are 7 Chaos Emeralds in total, which the player must acquire with at least 1 team to unlock the Final Story.

Stages according to Teams

Team Sonic

  1. Seaside Hill
  2. Suberbia Town
  3. Tiki Jungle
  4. Nordic Plains
  5. Orange Oasis
  6. Iced Palace
  7. Celebration Boulevard
  8. Wild Kingdom
  9. Lost Junkyard
  10. Sky Crisis
  11. Regal Angel
  12. Egg Dome

Team Dark

  1. Seaside Hill
  2. Great Cannons
  3. Crazy Circus
  4. Mushroom Factory
  5. Aquarium Dome
  6. Worm Forest
  7. Rusty Nest
  8. Haunted Walls
  9. Skeleton Yard
  10. Sky Crisis
  11. Chaos Fortress
  12. Danger Highway

Team Rose

  1. Seaside Hill
  2. Blossom Village
  3. Crazy Circus
  4. Nuclear Foundry
  5. Toy Terrace
  6. Iced Palace
  7. Huge Metropolis
  8. Leaf Park
  9. Aquarium Dome
  10. Lost Junkyard
  11. Regal Angel
  12. Robotic Acropolis

Team Chaotix

  1. Seaside Hill
  2. Leaf Park
  3. Suberbia Town
  4. Iced Palace
  5. Worm Forest
  6. Orange Oasis
  7. Rusty Nest
  8. Nuclear Foundry
  9. Mushroom Factory
  10. Skeleton Yard
  11. Sky Crisis
  12. Cyber Utopia

Team Future

  1. Seaside Hill
  2. Nordic Plains
  3. Nuclear Foundry
  4. Blossom Vilage
  5. Aquarium Dome
  6. Wild Kingdom
  7. Huge Metropolis
  8. Celebration Boulevard
  9. Chaos Fortress
  10. Haunted Walls
  11. Lost Junkyard
  12. Volt Hall

Team Shade

  1. Seaside Hill
  2. Toy Terrace
  3. Tiki Jungle
  4. Great Cannons
  5. Orange Oasis
  6. Huge Metropolis
  7. Worm Forest
  8. Celebration Boulevard
  9. Regal Angel
  10. Chaos Fortress
  11. Mushroom Factory
  12. Armored Headquarters

Team Metal

  1. Seaside Hill
  2. Tiki Jungle
  3. Great Cannons
  4. Crazy Circus
  5. Skeleton Yard
  6. Leaf Park
  7. Haunted Wals
  8. Nordic Plains
  9. Wild Kingdom
  10. Sky Crisis
  11. Rusty Nest
  12. Egg Dome


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Seaside Hill

Seaside Hill is always the first stage to play. It is exactly the same stage in the original, with a few adjustments, making it similar to its counterpart in Sonic Generations.

Blossom Village

Blossom Village is a stage very similar to Chun-nan. It has a chinese theme to it. It features large, rocky pavements and walls, blossomed trees and lakes, as well as cliffs and a large, chinese mausoleum.

Suberbia Town

Suberbia Town is very similar to City Escape. It takes place on a city's neighbourhood and continues to the centre of the town. Players also travel to the rooftops of the houses.

Tiki Jungle

This stage takes place during the night, in a jungle near the beach. There are multiple lit torches here and many tiki statues. Players start off from the beach and find themselves into a dense jungle. Noises of tikis can also be heard throughout the stage. A huge waterfall is located near the end of the stage.

Great Cannons

This stage takes place on board of the G.U.N. battleships in the harbour. It is filled with troops, huge cannons and battlefields. At some points, the battleships battle with each other and sail.

Nuclear Foundry

This stage is strikingly similar to Chemical Plant from Sonic Generations. It is one of Dr. Eggman's bases. The stage features many industrial machines, chemical pools, gimmicks and hazards.

Crazy Circus

An amusement park themed level. It features multiple balloons, cicrus tents, poles, trampolines and halls of mirrors.

Celebration Boulevard

This stage takes place in a metropolis during nigh time. As its name states, it is during a celebration. Fireworks and colourful light decorate the night sky.

Toy Terrace

A stage very similar to Toy Kingdom from the Advance series. It features many toys, which serve as gimmicks and hazards.

Regal Angel

This stage is a classic level of Angel Island. It has many ruins of temples, floating islands with waterfalls, clouds and rails.

Nordic Plains

A misty level which takes place in a frozen tundra-like valley. It also features a waterway and a white forest.

Haunted Walls

Hangcastle thumb.jpg

This stage is a reminiscent of Hang Castle and Cryptic Castle from the two hit games. There are multiple dark towers with hidden passages and switces, which turn the castle upside down. There are also many bizzare features in this stage, such as skeletons, invisible roads etc.

Worm Forest

Mycon by TARGETE.jpg

A repugnant, rotten, purple, fungi forest with glowing plants, mushrooms and mist. It is very dark and features huge worms as obsticles and gimmicks. Players may also travel inside the trees or underground, while fighting huge worms.

Iced Palace

A snow-themed stage. It mostly takes place inside and outside a titanic palace made of crystak ice. The sky features a beautiful aurora and changes from night to day. The palace features many gimmicks, such as icecles, blizzards and deep dungeons.

Huge Metropolis

A huge metropolis with floating cars and huge skyscrapers, reaching into the sky. The sky here changes depending on the team. It is sometimes daylight and sometimes it is rainy or very dark. The stage bears similarities with Grand Metropolis

Aquarium Dome

An underwater base. It is connected with multiple canals and is made mostly of glass windows. There is also a small submarine mini-game inside.

Wild Kingdom


This stage features many different enviroments of the animal kingdom combined. At first, it features a savannah with tall girafes and a sundown. Then, the stage switches to tropical jungles, rivers, swamps and even tundras. Many animals can be seen in the background. They can also serve as in-game hazards.

Chaos Fortress

Chaos Fortress is a rather awkward stage. It takes place in a parallel world with green sky and stars. There are also large, spherical metalic objects in the sky which seem to teleport and move. The level mostly takes place inside and outside a large fortress of steel. Inside of it, there is a black and white marble floor with lit torches and bridges.

Skeleton Yard

A large, underground ruined palace of bones. It also has lit torches, dungeons, multiple cages and a colosseum of bones. It is very similar to Skeleton Dome from Sonic and the Secret Rings.

Rusty Nest

A steampunk city built underground and through endless mines. Most of the pasrt of the city is abandoned or out of order. Hazards include endless pits and darkness.

Orange Oasis

An egyptian-themed level that takes place during sundown. Most of it are ruins in an orange osasis with a series of small rivers and plants. Some small pyramids can also be seen.

Mushroom Factory

In Sonic Heroes, there was a level called Frog Forest, which featured a jungle of titanic mushrooms and frogs. Mushroom Factory is the exact same stage, only that now, it has been occupied by Dr. Eggman's robots and the jungle is being constructed into a factory. There are large factories and gadgets occupying the mushrooms and most of the jungle has been destroyed and a factory is being constructed. Some frogs can be found.

Leaf Park

Takes place on top of huge trees during an autumn season. It features many tree houses and rails.

Lost Junkyard

An abandoned junkyard with brown dust. There are many abandoned machines of Eggman such as large, rusty battleships, rails, garbages and robots. Occassionally, there will be strong winds, which will hinder the players' way and create a mist of brown dust.

Sky Crisis

Dr. Eggman's battleships fighting against the battleships of G.U.N. in the sky. Players must pass through the dogfight while jumping from battleship to battleship. There are also many rails and gadgets that will help the player reach the goal.

Volt Hall

One of Dr. Eggman's many bases equiped with electromagnetic fields, electromagnetism electric circuits and electricity. Most of the stage takes place inside various metalic tunnels. The music of this stage is a heavy remix of techno.

Robotic Acropolis

A dark base hidden within the mountains and guarded by titanic mechs. This stage has many enemies to beat.

Armored Headquarters

G.U.N.'s base in the harbour. This stage takes place during night and features many enemies to beat. It is very similar to G.U.N. Fortress.

Cyber Utopia

The exterior part of Dr. Eggman's Egg Dome. It is one of his main bases of operations in the game.

Danger Highway

320px-06 CrisisCity.png

  A ruined city under attack by the Eggman army. Fires and ruined skyscrapers can be found all over the place.

Death Egg

The Death Egg is the final level, which is played with all teams, except from Team Sonic, and is played during the Final Story. The stage is devided into 5 excerpts. The player starts off with Team Rose and plays the interior part of the Death Egg. After reaching a specific point, Team Chaotix takes off, continuing from that point, ending up in the Death Egg's Eye. Afterwards, Team Shade is played and continues to the Death Egg's Hangar. From that point, Team Future continues and heads to the exterior part of the Death Egg. Finally, the player takes control of Team Dark, to end up in the Death Egg's core and complete the stage. It is more difficult that the other stages and there are many hazards and enemies to beat. Dr. Magic can be heard throughout the level via his megaphone.

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