Sonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate Battle is a fan-made game, so it'll never be released in the real world. It would be released on Wii(with GameCube controller only), PS2, and PS3.

Playable Teams

Team Sonic (Sonic, Tails and Knuckles)

Speed: Sonic the Hedgehog

Flight: Miles "Tails" Prower

Power: Knuckles the Echidna

Team Dark (Shadow, Rouge, Omega)

Speed: Shadow the Hedgehog

Flight: Rouge the Bat

Power: E-123 Omega

Team Rose (Amy, Cream, Cheese, Big)

Speed: Amy Rose

Flight: Cream the Rabbit

Power: Big the Cat

Team Chaotix (Espio, Charmy, Vector)

Speed: Espio the Chameleon

Flight: Charmy Bee

Power: Vector the Crocodile

Team Future (Blaze, Silver, Marine)

Speed: Blaze the Cat

Flight: Silver the Hedgehog

Power: Marine the Raccoon

Team Babylon (Jet, Wave, Storm)

Speed: Jet the Hawk

Flight: Wave the Swallow

Power: Storm the Albatross

Team Sega (Amigo, Nights, Billy)

Speed: Amigo

Flight: Nights

Power: Billy Hatcher

Team Save-Um (Custard, Noodle, Ka-Chung, Jazzi, Foo, Cloe)

Speed: Custard/Jazzi

Flight: Noodle/Foo

Power: Ka-Chung/Cloe

Non-Playable Teams

Team Robotnik (Eggman Jr., EggRobo, Eggman, Eggman Nega)

Speed: Eggman Jr.

Flight: EggRobo

Power: Eggman

Supporting: Eggman Nega

Team Metal (Metal Sonic, Tails Doll, Metal Knuckles}

Speed: Metal Sonic

Flight: Tails Doll

Power: Metal Knuckles


The teams that have stories are all the teams above except the unlockable ones. The unlockable ones' stories are only view-able in Challenge Mode, where you'll be able to play as them in any level or boss stage.

These are the main playable, must-progress-through, main storylines in the game.

Team Sonic

Team Dark

Team Rose

Team Chaotix

Team Future

Team Babylon

Team Wreck

Team Star


Story Mode

Basically story mode, the pinnacle of the game.

Challenge Mode

Nothing changes much from the original Sonic Heroes, this is where the unlockable teams have their stories.

Tournament Mode

This replaces the Super Hard Mode in the original game it. Tournament Mode brings you up a screen, and you can only choose the teams' stories that you've completed, for example, you finished Team Dark and Team Future. You can only choose those teams to play and vs. All battle arenas will be unlocked with it. There are 6 battle arenas. When you complete more stories, more teams will be added to Tournament Mode. The battles function like normal battles, but you can verse anyone, on any arena. When certain stories get cleared, other teams become playable in Tournament Mode to play with or against them.

2P Mode

Nothing pretty much changes a lot, but, Ring Races are more controlled(after a short period of time, if the opponent has more than 10 rings, then the other gets 10 rings etc with 5 rings apart) and when choosing a battle, the stages from the game will appear, as well as some extras.


This is where you can listen to music OR watch any cutscene from the game. That's right, any. NOT just CGI ones.


This is where you can train in case you lose memory of what the controls are or something. You can play as any team, and when the unlockables become playable, you can play as them in tutorial.

Special Stages

Special Stages are much like the ones in Sonic Colours DS, only more speed-oriented, but much more controlled as any team. Spheres litter the place, but you don't have to collect a specific number of these orbs. You must collect Rings(of a small number, highest will be 50), then you have to break open a sphere, which will contain a magnet, which will drag the Emerald closer to you. Drag it 3 times and you have the Emerald. But if you hit Spike Bombs 3 times, you're out.

Main Screen

When you first start the game, sprites(3D, sort of like Sonic Rush sprites) will appear of only Team Sonic at first. But as you complete stories, the team story that you completed, the team will be randomly running around on the screen. When you complete the entire game, all the teams will be standing there(with normal breathing motions). Team Metal Sonic will be in the background, looking like they're laughing evilly.


When you start a level, before starting a level, you choose what formation to play as first(instead of it being speed starting a level, it can be any)

Speed Formation

The speed of the speed members will be more controlled. Also, you can attack enemies now with the push of B or Square.

Sonic-Spin Dash. Shadow-Chaos Spear. Amy-Piko Piko Hammer. Espio-Ninja Knife. Silver-Fire. Jet-Wings. Fang-Gun. Bean-Bomb.

Not really any other changes.

Flight Formation

Flight Formation gets changed quite a bit. When you switch to them, the team won't go into a pole, unless you start flying in a level. Instead, they'll be on the ground, like this

speed to the left of flight, but behind flight, flight in front of speed and power formations in the middle, power to the right of flight, but behind them. Sort of like this symbol here:

In a battle, when the character starts flying, icons will appear, with a button mapped to them and a piece of artwork with them, indicating you can bring them with you, or if you want to be alone flying, you can ignore them. When you do bring other team members, the icons will have a gold outline and the formation symbol for those characters(even the whole team) will be glowing the formations respective colours. If you're alone flying, there are attacks you can use.

Tails-Fake Rings. Rouge-Jewels. Cream-Cheese. Charmy-Stinger(it apparently now has poison). Blaze-Gravity Control. Wave-Screwdriver. Shade-Lasers. Marine-Chocola.

If you're with other characters, you can use Thunder Shoot, but, with other teams, the type changes.

The characters from the original Sonic Heroes will still retain their Thunder Shoot.

Power Formation

Power Formation doesn't really change much, only character's type of attack will replace the flames.

Other than that, no changes.

These are their attacks.

Knuckles-Punches. Omega-Robot stuff. Big-His fishing rod. Vector-his mouth. Mighty-His body (in ball form). Storm-Punches. Gamma-Handgun. Bark-Punches.

Levels and Bosses

Seaside Hill Ocean Palace
Grand Metropolis Power Plant
Casino Park Bingo Highway
Rail Canyon Bullet Station
Frog Forest Lost Jungle
Hang Castle Mystic Mansion
Flame Volcano Lava Core
Frosty Peak Blizzard Mountain
Golden Sand Red Desert
Ocean Cave Aquatic Seabottom
Old Relic Ancient City
Egg Fleet Final Fortress

These are the levels for the game.

Boss 1 Egg Blade(Metal Knuckles disguised as Egg Robo)
Team 1

Team Sonic vs Team Rose

Team Dark vs Team Chaotix

Team Future vs Team Star

Team Wreck vs Team Babylon

Boss 2 Egg Floater(Tails Doll disguised as Eggman Nega)
Boss 3 Egg Hawk(Metal Sonic disguised as Eggman)
Team 2

Team Sonic vs Team Dark

Team Rose vs Team Chaotix

Team Future vs Team Wreck

Team Star vs Team Babylon

Boss 4 Egg Saw(Metal Knuckles disguised as EggRobo)
Boss 5 Egg Possesser(Tails Doll disguised as Eggman Nega)
Boss 6 Egg Emperor(Metal Sonic disguised as Eggman)

These are the bosses for the game.

HUB Worlds

After completing all the stories of the game, you unlock 12 HUB worlds to explore in. The mechanics are similar to the characters mechanics in SAdventure, only less glitchy, and have some minor changes. You can choose WHAT team to play as, but you can play with whatever character you choose, single, two, or all three if you want, and explore the worlds. In 4 of the HUB worlds, the Casino, Forest, Ancient, and City HUB worlds are 15 Emblems, 5 for Speed, 5 for Flight, and 5 for Power. You can collect these Emblems, but can only be collected with the character of that formation. HOWEVER, let's say you found the location of a Power Emblem as a Speed character. Your radar(you have a radar until you've found them all) will blink like Knux' Emerald collecting radar in SAdventure, only it will function like this:

There is a symbol of a grey-shaded Emblem. Since the example said Power Emblem, it will blink red. For Speed=Blue and Flight=Yellow. It will still blink, but even if you find a way to it, you can't collect it if you aren't that specific formation that the colour, and the radar blinks at. If you haven't got the character with you(they can switch if you want them to), you can switch to that character, and get it. There are 60 Emblems in all, 20 of each Speed, Power and Flight Emblems. Collecting 30 of each gives you a special surprise:

Speed-Allowing you and the team to swim(like Tails in Sonic Advance)so if you're near to drowning, you can just float up.

Flight-Attacks are stronger(by a noticeable amount)

Power-They can move and attack slightly faster.

Collecting ALL the Emblems will give you a special function that is quite optional, if you want to skip it, that is fine. It is a power up that is not seen on the team, but anyway: it is the Team Member Chooser, that can change Team Members on a team in Tournament Mode only.

This power-up basically takes OTHER Team Members and customizes it for any other Team. Like say, Team Chaotix, Charmy, and Crystal, from Team Ice. The characters are implemented into your new team by making it in the Team Member Chooser. You can choose ANY Team Member from any team, and use it in any team. However, in 2P and Tournament Mode(Multiplayer), the other player and the CPU player's respective teams will retain the said team's normal Team Members. However, If activating your team's Team Blast, the normal members of the team your spaces filled(So say, Team Chaotix was filled with Threetails, Belinda, and Knuckles for an example, Charmy, Espio and Vector would do their normal Team Blast instead) will do the Team Blast instead. When the Team Blast is over, the members that were customized will return.

Even though they are HUB worlds surrounding the levels they theme of, there are no entrances to the levels, no matter how hard you look.

The characters also can switch with you. Like mentioned above, you can make it so the whole team goes with you, or just 2 people, or even just one character. Being one character of the team you choose to play as in the HUB worlds, the other characters are in random spots in the world you are in. Like say, you are in the Beach world, the other 2 characters would be in random spots, but go to a different world, say, City, then they'll be in random spots THERE. Controlling 2 isn't hard, one CPU controls the other character in the position they'd be in the original game, like the levels. You can switch at any given time ANYWHERE where the character that is following you to the other character, that is following you. The other, not following you character, is in their random spot(it stays the same for a spot for them to be in) you can switch to be partner, main character, come with the 2, or ditch the other 2 characters and let the other characters go bye-bye and go to their random spots... any combination. Controlling 3 isn't difficult, like the normal game, and you can still choose any combination you want, so at any given time you want, you CAN ditch the other 2, have 1 following you, or just hang out in the little world alone if you wanted to. However, there is an easier way to switch to them if you are alone. The icons like the Flight characters get when they fly in a Team Battle constantly stay with you, and function and look the same, can call them whenever possible. You can go to the character's spot, but if you don't feel like traveling the long distance it takes to get to the character, you can use the icons.

You can also, like Sonic Adventure, interact with some of the scenery around you, only this time, much more better. Like, say in the City world, there are cars, and stuff like that(yes, like the game I just mentioned) and you can pick the car up... as the Power characters. New abilities are:

Power characters: Pick up cars, crates, stuff that's heavy.

Flight characters: Do things that involve high places(like pulling switches in midair that give out a little fun animation for an example. Sometimes needed to collect Emblems)

Speed Characters: Get in little smaller areas, and collecting stuff in the small areas. Like before, sometimes needed to collect Emblems.

The basic things anyone can do.

Chao Gardens

It will act like a normal Chao Garden, per Sonic Adventure 2 style. However there will be a difference. There are numerous jewels, and if you get one of these, you can get more Chao equal to the attribute(eg: Fly, Power, Swim) or a Character jewel, however, you can only choose from the characters in the main story jewels(unlockable characters are harder to find in the shop), these gems cost Rings you collect in the main game, they don't cost much for one though. When you buy a gem, you can buy a Chao freely(the gem can produce an egg with the chao of the attribute/character chao you get correspondingly)

Aside from that, it's a normal SA and SA2 Chao Garden in terms of raising them. You can buy fruits and animals from the shop there is to raise them, no collecting animals in the normal game story/challenge mode required.


  • In Team Future Silver is speed and Blaze is fly because Eggman Nega switched their powers and abilities for complicate the things on their teams
  • In Team Wreck Shade is Flight because she use the jetpack for fly
  • Chocola is in Team Star with Marine because she found him when he was lost
  • Remember Silver and Blaze Switch their powers and abilities so Silver stay with Fire and Blaze stay with Gravity Control
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