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This is an article about Sonic Heroes: Counterparts, a fangame created by BlazingLeopard on 07/12/2014.

NOTE: This is a fangame and which means that NOTHING is within the main Sonic the Hedgehog canon.

Sonic Heroes: Counterparts is a video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series and developed by Sonic Team. It was released on ??/??/2016 worldwide on Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U. Similar to it's predecessor, Sonic Heroes, the player is allowed to choose between one of three teams, which each contain three classes; Speed, Flight and Power, represented by the colours blue, yellow and red respectively. Each of these three classes each have special traits connected to them.

Sonic Heroes: Counterparts
Sonic Team
Sonic the Hedgehog
Release Date(s)
Worldwide: ?? ??th 2016
Action, Adventure, Platformer
Game Mode(s)
Single Player
Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U
Blu-Ray, Wii U Optical Disc
Jun Senoue, Crush 40, Kazuma Jinnouchi
PEGI: 7 (Provisional), ESRB: RP, CERO: RP
Unreal Engine 4


Most of the mechanics in the game are very similar to what people know of the original, such as having control of three characters, each with their own unique abilities and each team having their own story which may occasionally cross over with another. The stages are also structured very similarly to the original title as well, having two stages per act, followed by a boss battle or team battle.

Whilst some elements of the game are very similar to the first Sonic Heroes title, there are also elements returning from other games within the 3D and HD Sonic games. For example, one of the returning features is a multi-stranded plot line, something that hasn't been seen since Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

NOTE: If you think any of the PS4/Wii U controls need to be changed, let me know.


Xbox One PS4 Wii U
Player Movement Left Stick Left Stick Left Stick
Camera Movement Right Stick Right Stick Right Stick
Pause Menu Options +
Select A/Menu X/Options B/+
Go Back B Ο A
Jump A X B
Switch Character B/Y Δ/Ο A/X
Team Blast RB R2 R


Xbox One PS4 Wii U
Kick X Y
Homing Attack Jump, A (Tap) Jump, X (Tap) Jump, B (Tap)
Lightspeed Dash X (Hold) □ (Hold) Y (Hold)
Rocket Excel X (Hold, team gathers, release) □ (Hold, team gathers, release) Y (Hold, team gathers, release)
Tornado Attack Jump, X Jump, □ Jump, Y
Triangle Jump Jump, A (Wall) Jump, X (Wall) Jump, B (Wall)


Xbox One PS4 Wii U
Ascending Flight Jump, A (Hold) Jump, X (Hold) Jump, B (Hold)
Quick Ascent/Upward Teleport Ascending Flight, A Ascending Flight, X Ascending Flight, B
Bomb/Psychic Pulse X, No Team □, No Team Y, No Team
Thunder Shoot X Y


Xbox One PS4 Wii U
Fighting Pose X (Hold) □ (Hold) Y (Hold)
Dash Punch/Dash Hammer X Y
Spinning Back Punch/Spinning Back Hammer X, X □, □ Y, Y
Volcanic Dunk/Omega Arm/Hammer Swing X, X, X □, □, □ Y, Y, Y
Ground Pound/Stomp/Smash Jump, X Jump, □ Jump, Y
Spin Dunk FP, Jump, X FP, Jump, □ FP, Jump, Y
Spin Throw/Launch/Smash FP, X (Hold, then release) FP, □ (Hold, then release) FP, Y (Hold, then release)
Triangle Dive/Rocket Stabilisers/Gyrohammer A, A (Hold) X, X (Hold) B, B (Hold)



This scene will play when any of the teams is selected for the first time. It will only play once.

High up in the orbit of Sonic's world, the Egg Fleet, or what remained of it, was still. All of the battleships and cruisers were silent. Their engines weren't active. However, Eggman's flagship had all of it's onboard lights on. Deep within the bowls of his flagship, Eggman was hard at work on a new evil scheme, hammering away within a dimly lit room. He smiles as a bright flash lit up the room. His project began leaning forward, before Eggman placed his hand on the center of it.

"Ah, ah, ah. Not yet. You need to be in perfect working order before you can get your revenge and crush that pesky little hedgehog and his friends once for all," he said to his project as it laid itself back on the workbench.

The light emitting from his project then ceased and Eggman continued to work on it, this time using a blowtorch.

[ The screen fades to black. ]

Team Sonic

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Team Dark

See here: Sonic Heroes: Counterparts/Team Dark's Story

Team Flame

See here: Sonic Heroes: Counterparts/Team Flame's Story


See here: Sonic Heroes: Counterparts/Final Story



Team Sonic

Like the game's prequel, Team Sonic is once again the title team. Team Sonic's stages also function similarly to how they did in the first game. This team is designed to give players the feeling of high-speed and is of medium difficulty. However, unlike the main stages of Team Sonic's original stages, each stage must be beaten within a set time limit.

Team Members
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Speed, Leader)
    • Abilities: Kick, Homing attack, Lightspeed Dash, Rocket Excel, Blue Tornado, Triangle Jump.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (Flight)
    • Abilities: Ascending Flight, Dummy Ring Bomb, Thunder Shoot, Quick Ascent
  • Knuckles the Echidna (Power)
    • Abilities: Auto Homing, Ground Pound, Spin Throw, Spin Dunk, Dash Punch, Spinning Back Punch, Triangle Dive, Volcanic Dunk.
Team Blasts
  • Sonic Overdrive - This team blast is exactly the same as it's original. You must be playing as Sonic in order to perform this team blast. Knuckles holds onto Tails' feet, who is also holding Sonic's, and spins them around. Once enough momentum is gained, Knuckles releases Tails who, once released, kicks Sonic into the air. Sonic then yells "Blast away!" and performs a light speed attack on every enemy on screen.
  • Thunder Blast - You must be playing as Tails in order to perform this team blast. Whilst still in flight formation, Tails launches Knuckles and Sonic off as if it were a standard Thunder Shoot. He then slams himself into the ground, creating a devastating electrical blast, destroying all enemies on screen.
  • Crushing Blow - You must be playing as Knuckles in order to perform this team blast. Sonic begins performing homing attacks on enemies whilst Tails launches Knuckles into the air. When at the perfect height, Knuckles dives down and punches the ground, creating a crater, crushing anything beneath him and destroying all enemies on screen.

Team Dark

Again, Team Dark is hardest difficulty of the teams, requiring skill and concentration to beat each of the stages. This team features more difficult or greater numbers of enemies than those in Team Sonic's and only ten rings are dropped when hit, instead of the usual twenty rings. The time limit featured in Team Sonic's stages are also present within Team Dark's stages, however the limits are slightly longer due to Dark's more difficult stages.

Team Members
  • Shadow the Hedgehog(Speed, Leader)
    • Abilities: Kick, Homing attack, Lightspeed Dash, Rocket Excel, Dark Tornado, Triangle Jump.
  • Rouge the Bat (Flight)
    • Abilities: Ascending Flight, Heart Bomb, Thunder Shoot, Quick Ascent
  • E-123 Omega (Power)
    • Abilities: Auto Homing, Ground Stomp, Spin Launch, Spin Dunk, Dash Punch, Spinning Back Punch, Rocket Stabiliser, Omega Arm.
Team Blasts
  • Chaos Inferno - This team blast is exactly the same as it's original. You must be playing as Shadow in order to perform this team blast. Shadow begins the team blast by using Chaos Control, freezing the enemies on screen. Rouge then lifts Omega by his head, the he proceeds to spin anti-clockwise, firing a massive laser in all directions, destroying everything on screen. Due to Shadow's use of Chaos Control, time is frozen for ten seconds after the team blast.
  • Aerial Bombardment - You must be playing as Rouge in order to perform this team blast. Rouge begins by throwing a pair of Heart Bombs to Shadow and two pairs to Omega. She then flies into the air whilst Shadow uses Chaos Control to teleport upwards. Omega fires his grenades upwards from his arm canons whilst Shadow throws his two towards the enemies. Rouge then proceeds to throw a belt of grenades towards the enemy causing a devastating explosion and destroying all enemies on screen.
  • Minigun Mayhem - You must be playing as Omega in order to perform this team blast. If he hasn't already done so, Omega places Rouge and Shadow into his arm canons. He then launches them off to perform auto-homing attacks. Omega the switches to his minigun arms and spins around clockwise whilst firing them, destroying all enemies on screen.

Team Flame

The newest addition, Team Flame, offers slightly slower paced gameplay and instead is focused on taking out a set number of enemies per stage and reaching the goal ring before time runs out.

Team Members
  • Blaze the Cat (Speed)
    • Abilities: Kick, Fire Claw, Lightspeed Dash, Rocket Excel, Fire Tornado, Triangle Jump.
  • Silver the Hedgehog (Flight, Leader)
    • Abilities: Ascending Flight, Psychic Pulse, Thunder Shoot, Upward Teleport
  • Amy Rose (Power)

Abilities: Auto Homing, Ground Smash, Spin Smash, Spin Dunk, Dash Hammer, Spinning Back Hammer, Gyrohammer, Hammer Swing.

Team Blasts
  • Burning Vortex - You must be playing as Blaze in order to perform this team blast. This team blast begins with Silver lifting both Blaze and Amy in to the air. Amy then begins to spin her Piko Piko Hammer as if she was using her Gyrohammer ability, which begins to propel them forward. Silver then lets go of Blaze and uses his psychokinesis to lift her, allowing her to use her use her Fire Claw attack. All three of them then charge around the area, creating a fiery vortex behind them and destroying all enemies on screen.
  • Psychic Blast - You must be playing as Silver in order to perform this team blast. Silver begins this team blast by using his Upward Teleport ability then using his psychokinesis to lift both Blaze and Amy. He then tosses them into the air, allowing them to perform attacks on weaker enemies. Afterwards, Silver then builds up his psychokinetic force before releasing it all onto the enemies, creating a devastating amount of damage to the local area and destroying all enemies on screen.
  • Piko Fury - You must be playing as Amy in order to perform this team blast. This team blast begins with all three members getting into a single file line. Silver then uses his psychokinesis to launch Amy and Blaze towards the enemy. Blaze launches a blast of fire nearby to Amy, making her move even faster. Amy then proceeds to smash the ground three times before jumping into the air and smashing the ground for one final time, crushing enemies beneath her and destroying all those on screen.

Non-Playable Characters

  • TBA


NOTE: This section is subject to change.

In Sonic Heroes: Counterparts, stages work in a somewhat similar way to how the stages played out in Shadow The Hedgehog. Each team's stages all play out in a different order to one another and sometimes cross over which then result in the teams battling against one another.

Italicised and bolded level names are exclusive to that team.

Stage Number Sonic Dark Flame Finale
1-1 Seaside Resort Metropolis Blissful Hills -
1-2 Ocean Fort Speed Highway Windy Fields -
1-VS Boss: Ocean Rumble Boss: Crossroad Assault Boss: Cliffside Rumble -
2-1 Blissful Hills Warehouse District Outskirts -
2-2 Windy Fields Power Plant Power Plant -
2-VS Egg Tank VS. Team Flame VS. Team Dark -
3-1 Rainforest Run Frozen Tundra Rainforest Run -
3-2 Jungle Chaos Robot Factory Jungle Chaos -
3-VS VS. Team Flame Shadow Android MK-2 VS. Team Sonic -
4-1 Desert Plains Desert Plains Lone Airship -
4-2 Sand Temple Sand Temple Crumbling Fortress -
4-VS VS. Team Dark VS. Team Sonic Steel Silver -
5-1 Railway Carnage Windy Fields Desert Plains -
5-2 Egg Carrier Blissful Hills Sand Temple -
5-VS Metal Sonic Egg Warrior Egg Vulture -
6-1 Outskirts Rainforest Run Seaside Resort -
6-2 City Sewers Peculiar Caverns Ocean Stronghold -
6-VS Egg Cerberus Egg Mauler Egg Alodon -
7-1 Exploding Vent Exploding Vent Exploding Vent -
7-2 Magma Plant Magma Plant Magma Plant -
7-VS Magma Mech-01 Magma Mech-02 Magma Mech-03 -
BOSS Neo Metal Sonic MK-2 Perfect Shadow Android Perfect Steel Silver -
FINALE-1 - - - Robotic Overlord
FINALE-2 - - - Robotic Nightmare


Music in the game is composed by Jun Senoue, who is most notable for creating most of the music in a number of Sonic games, Crush 40, who are most notable for creating most of the main themes in previous Sonic games and Kazuma Jinnouchi, who is most notable for working on the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots soundtrack, the Halo 4 soundtrack and composing most of the music in the upcoming game, Halo 5: Guardians.

Team Sonic's Theme


Team Dark's Theme


Team Flame's Theme



Unlike the Xbox One and Playstation 4, the Wii U does not have an integrated reward system, so no achievements or trophies have been included. The total Gamerscore for the Xbox One version is 1000G.

Achievement/Trophy Description Xbox One Playstation 4
You're Quite The Achiever Unlocked all the trophies. N/A Platinum
Where Do They All Go? Collect 100 gold rings without getting hit in one level. 5G Bronze
Back At It! Complete "Seaside Resort" in Team Sonic's story. 5G Bronze

Secret Achievements/Trophies

The descriptions of these are deliberately hidden in-game so as to avoid spoilers.

Achievement/Trophy Description Xbox One Playstation 4
Slowed 'Em Down! As either Team Dark or Team Flame, defeat Team Sonic in a VS. boss fight. 10G Bronze
Lit 'Em Up! As either Team Sonic or Team Flame, defeat Team Dark in a VS. boss fight. 10G Bronze
Cooled 'Em Off! As either Team Sonic or Team Dark, defeat Team Flame in a VS. boss fight. 10G Bronze
We Won The Rematch Too! Found Metal Sonic and defeated him. 25G Silver
Faker! Defeated the upgraded Shadow Android. 25G Silver
It's No Use, Machine! Caught up to Steel Silver and defeated him. 25G Silver
You Just Can't Win! Defeated Neo Metal Sonic MK-2. 50G Gold
I Am The Ultimate Lifeform! Defeated the Perfect Shadow Android. 50G Gold
This Will End It! Defeated Perfect Steel Silver 50G Gold
United! Completed all three stories. 50G Gold
It's All Over! Defeated the Robotic Nightmare as Team Super and finished the game! 100G Gold


  • The boss on Stage 6 of Team Flame's campaign is called the Egg Alodon. This is a pun since the boss itself is based off of the ancient, shark-like sea creature known as a Megalodon.
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