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Sonic Guardians
Sonic Team
Release Date
13 September 2018
Action, Adventure, Stealth
Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC.
Preceded by
Sonic Forces (chronologically)
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Sonic Guardians is a Sonic fan game developed by Sega and Sonic Team. The gameplay primarily takes after Sonic Colours and Sonic Unleashed, although the story elements are based more on the Sonic Adventure series and Sonic 06.


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The game is split into 3 different styles:

  • speed-based platforming stages based on Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations, with the mix of 2D and 3D sections in levels.
  • Beat-em-up stages similar to Sonic Unleashed.
  • Stages with a mix of puzzles and stealth that is entirely new to the Sonic series.

There are 3 characters(4 counting Chaotix) devoted to each style of gameplay, with each having a slightly different variant on the basic gameplay.


After Forces, an international manhunt is issued for Doctor Eggman, but he seems to have completely disappeared. However, he's actually building a base on the moon inside the crater left behind by the Eclipse Cannon in Sonic Adventure 2, with a new plan in mind.

Meanwhile, after they've been stolen so many times, Sonic and Shadow decide to hide the Chaos Emeralds so if Eggman moves to capture them, they can inform G.U.N or the world's other heroes and stop him before his plan gets underway. The only people who know their location are Sonic, Shadow, and the Commander. At Knuckle's request, the Master Emerald was kept on Angel Island.


Main pages:Sonic Guardians/Plot and Sonic Guardians/Secret Endings

At the start of the game only 3 characters are available: Sonic, Omega and Silver. Each one has a tutorial chapter to help the player get the general gist of each of the categories before all the other characters are unlocked.


After visiting Knuckles on Angel Island, Eggman attacks with the apparent aim of getting the Master Emerald. As the island falls under attack, Sonic escapes to find the other Chaos Emeralds before Eggman gets them.

Sonic has speed-based gameplay which is pretty much the same to his gameplay in Colours and Generations. His theme song is Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure 2.


After raiding Eggman's new base on the moon crater left by the Eclipse Cannon, Omega wakes up to find himself highly damaged on the island of Coldreach with one overriding declarative:find the Chaos Emeralds at all cost. He sets out to do just that.

Omega is a beat-em-up character who uses both his claws and his trademark machine guns to rip through enemies. His theme song is This Machine from Sonic Heroes.


Silver is battling the evil Eggman Nega in his near-paradise of a future when multiple robots appear and decimate the city in seconds, plunging his world bake into the nightmare it has been so many times. Discovering the source of the invasion is a Nega's time portal, Silver goes back in time to save his future from decimation.

Silver has stealth gameplay which involves using his psychokinesis to destroy enemies and move objects to complete puzzles. His theme song is Dreams of an Absolution from Sonic 06.


After watching Omega fall to Earth from afar, Shadow goes to Coldreach to help his old friend. However, he gets more than he bargained for.

Shadow is speed-based and his gameplay is faster than Sonics. Instead of the Spin Dash and Homing Attack, he has Chaos Spear and Chaos Control respectively. His theme song is I Am All of Me from Shadow the Hedgehog.


On her relentless quest to find Sonic, Amy finally hears that he's heading towards Angel Island. She goes after him, but as with so many of her attempts to find her idol she gets involved in a battle to save the world.

Amy has speed-based gameplay which is slower than Sonics and based more on destroying enemies using her trademark hammer. Her theme song is Open Your Heart from Sonic Adventure.


Eggman has attacked Angel Island and stolen the Master Emerald. You know what happens now.

Knuckles is a beat-em-up character that doesn't need the same precision as Omega to play effectively. His theme song is Unknown from M.E from Sonic Adventure.


Guarding the Sol Emeralds as per usual, Blaze is surprised to see Eggman Nega to appear, babbling about a robot invasion from Sonic's dimension. Blaze leaves to find out what's going on.

Blaze is a beat-em-up character who relies on combos to do major damage. Her theme song is a remix of Vela Nova from Sonic Rush.


Rouge is hunting down the Chaos Emeralds when she finds Eggman up to his old tricks again. She joins her friends at Team Dark to find out what he's up to this time.

Rouge is a stealth-based character who relies on her inherent speed to dodge and destroy enemies. Her theme song is Fly in the Freedom from Sonic Adventure 2.


Tails is captured during the attack on Angel Island, but quickly breaks out with the objective of gaining the Chaos Emeralds and finding Sonic. It's clear that Eggman has greater objectives than that, however.

Tails has stealth-based gameplay which involves him hacking enemy robots to bring Eggman's empire down from the inside. His theme song is Reach for the Stars from Sonic Colours.


Having been out of work for a while, Chaotix Detective Agency are surprised to find a mysterious man turn up on their doorstep with $2 million and a dangerous mission:to find and retrieve Metal Sonic.

Chaotix swap between all three types of gameplay in the game: Espio for speed, Vector for fighting and Charmy for stealth. Their theme song is Team Chaotix from Sonic Heroes.


There are 3 DLC characters that have little to do with the main story, but have their own side story.


Big has lost Froggy again. God help us all.

Big is a beat-em-up character who attacks with his fishing rod, meaning he's got good range, but his inherent size makes him very slow. His theme song is Lazy Days from Sonic Adventure.


On a school trip to Iravia, Cream's classmates are captured by Eggman. She sets out to save them

Cream is a stealth-character who has basically no means of attack. However, she can use her ears to push enemies back with the wind and fly. Her theme song is Follow Me from Sonic Heroes.


Walking around Coldreach, Ice senses the Chaos Emerald present has been stolen. However, he is even more shocked to find a note about Eggman wanting to destroy his island. He ventures out to stop his island being melted.

Ice is the slowest of the speed-based characters, but has a lot of special abilities which make up for it, including freezing badniks and running through solid ice. His theme is Through The Fire from Sonic and the Black Knight.


main page:Sonic Guardians/Levels

There are 10 locations the characters visit over the game:

  • Sandstorm Desert(a desert with several ruins in it)
  • Iravia(a town with a sort of Italian style to it)
  • Angel Island
  • Egg Crater(Eggman's new base)
  • Deep Jungle(a mountainous jungle)
  • Space Colony ARK
  • Future's Fall(Silver's future under attack from robots)
  • Coldreach(a very cold island, home of Ice)
  • Blue Coast(a coastline with access to some sort of underwater complex underneath)
  • Crystal Caverns(a large cave network with glowing crystals)
  • The Last Battle

Excluding the Last Battle, each level has 3 stages to it, with the last sometimes being a boss fight. The levels are spaced out as follows:

Characters Sonic
 Shadow Amy Omega Knuckles Blaze Silver Tails Rouge Chaotix
Tutorial Angel Island (boss Knuckles the Echidna)
 N/A N/A Egg Crater (boss Metal Sonic) N/A N/A Future's Fall (boss Bishop) N/A N/A N/A
Act 1 Sandstorm Desert (boss Metal Sonic) Coldreach (boss Silver the Hedgehog) Angel Island Coldreach Angel Island Future's Fall (boss Bishop) Coldreach (boss Shadow the Hedgehog) Angel Island Deep Jungle (boss Egghunter) Sandstorm Desert (boss Metal Sonic)
Act 2 Iravia (boss Amy Rose) Crystal Caverns Iravia (boss Sonic the Hedgehog) Blue Coast Sandstorm Desert (boss Silver the Hedgehog) Egg Crater Sandstorm Desert (boss Knuckles the Echidna) Egg Crater(boss Egg Enforcer) Blue Coast Iravia (boss Egghunter)
Act 3 Crystal Caverns Future's Fall (boss X-0 New Omega) Coldreach Future's Fall (boss Bishop) Space Colony ARK (boss Blaze the Cat) Space Colony ARK (boss Knuckles the Echidna) Space Colony ARK Iravia Future's Fall (boss X-0 New Omega) Deep Jungle
Act 4 Future's Fall (boss Bishop) Angel Island Crystal Caverns Sandstorm Desert Future's Fall (Boss Bishop) Blue Coast Blue Coast Crystal Caverns (Boss Rouge the Bat) Crystal Caverns (Boss Miles "Tails" Power) Angel Island (boss Metal Sonic)
Act 5 Space Colony ARK Space Colony ARK(boss Metal Sonic) Blue Coast(boss Chaotix Detective Agency) Iravia Iravia Iravia Deep Jungle(boss Egghunter) Deep Jungle(boss Egghunter) Space Colony ARK Blue Coast (boss Amy Rose)
Act 6 Egg Crater(Boss Egg Enforcer) Egg Crater Space Colony ARK(boss Metal Sonic) Space Colony ARK (boss Chaotix Detective Agency) Deep Jungle Deep Jungle(boss Egghunter) Egg Crater Future's Fall(boss Bishop) Egg Crater Space Colony ARK (boss E-123 Omega)
Act 7 The Last Battle (Boss Cardinal)

Each level has an E-S ranking(S being best, E being worst). Levels also contain bonus Challenge Rings. They appear similar to normal rings, except they have the emblem of the character who picked them up in the centre. There are 3 hidden around the stage, 1 for completing the level and 1 for obtaining S rank. These can be used to unlock bonus challenge levels in the Hubs.


After being brought, the 4 bonus acts for the DLC characters unlock after 1 character's Act 2 is completed. They appear as follows:

Characters Big Cream Ice
Act 1 Blue Coast(boss Egghunter Nega) Iravia Coldreach
Act 2 Deep Jungle Sandstorm Desert (boss Ice) Sandstorm Desert (boss Cream the Rabbit)
Act 3 Crystal Caverns (boss Ice) Angel Island(boss Egghunter Nega) Crystal Caverns (boss Big the Cat)
Act 4 The Other Last Battle (Boss Enforcer Nega)

Hub Worlds

There is one hub world for each area. Every hub(except the Last Battle) has 2 floors. The ground floor allows access to the three main levels of the area. The top floor has about 1 door for each character who plays the stage where you can use your Challenge Rings to enter new challenges related to the mission, like having a time limit, not being able to use a certain attack or not being able to touch enemies.

The Last Battle has a slightly different hub. It has 1 floor with 11 challenge doors. Each of these has a secret ending for each of the characters, and a final secret ending for unlocking all challenge rings in the main game.

The DLC includes bonus challenge doors in each of the stages visited by the character. The hub for The Other Last Battle also has 4 doors for secret endings that work like the ones in The Last Battle, except with the DLC Challenge Rings.


The multiplayer mode has various modes for online and local multiplayer. They are all shown bellow:

Race Battle

Using the speed-type characters(Sonic, Shadow, Amy, Espio and Ice if his DLC is purchased) players race to reach the end Goal Ring first, using skill and each characters unique abilities to outrun enemies and knock them off the course.

The stages for Race Battle are Iravia(City), Space Colony ARK(Final Rush) and Crystal Caverns(Untouched Caverns).

Race Against the Machine

Using the speed type characters, players must avoid the attacks of a giant Egg Robot in a similar manner to the Interceptor in Sonic Unleashed. Players must survive by avoiding the robots attacks and throwing their enemies in it's path. The last man standing wins.

The stages are the same as Race Battle.


Using the fighter-type characters(Omega, Knuckles, Blaze, Vector and Big if his DLC is purchased), players start off with 100 Rings and no more Rings are placed on the battlefield. Players must then try to defeat the other players using each characters unique moveset.

The stages for Brawl are Egg Crater(Upper Level), Angel Island(Ruins Exterior) and Blue Coast(Bay).


Using the fighter type characters, players work together to survive as long as they can against an endless horde of Badniks with a Ring system similar to Brawl.

The stages are the same as Brawl.

Machine Takedown

Using the stealth-type characters(Silver, Tails, Rouge, Charmy and Cream if her DLC is purchased), players have to take out as many robots(and other players) as they can in 2 minutes. Taking down others wins you points, but being defeated by another player forces a penalty. The player with the highest number of points wins.

The stages for Machine Takedown are Future's Fall(Power Plant), Sandstorm Desert(Ruins) and Deep Jungle(Launch Site).

Hunter and Hunted

Using the stealth-type characters, players have to get from one end of the map to the other without being defeated by an invincible Egghunter. Each time a player gets to the other end of the map, they gain 10 points. The player with the most points at the end wins.

The stages are the same as Machine Takedown.


The game received mixed reviews on launch. The boost and beat-em-up gameplay styles were well liked and considered a step up from Sonic Forces and Sonic Unleashed respectively, and the amount of content wasn’t also praised. However, the game wasn’t criticised for a complicated story that didn’t go anywhere until the end and also the controversial ending. The stealth gameplay was also derided due to being slower than the other gameplay styles and the puzzles involved being far too simple.

The DLC was generally praised for it’s lighter, less complex plot and the interesting playstyles of it’s characters.


  • Various references are made to earlier Sonic games and Sonic related material.
    • The ruins in Sandstorm Desert feature glyphs of Solaris, Dark Gaia, Perfect Chaos, Sanic, Sticks the Badger and the Nocternus Clan.
    • All the levels on Space Colony ARK reference areas from Sonic Adventure 2, except they are a lot more damaged due to the events of that game and Shadow the Hedgehog.
    • Shadow's chase with Metal Sonic on the ARK is based on his last battle with Sonic in SA2
    • The levels in Future's Fall are named after stages from other games: Rooftop Run from Sonic Unleashed, Power Plant from Sonic Heroes and Lethal Highway from Shadow the hedgehog.
    • The Egg Fleet ships are based off the ones in Sonic Heroes.
    • When Chaotix recieve their mission to capture Metal Sonic, Espio states that he has "An odd sense of Deja Vu", referencing the Chaotix story in Sonic Heroes.
    • Metal Sonic's battle theme is a remix of What I'm Made Of from Sonic Heroes, except during his battle with Shadow on the ARK, when it's replaced by Shadow's battle theme from SA2.
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