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Sonic Generations 2 (ソニック ジェネレーションズ Sonikku Jenerēshonzu 2) is a 2021 platform video game developed by Sonic Team and published by SEGA. The game was made and released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Sonic The Hedgehog series.


Act 0 - The Prologue

Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic and the Avatar return to their friends immediately after the battle against Eggman to celebrate the end of the war. To interrupt him with great shock, Infinite arrives, dragging himself to the ground and flickering, who threatens him by saying that he will stop at nothing until they are destroyed. As the jackal catches his breath and suffers from his glitches, Tails surmises that he is suffering from the side effects of Eggman's experiments on the Phantom Ruby and disappearing from existence. With this, the Avatar leaves the group and approaches the dying enemy. Although Infinite orders him to go away, the Avatar embraces him and reassures him that it is normal to be afraid. After a long conversation between the two, made up of memories, Infinite reveals that it is not death that scares him: it is having lost that terrifies him. With that last sentence, the jackal dissolves.

Infinite, after talking to the Avatar, watch the group of heroes leave.

On a hill not far from the Resistance group, Infinite reappears still alive and whole, despite the fact that the Phantom Ruby is no longer attached to his chest. The jackal then heads to the edge of the relief he is in, thus seeing the group of heroes departing, and warns that he would return. He then prepares to leave, wanting to leave the Phantom Ruby there on the ground, but the magic stone in question emits a wave of energy, making Infinite disappear into thin air.

Act 1 - A Classic Return

Classic Sonic, on Angel Island, greets his friends who have prepared his birthday party.

Months after the event that happened to Infinite, but in the 90s, Classic Sonic, with Classic Tails, reached Angel Island aboard the Tornado due to a call from Classic Knuckles. Once inside the island's forest, the duo join their two friends, Classic Knuckles and Classic Amy, and it is revealed what the most urgent matter was: Classic Sonic's birthday. During the festivities, the group hears a strange distorted noise familiar to Classic Sonic, and when they turn in the direction it's coming from, a purple flash blinds them.

Act 2 - A Modern Return

In the present, on the occasion of his thirtieth birthday, Modern Sonic runs through the streets of the city, still undergoing renovation from the events of the war, to join all the others. Once he gets to them, he discovers that they have prepared a surprise birthday party for them. Modern Sonic declares himself happy and amazed that they managed to screw him again. During the festivities, Modern Sonic hears a familiar sound and numerous portals appear, sucking him and the others in. Not far from the scene, arriving late to the Modern Sonic party, the Avatar appears, launching himself into the portal of his own free will to reach the others.

Act 3 - The White World

After regaining consciousness, the trio of heroes find themselves in White Space, the realm where time and space end after being "erased". Modern, Classic and Avatar head straight to the first area, Green Hill, and save the two versions of Miles "Tails" Prower. Afterward, they head to the next Zones in search of the other friends. While the two Tails speculate that Eggman is back and is once again damaging time and space with Time Eater, the three heroes retrace Sonic's story, restoring time to normal and saving their friends, all while searching for the Supers Emerald, after discovering that Time Eater has become more resistant to normal Chaos Emeralds.

Act 4 - The Final Showdown

The flashback of Infinite, in which he says he witnessed the final battle of Sonic Generations.

After resetting all the worlds, battling every Boss / Rivals and collecting all the Chaos Emeralds and all the Super Emeralds, the trio discover that Eggman isn't the culprit of everything like last time: it's Infinite this time. Infinite reveals that, following the portal that sucked him in at the beginning of the game, he accidentally went back in time to the defeat of the two Eggmans in Sonic Generations. Wanting to take revenge, he tamed Time Eater and decided to attempt to undo his humiliation, wanting to repeat the same feat he had done in his first meeting with Modern Sonic: beat the hedgehog and accomplish what Eggman was unable to do in thirty years.

Although Infinite and Time Eater seem unstoppable and manage to defeat the two Sonics and the Avatar with disarming ease, the support of their friends allows them to get up and react: it ends up that the two Sonics, transformed into Super and then Hyper, face Time Eater and the Avatar fights Infinite. At the end of the battles, the enemies are finally defeated, but Infinite attempts to engage in a second round with the Avatar, although it eventually collapses to the ground. The Avatar begins to approach, but Phantom Ruby suddenly vibrates, causing a wave effect one last time and making everyone disappear.

Act 5 - The End

After the effect of the Phantom Ruby, the heroes and the rest of the group find themselves in the present and return to celebrate Modern Sonic's birthday, also making room for Classic Sonic. After the party, the Classics go back to the past while everyone says goodbye.

Act 6 - Post-Credit

A subsequent scene shows Modern Eggman arriving at the party venue with an army of Badniks, ready to give Modern Sonic his "birthday present". The situation ends with the hedgehog taunting the doctor that he never won without the help of others. Modern Eggman tries to retort but, after a long scene consisting of all of Eggman's Final Bosses from the entire series, admits that he should perhaps have graduated as a teacher, just as Classic Eggman had said at the end of Sonic Generations.


The overall gameplay is relatively unchanged from previous Sonic rumors - players race at high speed through levels filled with gimmicks, enemy robots, and other dangers on their way to the goal. Game progress is automatically saved at specific times, such as when a stage is completed. The game also incorporates a point system in the form of "Stage Scores" for each stage, which can be increased by collecting rings and items, attacking enemies, destroying obstacles and completing the level without dying. Once the goal is reached, the player is assigned a rank based on the points of the total score: an "S" rank is the best and a "C" is the worst. The higher the score, the more experience is rewarded. Collecting enough experience will reward the player by unlocking new Avatar outfits.

Sonic Generations 2 features four different play styles, with each stage of the game reserved for one of them. Two of these include those from Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic, respectively, as seen in Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces. Modern Sonic stages are based on three-dimensional movements like that of Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors, which feature transitions between dynamic 3D perspectives and slower 2.5D side-scrolling sections during a stage. For these stages, Modern Sonic has its own standard Spin Jump, Double Jump, Homing Attack, Slide, Quick Step, and Stomp manovre, along with reworked Air Boost and Boost that rely on the energy of the Boost Gauge (which can be refilled by picking up White Wisps and destroying enemies) to function. Sonic's classic levels meanwhile, focus on 2.5D side-scrolling levels reminiscent of the era of Sega Mega Drive games, except this time they feature a "twist". Classic Sonic also has maneuvers like the signature Spin Dash, Spin Jump and Spin Attack, as well as Sonic Mania's Drop Dash. During stages, Classic Sonic can also use upgrades from the item box.

The third and final style of play features the Avatar: its style is very similar to that of Modern Sonic, except that it uses a grappling hook as a means of hooking and attacking opponents. The Avatar also makes use of unique new gear called Wispons, each with an offensive function (basic attack) and an ability to cross the stage (special action). Depending on the Wispon equipped, Avatars can harness Colors Powers in new ways by collecting a matching Wisp in each stage; for example, if the Avatar is equipped with the Burst Wispon, he can activate the Red Burst abilities with a Red Wisp. Before a level, the player can choose different Wispons to customize the way the Avatar controls, thus allowing access to different parts of the levels. Like the costumes, players can unlock new Wispons as they progress. The new Wispons are also equipped with additional abilities that give the Avatar extra abilities during the game.



  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Modern
      • Super Sonic
      • Hyper Sonic
      • Sonic the Werehog (DLC)
    • Classic
      • Super Sonic
      • Hyper Sonic
      • Sonic the Werehog (DLC)
  • Avatar


  • Miles "Tails" Prower
    • Modern
    • Classic
  • Knuckles the Echidna
    • Modern
    • Classic
  • Amy Rose
    • Modern
    • Classic
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Vector the Crocodile
  • Espio the Chameleon
  • Charmy Bee
  • Blaze the Cat
  • E-123 Omega
  • Chip (DLC)


  • Omochao
  • Cheese
  • Chao
  • Animal's friend
  • Orange Wisp
  • Pink Wisp
  • Red Wisp
  • Cyan Wisp


  • Chao
  • Big The Cat
  • Tikal


  • Infinite


  • Moto Bug
  • Giant Moto Bug
  • Chopper
  • Giant Chopper
  • Crabmeat
  • Buzz Bomber
  • Buzzer
  • Giant Buzz Bomber
  • Spiny
  • Grabber
  • Eggrobo
  • Cop Speeder
  • Mono Beetle
  • Gun Beetle
  • Gun Hunter
  • Egg Pawn
  • Spinner
  • Thunder Spinner
  • Iblis Biter
  • Iblis Taker
  • Iblis Worm
  • Egg Fighter
  • Egg Launcher
  • Egg Launcher
  • Egg Launcher
  • Egg Chaser
  • Aero-Cannon
  • Sandworm
  • Buzzer

Boss & Rivals


  • Silver Sonic
  • Mighty & Ray
  • Metal Sonic
  • Mecha Sonic
  • The Chaotix (Classic)
    • Vector the Crocodile
    • Espio the Chameleon
    • Charmy Bee
  • The Hooligans
    • Nack the Weasel
    • Bean the Dynamite
    • Bark the Polar Bear
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • The Babylon Rogues
    • Jet the Hawk
    • Wave the Swallow
    • Storm the Albatross


  • Death Egg Robot
  • Big Arm
  • Hard Boiled Heavies
    • Heavy King
    • Heavy Gunner
    • Heavy Shinobi
    • Heavy Magician
    • Heavy Rider
  • Perfect Chaos
  • Biolizard
  • Egg Emperor
  • Diablon
  • Solaris
  • Dark Gaia
  • Nega-Mother Wisp
  • The Deadly Six
    • Zavok
    • Zazz
    • Zeena
    • Master Zik
    • Zomon
    • Zor

Final Boss

  • Time Eater
  • Infinite


The main game consists of 26 areas, which can be accessed from the world hub. Each area is divided into three levels, one for each playable character: Act 1 for Classic, Act 2 for Modern and Act 3 for Avatar. The phases, in their order, are:


Not Replayable

  • Angel Island ( Sonic the Hedgehog 3 )
  • Sunset Heights ( Sonic Forces )



  • Green Hill ( Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) )
  • Chemical Plant ( Sonic the Hedgehog 2 )
  • Desert Dodge ( SegaSonic the Hedgehog )
  • Stardust Speedway ( Sonic the Hedgehog CD )
  • Ice Cape ( Sonic the Hedgehog 3 )
  • Lava Reef ( Sonic & Knuckles )
  • Panic Puppet ( Sonic 3D Blast )
  • Speed ​​Highway ( Sonic Adventure )
  • City Escape ( Sonic Adventure 2 )
  • Casino Paradise ( Sonic Advance )
  • Techno Base ( Sonic Advance 2 )
  • Seaside Hill ( Sonic Heroes )
  • Cyber Track ( Sonic Advance 3 )
  • Water Palace ( Sonic Rush )
  • Crisis City ( Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) )
  • Sand Oasis ( Sonic and the Secret Rings )
  • Coral Cave ( Sonic Rush Adventure )
  • Rooftop Run ( Sonic Unleashed )
  • Dragon's Lair ( Sonic and the Black Knight )
  • Splash Hill ( Sonic the Hedgehog 4 )
  • Planet Wisp ( Sonic Colors )
  • Windy Hill ( Sonic Lost World )
  • Studiopolis ( Sonic Mania )
  • Luminous Forest ( Sonic Forces )

Boss & Rivals


  • Silver Sonic - Death Egg ( Sonic the Hedgehog 2 )
  • Mighty & Ray - Volcanic Vault ( SegaSonic the Hedgehog )
  • Metal Sonic - Stardust Speedway ( Sonic the Hedgehog CD )
  • Mecha Sonic - Sky Sanctuary ( Sonic & Knuckles )
  • The Chaotix (Classic) - Speed Slider ( Knuckles' Chaotix )
  • The Hooligans - Death Egg's Hangar ( Sonic the Fighters )
  • Shadow the Hedgehog - Final Rush ( Sonic Adventure 2 )
  • The Babylon Rouge - Babylon Guardian ( Sonic Riders )


  • Death Egg Robot - Death Egg ( Sonic the Hedgehog 2 )
  • Big Arm - Launch Base ( Sonic & Knuckles )
  • The Hard Boiled Heavies - Egg Reverie ( Sonic Mania )
  • Perfect Chaos - Station Square ( Sonic Adventure )
  • Biolizard - Cannon's Core ( Sonic Adventure 2 )
  • Egg Emperor - Final Fortress ( Sonic Heroes )
  • Diablon - Final Haunt ( Shadow the Hedgehog )
  • Solaris - End of the World ( Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) )
  • Dark Gaia - Eggmanland ( Sonic Unleashed )
  • Nega-Mother Wisp - Terminal Velocity ( Sonic Colors )
  • The Deadly Six - Lava Mountain ( Sonic Lost World )

Final Boss

  • Time Eater - Center of Time ( Sonic Generations )
  • Infinite - Center of Time ( Sonic Generations )


Scattered around the hub of the world are four gated doors with the logo / crest of a Sonic The Hedgehog game: Sonic R, Sonic Drift, Sonic The Fighters and Sonic Riders. Minigames are accessed via the gates in the area above each stadium entrance in the white space. Completing all the challenge acts of an area with a character will restore some color to the challenge area of ​​the act. Additionally, any act of defiance completed by the player will cause a bonus bell to appear above the gate of the act of defiance which, when played, will generate a stray musical note that unlocks a random music track or piece of concept art. Each of the ports will offer totally different gameplay from the main game.

"R" mode

The minigame is a racing game, in which the player impersonates the chosen character to complete three laps of the track and finish first at the half. Each track consists of multiple roads, which can function as shortcuts or stretches. There are five tracks, reminiscent of Classic Sonic levels seen from the perspective of Modern Sonic and the Avatar for the following mode:

  • Resort Island
  • Radical City
  • Regal Ruin
  • Reactive Factory
  • Radiant Emerald

"Drift" mode

Like a "R" mode, "Drift" is a racing game, but with vehicles. Here, players compete on a competition field against other characters for a top position in the competition. Each circuit consists of several race courses that the player crosses in succession.

Each race course consists of a circuit that must be completed three times. The playable characters have pretty simple controls, their basic actions are the acceleration to go forward, drift, break and move left or right on the tracks. In tight corners, the player can break while turning in a specific direction, allowing them to move into corners. If the player uses this method excessively, the playable character starts spinning out of control. If the player moves off the track, the driver's acceleration will decrease significantly on rough terrain. The edges of the track also have obstacles that will stop the player altogether if playable characters crash into them. The player can also collect rings along the racing tracks to perform special moves unique to each character. The tracks are:

Drift Green Hill Marble Spring Yard Labyrinth Star Light Scrap Brain
Drift 2 1st course 2nd course 3rd course 4th course 5th course 6th course
Purple Emerald Hill 1 Hill Top 1 Dark Valley 1 Casino Night Desert Road 1 Iron Ruin
White Desert Road 2 Rainy Savanna Ice Cap Hill Top 2 Mystic Cave Emerald Hill 2
Blue Dark Valley 2 Quake Cave Balloon Panic Emerald Ocean Milky Way Death Egg

"Fighters" mode

The minigame is a pseudo-3D fighting game. Two characters collide from a dynamic 2D view in a 3D arena, each using a variety of attacks and maneuvers to get the better of the opponent. The first player to zero the other's health bar wins the current round, and the first to win two (sometimes three) rounds wins the entire game. Rounds are also timed, and if both characters are still standing when the timer reaches zero, the player with the most health is chosen as the winner. This mode is unlocked after battling the Hooligans.

The game is controlled with the joystick and three buttons. The player can use the joystick to move forward or backward by pressing left or right, jump by pressing up and, depending on the character, Squat by pressing down. The arenas are:

  • South Island
  • Flying Carpet
  • Aurora Icefield
  • Mushroom Hill
  • Canyon Cruise
  • Casino Night
  • Dynamite Plant
  • Giant Wing
  • Death Egg's Eye

"Riders" mode

The minigame is played in its entirety using hover boards, which function largely like skateboards, and is unlocked after battling the Babylon Rouge. Players must compete with seven other competitors. Each individual character has different stats, which slightly alter their performance in races.

A key component of the game is the Air Tank, displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. The air serves as fuel for Extreme Gear and gradually runs out as the race progresses and with certain maneuvers. These include turns, allowing the player to easily round tight turns and build tension before a jump, which involves using Air to push the player higher off ramps. If a player runs out of Air, his character will start running, putting him at a number of disadvantages; they cannot power up, attack, bend easily, or use charged jumps. There is also the option to withdraw from the race if the player runs out of Air. After exiting the ramps, players can perform various aerial tricks, which fill the air bar based on their rating. The tracks are:

Riders Riders – Zero Gravity Free Riders
  • Metal City
  • Splash Canyon
  • Egg Factory
  • Green Cave
  • Sand Ruins
  • Night Chase
  • Red Canyon
  • Ice Factory
  • White Cave
  • Dark Desert
  • Babylon Garden
  • Sky Road
  • Digital Dimension
  • Sega Carnival
  • Sega Illusion
  • Dual Towers
  • Snow Valley
  • Space Theater
  • Megalo Station
  • Botanical Kingdom
  • Meteor Tech Premises
  • Aquatic Capital
  • Gigan Rocks
  • Crimson Crater
  • Astral Babylon
  • '80s Boulevard
  • Nightside Rush
  • Snowy Kingdom
  • MeteorTech Sparkworks
  • Tempest Waterway
  • Gigan Device
  • Security Corridor
  • Mobius Strip
  • '90s Boulevard
  • Dolphin Resort
  • Rocky Ridge
  • Frozen Forest
  • Metropolis Speedway
  • Magma Rift
  • Forgotten Tomb
  • Final Factory
  • Metal City


  • Rings
  • Red Star Rings
  • Item Boxes
    • 10 rings boxes
    • Invincible (Classic)
    • Shield
    • Flame Shield
    • Lightning Shield
    • Aqua Shield
    • Speed Sneakers
    • Extra Life
    • Skateboard (Classic)
    • Wisps (Sealed in Wisp Capsules)
  • Bomb
  • Chaos Emeralds
  • Media (Music, Art, and Videos)

Downloadable content


Icon Name Description Trophy
Platinum Hedgehog Collect all trophies. Platinum
Ruined Birthday... Again! Compleate Angel Island and Sunset Heights. Bronze
GREEN HILL Restored! Restore the GREEN HILL Stage Gate. Bronze
CHEMICAL PLANT Restored! Restore the CHEMICAL PLANT Stage Gate. Bronze
DESERT DODGE Restored! Restore the DESERT DODGE Stage Gate. Bronze
STARDUST SPEEDWAY Restored! Restore the STARDUST SPEEDWAY Stage Gate. Bronze
ICE CAPE Restored! Restore the ICE CAPE Stage Gate. Bronze
SKY SANCTUARY Restored! Restore the SKY SANCTUARY Stage Gate. Bronze
STUDIOPOLIS Restored! Restore the STUDIOPOLIS Stage Gate. Bronze
PANIC PUPPET Restored! Restore the PANIC PUPPET Stage Gate. Bronze
SPEED HIGHWAY Restored! Restore the SPEED HIGHWAY Stage Gate. Bronze
CITY ESCAPE Restored! Restore the CITY ESCAPE Stage Gate. Bronze
CASINO PARADISE Restored! Restore the CASINO PARADISE Stage Gate. Bronze
TECHNO BASE Restored! Restore the TECHNO BASE Stage Gate. Bronze
SEASIDE HILL Restored! Restore the SEASIDE HILL Stage Gate. Bronze
CYBER TRACK Restored! Restore the CYBER TRACK Stage Gate. Bronze
WATER PALACE Restored! Restore the WATER PALACE Stage Gate. Bronze
CRISIS CITY Restored! Restore the CRISIS CITY Stage Gate. Bronze
SAND OASIS Restored! Restore the SAND OASIS Stage Gate. Bronze
CORAL CAVE Restored! Restore the CORAL CAVE Stage Gate. Bronze
ROOFTOP RUN Restored! Restore the ROOFTOP RUN Stage Gate. Bronze
DRAGON LAIR Restored! Restore the DRAGONS LAIR Stage Gate. Bronze
SPLASH HILL Restored! Restore the SPLASH HILL Stage Gate. Bronze
PLANET WISP Restored! Restore the PLANET WISP Stage Gate. Bronze
WINDY HILL Restored! Restore the WINDY HILL Stage Gate. Bronze
LUMINUOUS FOREST Restored! Restore the LUMINUOUS FOREST Stage Gate. Bronze
Sunny Side Up Defeat Death Egg Robot. Bronze
Popeye Challenge Defeat Big Arms. Bronze
A Hard Mania Defeat the Hard Boiled Heavis. Bronze
Perfect Punisher Defeat Perfect Chaos. Bronze
Space Dinosaur Defeat Biolizard. Bronze
Boom Boom Emperor Defeat Egg Emperor. Bronze
The Devil of The GUN Defeat Diablon. Bronze
Can You Feel Sunshine? Defeat Solaris. Bronze
The Power of Night Defeat Dark Gaia. Bronze
Mother's Day Defeat Nega-Mother Wisp. Bronze
Deadly Over Defeat the Deadly Six. Bronze
Silver Got Served Defeat Silver Sonic. Bronze
Missing Since 1993 Defeat Migthy & Ray. Bronze
Scrap Metal Defeat Metal Sonic. Bronze
Mecha Kombat Defeat Mecha Sonic Bronze
Looking For New Detectives Defeat the Chaotix. Bronze
Ho-o-ly Mercenaries Defeat the Hooligans. Bronze
Shadow Boxing Defeat Shadow. Bronze
Babylonian Birds Defeat the Team Babylon Rouge. Bronze
The Super Treasure Hunter Collect all the Chaos Emerald and becomes Super. Silver
The Super Hyper Treasure Hunter Collect all the Super Emerald and becomes Hyper. Gold
Endless Possibilities Defeat Infinite and Time Eater. Gold
The Five R Run in all the tracks of the "R" mode. Gold
Dusting Off The Driving License In “Drift” mode, win a grand prix by always finishing first. Gold
Untouchable Win an encounter in "Fighters" mode without taking damage. Gold
Game Gear? I prefer the Extreme Perform all kinds of stunts in "Riders" mode. Gold
The Power of Colors Harness the power of each Wisp. Bronze
We Were So Armed Obtain all Wispons. Silver
Fashionable Hero Obtain every avatar item of clothing. Silver
Reach For The… Red Star Rings Collect all Red Star Rings. Silver
Big Bang Get Rank S in all Acts. Gold


Promotional Images

Box Art



In general

  • The game marks the 3D or 3D Next-Gen appearance of many characters in the series.
    • Come to 3D: Silver Sonic ( Sonic The Hedgehog 2 ), Mighty & Ray ( SegaSonic the Hedgehog ), Mecha Sonic ( Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckleas ), The Chaorix [Classic] ( Knuckles' Chaotix ) and The Hard Boiled Heavies ( Sonic Mania ).
    • Come to 3D Next-Gen: Big Arm ( Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckleas ), The Hooligans ( Sonic The Fighters ), Biolizard ( Sonic Adventure 2 ), Egg Emperor ( Sonic Heroes ), Diablon ( Shadow the Hedgehog ), Nega-Mother Wisp ( Sonic Colors ) and The Babylon Rouge ( Sonic Riders ).
  • The game marks the return of the Super Emeralds.
  • The credits are like Sonic Generations: a musical medley composed of the music of the game levels that ends with "Happy birthday, Sonic!".


  • Act 0 - The Prologue
    • Is based on Guardian-Flame's Fan Comic "Fear and Facade".
  • Act 1 - A Classic Return
    • Classic Sonic's arrival at Angel Island is pretty much the same as Sonic The Hedgehog 3, Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic Mania.
  • Act 2 - A Modern Return
    • The fact that Modern Sonic is impressed that he hasn't discovered the birthday party again is a reference to Sonic Generations.

Boss & Rivals


  • Mighty & Ray
    • The introduction to the battle is the same as SegaSonic the Hedgehog intro.
    • Their battle is based on SegaSonic the Hedgehog gameplay.
  • Metal Sonic
    • The battle is based on classic Sonic CD's full speed run.

  • The Chaotix
    • Their battle is based on Knuckles' Chaotixs gameplay.
    • They are the only rivals of a spin-off game.


  • Diablon
    • In Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic joined the robot in the battle against Shadow. Ironically, now Sonic will have to face him.
    • He is the only boss of a spin-off game.
  • Dark Gaia
    • The battle stage is completely different from the game it came from.
    • Chip's Gaia Colossus can be seen in the background of the stage.
  • Nega-Mother Wisp
    • Since after her defeat she goes back to being just Mother Wisp, she is the only boss who becomes friendly.
    • The battle stage is completely different from the game it came from.


  • The trophy names are various references to the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise:
    • Ruined Birthday... Again!
      • Refers to intro of Sonic Generations.
    • A Hard Mania
      • The word "Mania" refers to the game of origin, namely Sonic Mania.
    • Space Dinosaur
      • Although the battle is not the same as in Sonic Adventure 2, "Space" means the place where the battle against Biolizard took place at the end of the aforementioned game.
    • Can You Feel Sunshine?
      • The phrase is the same as the title of the song by Sonic R.
    • The Power of Night
      • It refers to the slogan of Sonic Unleashed, although the part "The Speed ​​of Light" is missing.
    • Missing Since 1993
      • With the date he mentions the first appearance of Mighty and Ray in SegaSonic the Hedgehog, while the rest refers to the Sonic Generations "Missing" poster.
    • Endless Possibilities
      • Is the title of the main theme of Sonic Unleashed.
    • Game Gear? I prefer the Extreme
      • It implies the Game Gear, SEGA console, and the Extreme Gear, the hoover boards of Sonic Riders.
    • The Power of Colors
      • It refers to the slogan of Sonic Colours.
    • Reach For The… Red Star Rings
      • Is a parody of Sonic Colors' main theme music, "Reach For The Star".