Sonic Forever is a 2012 platforming game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It recieved good reviews possibly due to the return of Sonic's 2D platforming roots.
Sonic Forever
E10+ (ESRB): Cartoon Violence
Release date(s)
(NA)November 1st, 2012


(JP)October 2nd,2012

Xbox 360



Wii U



Precceeded by
Sonic Racing: X-treme! (spin-off)

Sonic Adventure 3: Rebirth (truly)
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After a fierce battle on the Death Egg Mk.III, Dr. Eggman tries to find out how his machines always fail. He calls two of his best creations, Heavy and Bomb, to help him. Heavy modifies Eggman's newest machines to have better fighting and speed abilites, while Bomb works on upgraded Badniks. Eggman, Heavy, and Bomb finish off with the Egg Ultra-attacker ZX, an invention so powerful it can destroy Sonic! Aftrer they complete that, they make 4 new Sonic robots. They are Steel Sonic, Iron Sonic, Death Sonic, and Destroyer Sonic. Eggman sends the 4 robots out to find all the Chaos Emeralds, along with Mecha Sonic and Sliver Sonic. Meanwhile in Grassy Grove Zone, Sonic is relaxing under a tree when Steel Sonic comes in to attack him. Steel Sonic gets away before Sonic can finish him off. Sonic rushes into Grassy Grove Zone to find him. The screen then turns to behind Sliver Sonic and Mecha Sonic.


  • Sonic the Hedgehog- After dueling Eggman's new Sonic robot, Sonic plans to finally destroy Eggman. He has to blast past fast to get the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman's new Sonic robots do.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower- When Tails hears about Eggman's new robots, he joins Sonic in battle against Eggman again. Tails starts up the Tornado 3X to head to Grassy Grove Zone.
  • Knuckles the Echidna- Knuckles encounters Iron Sonic on Angel Island, where Iron Sonic steals the cyan Chaos Emerald. He flies after him to Danger Desert Zone.
  • Steel Sonic- One of the newest robot copies of Sonic, Steel Sonic is a bit faster then Sonic and can fly with his rocket shoes. He is fought in Grassy Grove Zone.
  • Iron Sonic- Created after Steel Sonic, Iron Sonic is faster then Steel Sonic, but can't fly. He is fought in Danger Desert Zone.
  • Death Sonic- Eggman's most deadly robot besides Mecha Sonic is faster then Iron Sonic, and can fly and shoot lasers out of his eyes. He's fought in Indigo Ilusion Zone.
  • Destroyer Sonic- Destroyer Sonic is faster then Death Sonic, but can't shoot lasers. He's fought in Heroic Highway Zone.


The gameplay is simillar to Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode IIII and Sonic Colors DS. All characters have one of a kind abilites. Sonic has Boost, Tails has Fly, and Knuckles has Knuckle Punch. The boss fights are fought in a Genesis like style (excluding Sliver Sonic and Destroyer Sonic).


Grassy Grove Zone

A tropical area with palm trees and bushes, along with a peaceful coastline. It's like a combination of Green Hill Zone and Emerald Coast. Seagulls can be spotted on the coastline. The boss for this zone is Steel Sonic.

Danger Desert Zone

This sweltering hot desert is home to oil mines and mine shafts. Tumbleweeds and cactuses can be seen by rushing by. The boss for this zone is Iron Sonic.

Indigo Ilusion Zone

An indigo casino at night is so peaceful. Try your hand at the slot machines to get extra lives, rings, and even a Chaos Emerald! The boss for this zone is Death Sonic.

Heroic Highway Zone

This highway is filled with cars and busy traffic, so watch where you rush! Hidden routes are the main attraction here. The boss of this zone is the last of the new Sonic robots, Destroyer Sonic.

Amusement Antics Zone

In this amusement park, there are so many rides, yet so little time. The main attraction is the Ghostly Ride, a ride with a Chaos Emerald on it's front car. The boss of this zone is Sliver Sonic.

Aerial Assault Zone

On Eggman's new fortress, you must rush to find Mecha Sonic in the sky. Storms brew sometimes here, so watch out! The boss of this zone is Mecha Sonic.

Death Descend Zone

As you are almost victorius, you must crush Eggman once and for all. The final boss is the Ultra Egg-ultimateattacker ZXX.

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