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The fan game project is yet to be in development.

Sonic Forces Online (formerly known by the working title Sonic MMORPG and Sonic World) is one of the many fan game projects by EN?GMA which have not started development yet. The game is a midqual to Sonic Forces, taking place during the six month absence of Sonic. The game will allow players to design their own character and explore various "zones" of Sonic's world, from the classics to the modern, all in 3D environments.


The story adapts to the original Sonic Forces story. Dr. Eggman has captured Sonic and has conquered half of the world. It takes place during Sonic's six-month absence and the Eggman Empire has conquered half of the world.

You start your adventures as a Mobian at Green Hill. The zone is regarded as the perfect paradise for chao. You can do missions and explore the rest of South Island visiting zones from both 16-bit and 8-bit versions of the game Sonic the Hedgehog.


Main article: Sonic Avatar

Players can create their own Sonic characters (which are addressed as "Mobians" as a race, not because of planet Mobius as the game takes place on Earth) and take the role of playable characters in the game. Sonic Avatar, a separate program for making fan characters, will be required to make the characters you can play as. The avatar system may be additionally part of Sonic Forces Online.

Sonic Avatar's Class system (Speed, Power and Fly) are important for Sonic World gameplay and character development, such as what abilities the character can learn and use from chao. For example, if the chao have abilities that would benefit both a Speed and Fly Mobian as well as a point increase on some skills, but partnered with a Power character, then the mobian will at least have the additional skill points but cannot use any of the abilities. If that chao was partnered with a Speed character then that mobian will still get the additional points as well as be able to perform the Speed type ability that chao has, but cannot do the Fly ability.


Campaigns are a series of primary quests that tell the story throughout the game from four different factions that the player can choose from. Depending on which campaign you choose may alter gameplay or recieved theme equipment. For example choosing to play with Team SONIC or Team DARK will replace all the enemies in the stage with Badniks while choosing Team EGG or Team SNIPER will replace the enemies with G.U.N. robots. Given the factions being at war with one another, while players of both factions can communicate with one another, they're both regarded as hostile.


Sonic Team.png Founded by Team Sonic and predecessor to the Resistance, Due to Sonics absent it is currently lead by Knuckles and Amy. Tails who is also absent will occasionally help with the cause.

Eggman Empire

Eggman Empire.png Dr. Eggman is the leader along with Infinite in command of his forces. The Empire consist of robots and mercenaries.


The gameplay hasn't been decided yet, however controls similar to Dreamcast Era gameplay is in favour over the Modern Era gameplay. This is because such a rounded gameplay would make it flexible for all the classes. However it doesn't mean modern like gameplay isn't possible since various abilities can develop the character to such controls.

Leveling and Skills

By doing missions, you gain Experiance Points which allows you to level up. While the game does not have various stats for speed and stretch to increase, higher levels means more Skills will be available in the Skill Shop and more Skill Points to equip Skills with. These Skills vary with simple abilities such as spin jump and spin dash to more powerful abilities such as various chaos powers.

Action Gauge

The Action Gauge is utilized like a Magic points system in which most abilities require a sum of energy for to be use. The Action Gauge can be replenished by collecting rings or using items and can expanded by special equipment and most importantly your chao partner. The higher level the chao the more stronger you will become.


Main article: Chao in Sonic World

You can raise chao at various Chao Gardens. Through chao raising you can unlock unique skills unavailable in the Skill Shop.


Missions are various objectives that are assigned to you by various NPCs. Primary missions are given to you by the leader of your faction which guides you through a unique story line. There are also side missions for you to do by talking to NPCs with mission markers over their heads.

These missions reward you with various equipment like clothes, weapons and accessories. Missions may also rate your performance which will vary reward of rings and Hero/Dark points which you will earn depending how you succeed or fail the missions. They will give you access to specific items as well as affect the chao that you raise.

Free to Play

The game is planned to be free to play, with the encouragement of community driven servers. Server Packs are planned for community to expand the game.


While the game Sonic Forces is the primary premise of the game, the gameplay itself is inspired by such games as the Sonic Adventure series for a more adaptive gameplay suitable for characters outside of Team Sonic and for Phantasy Star Online series for it's set up as an MMOG.

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