*Originally called Sonic Forces: Reawakening*
"Retold. By You!"
Sonic Forces: Retold is a 3rd person free-roaming, adventure video game, developed by Quantic Dream, who were most notable for the successful 2018 title, Detroit: Become Human,[4] and was published by SEGA of America and Sony Computer Entertainment. The game is a rewritten story of the original 2017 game by SEGA/Sonic Team as Sonic forces.[5] The game features a different style of game-play, which focuses on a free-roaming environment style. The game features modified game mechanics as well as some features from Detroit: Become Human. The game will be built with Unreal Engine 4.


Eggman has taken over the world by storm. With his newly discovered power, The Phantom Ruby, Eggman is able to produce millions upon millions of significant copies of his creations. However, he has to deal with the legendary hero, Sonic. Sonic is there to save the day again. That changes drastically, Sonic is under the illusion of the Phantom Ruby. With this power, Sonic is unable to get his sane back. After being captured and tortured for six months, a Resistance has teamed up to defeat the Doctor and take back Sonic and peace to their world.


Beginning development in August 2019 after the release of Team Sonic Racing, Sonic Forces: Retold, along with other names, one being named as "Sonic Forces: Reawakening." SEGA wanted to change the gameplay style to fit with the 2019 reveal trailer tagline" By You!" SEGA thought of this tagline and immediately had an interest in the new gameplay style. SEGA reached out to Quantic Dream after seeing the gameplay of Detroit: Become Human. Quantic Dream created character references whilst SEGA created a wishlist for cast members. SEGA wanted at least 5 playable characters or more, Quantic decided to choose the 11 characters that were pitched in, Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Silver, Shadow, Classic Sonic, Tails, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Rouge.

David Cage, the previous director of Quantic Dream's; Detroit: Become Human, wrote the story with help of Jeff Fowler (director of the Sonic Film) with help from, Kiyoko Yoshimura.

Writer and Director, Jeff Fowler, pitched the idea to make the retelling of the story towards a mature audience, which includes coarse language, death animations, blood and etc. SEGA was very hesitant about the decision but decided to try this new audience approach.

On the 4th of May 2019, SEGA shared new details about a project they were working on;

"We are excited to release new details about our next upcoming project. It features a new feature in the Sonic Series; Motion Controls (with traditional controls), as well as a new cast. We will reveal more along the way!" ~ SEGA 2019

Fans saw this and reacted highly negative towards SEGA. This went widespread over Twitter making SEGA delete the quoted tweet.

After this news was released, SEGA released a teaser image on the 11th of April 2019 revealing the silhouettes of the new cast alongside their corresponding character. SEGA then said;

"We will reveal each new cast member on the 11th of every month, before the reveal trailer."


Unlike the original title, Sonic Forces: Retold features a game-play similar to the original but includes some differences prior to the original game. Quick-Time Events are a previous mechanic which are included in the game but are the same style as Detroit: Become Human's QTE mechanic.

Like Sonic Forces, players take control of Sonic, Classic Sonic and the Character they have created. Shadow is unlockable via a DLC in the original. In this version of the game, players will take control of the entire Resistance team, including Knuckles (the leader), Amy, Silver, Tails, Shadow, and more characters.

Unfortunately, the character that the player has created in the original game is not returning in this game. Players will have the chance to play all characters in the game, players will play the characters to expand on the story. Most characters are split up from the group, as in the original, however, most players found some sections of the game slow. Some of these sections require the player to find a certain area to advance through the game.

Motion controls were also added towards the mechanics to the game. This mechanic can be only accessed when a character is holding an object/Secret.


Here is a list of characters the player can play as.

Character Playable? Chapters seen in
Knuckles Yes, Unless Killed 1-4, 6-10
Shadow Yes, Unless Killed 1-5, 7-10
Amy Yes, Unless Killed 1-6, 7-10
Sonic Yes, Unless Killed Prologue, 5-8, 9-10
Tails Yes, Unless Killed Prologue, 1-5, 8-10
Silver Yes, Unless Killed 2-7, 8-10
Espio Yes, Unless Killed 4-6, 7-10
Vector Yes, Unless Killed 4-6 7-10

When the character is asked a question or needs to respond to dialogue, players are given a dialogue choice prompt, the buttons on the screen are the buttons on the controller which will appear beside the character the player is controlling. Depending on the situation a character is in, players will see a timer below the choice, if the timer runs out, the character won't respond.


These are the controls for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

PlayStation 4

Action Button/Control
Choice 1, QTE
X- Button
Choice 2, QTE
Square Button
Choice 3, QTE
Choice 4, QTE
Interact with an object,

Move Head of Character

Move Character
Pause Menu,

Pathway viewer.

Mission Screen
PS4 R1 Ico 128x

Xbox One

Action Button/Control
Choice 1, QTE
Choice 2, QTE
Choice 3, QTE
Choice 4, QTE
Interact with an object,

Move head of character

Move Character
Pause Menu,

Pathway viewer

Mission Screen

PC controls are the same but are recommended with a controller, will work with both PS4 and Xbox controllers.


The Cast was revealed on SEGA's Twitter on the 11th of April. The cast replaced the current actors for Sega's latest title; Team Sonic Racing, except for Bryce Papenbrook, Mike Pollock, Colleen O'Shaughnessey and Keith Silverstein.

NOTE: The Characters are depicted as 18 Years of age or older.

Voice Actor Name Character
Brett Dalton Knuckles the Echidna
Shawn Ashmore Sonic the Hedgehog
Jeannie Tirado Miles "Tails" Prower
Arielle Palik Amy Rose
Alesia Glidewell Rouge the Bat
Matthew Mercer Shadow the Hedgehog
Jensen Ackles Espio the Chameleon
Mike Pollock Dr Eggman
Bryce Papenbrook Silver the Hedgehog
Keith Silverstein Vector the Crocodile
Colleen O'Shaughnessey Charmy Bee, Additional Voices

Some of the character movements were motioned captured by the cast themselves.


This is a list of Trophies that can be unlocked during the game. The trophy names are disguised as references towards the game.

Name Description Trophy Type
The Story ends here! Collect all Trophies (Gold, Silver and Bronze) Platinum
Phanom Cases The group found all 50 secrets Gold
It's not Real You finished the game with everybody surviving Gold
Boom! The END! You finished the game with nobody surviving Gold
What you see is what you get! All the males survived Gold
Like what you see?! All the females survived Gold
Last of his kind Knuckles is the Sole Survivor Gold
I think we can go through here... Sonic and Shadow escape Eggman's lab safely Silver
Tails' has just lost it! Tails' escapes his nightmare Silver
I am all of me! Shadow escapes his nightmare Silver
Gotta go fast! Complete 10 Quick Time Events successfully Silver
Yeah, Time to go Knuckles and Sonic blow-up Metropolis Silver
We ran out of time Sonic and Shadow plant the bomb but don't escape before the bomb explodes Silver
Green Hell Sonic manages to travel through Green Hill Silver
Take it, and GO! Amy and Shadow find all remnants of Sonic when he "died" Silver
Silver Lining Complete all QTE's when playing as Silver in Chapter 4 Silver
Cool it, Ames Sonic and Amy's relationship peaked Bronze
Magical Emerald Holder Knuckles and Amy's relationship peaked Bronze
I'll always remain by your side Shadow and Rouge's relationship peaked Bronze
Brothers Forever Sonic and Tails relationship peaked Bronze
Detectives? Either Espio or Vector survives in Chapter 4 (if Silver escapes) Bronze
& Chuckles... Unlock Knuckles' Charming trait. Bronze
I thought I had you this time! Unlock Amy's Sweet trait Bronze
Just... Don't die! Unlock Shadow's Caring trait Bronze
Whatever, I got better things to do Unlock Sonic's Cocky trait Bronze
I'm a realist? Unlock Silver's Sarcastic trait Bronze
Everything is under control Unlock Tails' Brave trait Bronze
Beware My Ninja Power! Unlock Espio's Fierce trait Bronze
Shut it, Vector! Unlock Vector's Quiet trait (unlocks when nothing is chosen during Chapter 4) Bronze
Back with the Classics Complete the Classic Sonic flashback during Chapter 6 Bronze

Voice Cast Promotional material

A bunch of promotional material involving the newly revealed cast were released every 11th of every month after revealing the 2019 reveal trailer, representing the 11 Voice Actors. Before each character was revealed, a silhouette version of the cast was shown by SEGA. On the 11th of each month before the game's title was revealed, the silhouette version of said actors/actresses were replaced by the image, revealing the actor/actress.

  1. 11 May 2019 - Brett Dalton as Knuckles
  2. 11 June 2019 - Arielle Plaik as Amy Rose
  3. 11 July 2019 - Jeannie Tirado as Tails
  4. 11 August 2019 - Alesia Glidewell as Rouge
  5. 11 September 2019 - Matthew Mercer as Shadow
  6. 11 October 2019 - Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Charmy
  7. 11 November 2019 - Mike Pollock as Dr Eggman
  8. 11 December 2019 - Keith Silverstein as Vector
  9. 11 January 2020 - Jensen Ackles as Espio
  10. 11 February 2020 - Bryce Papenbrook as Silver
  11. 11 March 2020 - Shawn Ashmore as Sonic.


There are Two Editions that players can choose and purchase from SEGA's Website.

Standard Edition

Includes either a PC, PS4 and Xbox One version of the game. Players can choose which console they play on.

Collector's Edition

  • Includes either a PC, PS4 and Xbox One version of the game in which players can choose from.
  • A Knuckles the Echidna Figurine
  • A code to download a digital version of the soundtrack
  • A code to download a theme/PC Wallpaper*
  • A Master Emerald Pin and a Phantom Ruby pin
  • Collector's Box

*PC Wallpaper can be downloaded from Steam when code is activated. Same with the PS4 version. Xbox One theme not available unless customized.


  1. Charmy is the only character who is not playable in the game.
  2. Knuckles was the first character to be revealed with a new voice actor; Brett Dalton.
  3. Metal Sonic was the first villain to be revealed.
  4. Shawn Ashmore was the voice over in the 2019 reveal trailer.
  5. Charmy is only seen in Chapter 1 and is never seen again until the after-credits scene is shown.
  6. The total amount of Gigabytes the games was originally was going to be at least 2.5 GB for both XBOX1 and PS4 but SEGA wanted the game to be a reasonable amount of Gigabytes for the game to run on all consoles.
  7. The game's length is 9 hours long. The longest Sonic game, SEGA has published.
  8. The game was never planned to be released on PC.
  9. Colleen O'Shaughnessey voiced Charmy Bee but since her role was so short she also did some additional voices including survivors from the war.
  10. Sonic was not playable in the game in early development. He was originally going to die and there was nothing the player could do to save him. However, the developers changed the idea and made Sonic playable.
  11. Knuckles is the first playable character in the game.
  12. The cast has changed entirely and will have this new cast in future Sonic games except for Mike Pollock, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, Bryce Papenbook, Keith Silverstein, after Team Sonic Racing. However, Espio's current Voice Actor Matthew Mercer was replaced by Jensen Ackles and was swapped over to Shadow, replacing Kirk Thornton.
  13. This is the last Sonic game on 8th Generation consoles to be published by SEGA.


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