Hey guys! Skyblade here!

So, Sonic Forces is out and is going to be the point where the Skyblade Continuity diverges from the main lore. So, i'm going to write a fanfiction covering the minor characters and the Skyblade Continuity characters over the six months between Sonic's defeat and the rest of the game.

Also, this may contain spoilers for A Different Kind of Normal (although is chronologically before it), and will obviously have spoilers for Sonic Forces and Episode Shadow. Oh, and the custom character is called Kai for continuity reasons.

Tails. 10 seconds after Sonic's defeat.

The moment he fell, I knew everything had changed.

I cried out his name, dropping the pad in disbelief. Time seemed to stop. The sound of the fire and the screaming people faded away. The impossible had happened. Sonic had lost.

The new arrival, the guy with the gemstone on his chest, floated down next to Sonic.

"How adorable," He said, looking down at Sonic's splayed body "This is your savior? The one who saved the Earth from Space Colony ARK? From Perfect Chaos? From the Eggman Empire? Did you expect him to win?"

Then he looked straight at me, his one eye connecting with both of mine. He began to walk over, slowly. I knew I should face him, fight for Sonic's sake. But I couldn't: If Sonic had fallen, I didn't stand a chance. All I could do was cower in fear.

"I do not recognize you," he said to me. "Yet you clearly are intelligent. That tablet...did you make it yourself?"

"," I stuttered. He let out a savage laugh.

"Poor you. So young to see the horrors of the world. But now you've tempted fate."

Then he teleported right in front of me, lifting me up into the air with one of his hands round my neck.

"Tell do you want to die?"

"HELP! ANYONE!" I screamed "CHAOS! SHADOW! PLEASE! You're the good guys, aren't you? Aren't you?"

Shadow and Chaos looked completely indifferent. The man who was holding me laughed even harder

"Oh, this is brilliant," He said "I was wrong. You're too young to die. But with youth comes fear. Fear that you are yet to learn, and when it comes it seems so much more terrifying. I can teach you this fear. I adore fear. Fear is my life force. I breathe it. What do you breathe?"

Suddenly, my lungs filled with water. I couldn't breathe. I knew he was doing something, but I couldn't focus my thoughts and work out what it was. All I could do was choke.

"Infinite," Eggman said "We don't have time for this. Silver and Knuckles will be here soon, and they are both formidable forces on their own."

"Fine," Infinite said, dropping me as I gasped to get the air back in my lungs. "Zavok, you take this."

Infinite floated towards Eggman. Chaos formed a watery bubble around the unconscious Sonic and floated after Infinite. Shadow and Metal Sonic raced off in opposite directions directions. Zavok walked towards me.

I couldn't fight Zavok. I couldn't save Sonic. All I could do is fly.

I spun my tails as fast as I could, floating off into the air. Zavok broke into a run trying to catch up with me, but I was faster and was at least 2 feet in the air. I flew down the road, as fast as I could, Zavok on my heels desperately trying to catch up. At the end of the street, I flew up to the roof of a burning building to catch my breath:it didn't help that I had to do this right after Infinite nearly choked me. How did he do that anyw...

The floor I was on crumbled beneath me and I felt Zavok's massive hand grab me from underneath, dragging me down to the ground. I hit my head on something and was overcome by a wave of nausea.

"Let's put you back in the roboticizor, little fox." Zavok said, throwing me into the wall. I crumpled to the floor, on the verge of blacking out. All I could hear was Zavok's roar as my vision went black.


Sonic Forces: Kingdom Come/Part 1(Chapters 2+)


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