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=== Prologue: Fire ===
=== Prologue: Fire ===
''It has been exactly one month to the day since Eggman's armies attacked. The gallant hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, went to defeat him as he always has, but hasn't been seen since their encounter. Morale is starting to crumble as the days wear on. Where is our gallant hero now? Can the Resistance, broken as it is, band together to save the world they love?''
''In Section Four, Quadrant Three...''
A female blue hedgehog paced back and forth, her long blue braid sweeping behind her, brushing the air. Her hand was nestled under her chin, her piercing blue eyes scanning the readings on the monitors above her. As she paced, she mumbled to herself. Nothing made sense anymore, ever since Dr. Eggman had declared war on Mobius itself. She growled, slamming her robotic fist on a control panel. "They should've been back by now! I'm digging a hole into this floor worrying about them. I'll try contacting them again, if Eggman hasn't shut down my communication module..."
Above ground, Vane's orange eyes glistened in the darkness as she held her left dominant hand to one of her katana.
She stepped into the light, the wind pressing her black tank-top and blue jeans against her. "It's so sad what's happened to this place..." She mourned, looking at the used-to-be city for survivors.
"Reens to Sector A, Reens to Sector A, do you copy me?" Reens paused in her pacing as she listened. "Reens to Sector A, Reens to Sector A, do you copy?"
"Scarlet in Sector A, here and alive. This carnage... it's just unbelievable..." you could just hear the sadness in her words, on the verge of tears. "My own parents were killed. The school... it was just a massacre."
Reens huffed. "I know there's been destruction here, but this is no time to mourn. Have you found any survivors yet?"
Vane turned her head, hearing what sounded like radio static. "What the....? Whatever." She decided against following any uncertain leads.
Scarlet huffed, knowing that the blue hedgehog was right. "A village nearby was also attacked, and I only managed to find one survivor with brutal wounds. She says her name is Terra, and she's right behind me, actually."
"Good job, Scarlet. Rendezvous back at the base. I'll be standing by with medical supplies. See if you can contact anyone else from your sector. Sector B and C's airwaves are scrambled and I can't get a good reading," Reens replied. "Reens out." She turned off her microphone and searched for her medical supplies, which were running low.
Vane broke the lock off a large crate with her gleaming blade, opening it to find... nothing of value. "Sector C to home base, do you read me?" All she heard was static. "Oh, Sewer grate!" She shouted, kicking over the crate and spilling the contents across the room. "What's this?" Vane grabbed a Twinkie from the mess and started unwrapping it.
Reens' ears perked up as she ran back to the control panel and switched her microphone back on. "Sector C, I read you loud and clear now! Come in, Sector C! Have you found anything?"
"Sorry home base, this mission's a bust." Vane said between bites of her snack. "Nothing here but some junk food, haven't seen this stuff in a while."
"Drat. Return to home base as soon as you're able. We'll be having an injured person on base, so if you have any medical supplies left we'll need them." She paused, mumbling to herself. ''I'd heal them myself, but my energy's been having fluctuations lately and it's become unstable.'' "Oh, and if there's any Zingers or something, bring me one back, 'kay? Reens out." Reens left the microphone on just in case as she pulled out her first aid kit. Her chest lurched in pain, and she reached out one hand to steady herself. "Steady, Reens... Steady..."
Angel walks into the room Reens is in, her left arm in a sling. "You ok?" She asked.
Reens stiffened, turning around with the biggest smile she could muster. "Ah, yeah, I'm fine. How's your arm doing?" Her face was flushed, embarrassed.
"Fine as in fine or fine as in fine for a war against a tyrant?" Angel asked. "My arm's improving, thanks for asking, but it's still got a long way to go."
"..." Reens had no way of responding to Angel's comment. She wanted to stay strong for her team. She wanted each sector to stay safe and sound and to find survivors. She didn't want them to see her break down into a pile of tears. She didn't want them to see her in pain. She wasn't the commander of her part of the Resistance; she was just a coordinator. No one should worry about her. "I'm glad it's improving. Do you have any extra bandages?"
"Yeah, we have a few," Angel replied. "The others found some in one of the attacks on Arsenal Pyramid ... lord knows why Eggman needs them. Do you need any help with the coordinator thing?"
"Nah, I'm good. Sectors A and C should be getting back any minute now. I am a little concerned about the commander, though. He hasn't checked in with me and I'm afraid he may have gotten captured." Reens took the bandages and carefully laid them out. Her chest lurched again, and she grit her teeth. ''Damn it, not right now...''
"Can you track his communicator or something?" Angel asked. ''If only we had Carl on board.''
Reens cocked her head. "I could try." She plopped in her seat and started typing furiously, then pressed a button. "Home Base to Leader, Home Base to Leader, this is Reens speaking. Do you copy me? Home Base to Leader, Home Base to Leader, this is Reens speaking, over?" She looked up at the monitor, trying to find a signal.
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