Sonic Forces: Fallen World

Prologue: Fire

Eggman had been quiet after his last defeat, and we were getting soft. Initially, we had limited intel on his whereabouts and dealings, including a device he had created known as the "Phantom Ruby". Eventually, the renowned hero Sonic the Hedgehog took Eggman head-on and was defeated by the hands of Shadow, Metal Sonic, Zavok, Chaos, and a mysterious figure called "Infinite". After his defeat, Eggman felt confident enough to take over 99% of the world.

Even though odds are stacked high against us, we have managed to scrape together enough people to form a resistance. Unfortunately, the allies we do have are few and far apart. Different branches have sprung up, and communication between them is scarce. With factions in Sunset Heights, South Island, the Mystic Ruins, and Spagonia, our resources have spread too thin to accommodate.

I only hope that we will not spread much thinner. The world is counting on us to take it back, and where we stand now, it seems like a near impossible task. --- Ross Livingston, former Commander of South Island

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