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Mobius has descended into chaos. War has broken out on all fronts. Renowned hero Sonic the Hedgehog has been captured, and morale is low. When spirits are at their lowest, a small team of heroes must band together to fight Eggman's evil armada. Can they restore the world to its former glory? Or will the fighting prove too much to handle?

(This roleplay will include some violence, but nothing above a PG-13 rating.)

RP Rules

  1. Cursing is allowed, but must be censored and kept to a PG-13 rating. (Damn, hell, arse/ass and crap are exceptions.)
  2. Displays of affection are allowed, but nothing past kissing, hugging, holding hands, etc. No sexual stuff.
  3. Do not control other people's characters. It is rude and unnerving.
  4. Try not to derail the plot with your character only.
  5. Don't just randomly drop your character into a situation. Try to lead up to the situation.
  6. Don't god-mod.
  7. Stop yourself from auto-hitting.
  8. Try not to make your character too important.
  9. Put effort into your posts.

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Involved Characters

Reens Maricina (RR)

Tundra the Husky (RR)

Ross Livingston (RR) (mentioned only)

Otis the Corgi (RR)

Jeremy Hawkes (RR)

Nike the Moonrat (Okami)

Thunder the Reindeer (Okami)

Mirage the Shepherd (Okami)

Elizabeth Hickory (Lee)

Angel Skyheart (Skyblade)

Chase the Wolf (Luckysix)

Akra the Cat (Wiki)

Di the Porcupine (Wiki)


Sonic Forces: Fallen World/Prologue

Sonic Forces: Fallen World/Part 1

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