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Featured User


Mega1gamer is, well a gamer as his name states. You may not have been familiar with him as he is not the kind of guy who will approach people. Nevertheless, Mega1gamer is an aspiring filmmaker with incredibly rich imagination and ideas and we have the honour of housing them here in our comumunity. His inner child manifests in the most creative and productive way, setting himself as an example to those who have reached adulthood yet their creative mind has stagnated long ago. Perhaps we should follow his example and never cease to be spiritually children, eternally young and imaginative.

Q1: People in SFW might not be very familiar with you as you are someone who doesn’t discourse much with other members, but they sure wanted to know more about you. How would you introduce yourself?

A: I'm Mega1gamer (real name Gabriel), and I'm an aspiring filmmaker and writer who happens to have a huge imagination and several different ideas in my head, going back as far as my middle school days. I joined SFW to prevent the ideas I had when I was younger from getting lost forever and to let my imagination run wild.

Q2: Which was your first Sonic game and how did it influence you?

A: ) My first Sonic game was the original Sonic Adventure (more specifically Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut on the GameCube). It heavily influenced me in regards to the multiple styles of gameplay and hubworld ideas, as I realized that another Sonic game like that in the future could be just as good.

Q3: Do you have any favourite articles here in SFW tthat you’ve written? For which did you put the most effort in writing?

A: That first question is an extremely difficult one to answer, since I have an almost equal love for all the articles I have created. But if I had to choose one, it would probably have to be Shadow the Hedgehog 2: Southern Stakes as it is the one I did the most research on and the one I thought about the longest to create. As for the article that I put the most effort into writing, it has to be Sonic Adventure 4: Californication since I live is the same area and am very familiar with its demographics, media, and all-around feel.

Q4: Do you owe any of your knowledge, skills or talents to school?

A: In school I was a very skilled writer and English and history student, consistently receiving A's in all my writing and English and history classes for attention to detail and framing. In college I was also ranked highly in my screenplay writing, at one point being compared to Quentin Tarantino (I know I'm not at his level; I was just compared to him by one of my associates). I owe a lot of my writing skills and idea framing today to my school and college days, because without those skills, I would be nowhere near as detailed as I am today.

Q5: What did you think of the PS5 announcement video as well as the upcoming PS5 games?

A:  : I was really blown away by the PS5 reveal, and now I've even more conflicted as to whether I'll get either a PS5 or Xbox Series X. I missed out on the PS4 games as I got an Xbox One (primarily because most of my friends and family own Xbox's rather than PlayStations), but Sony in my opinion has always done significantly better than Microsoft when it comes to console exclusives (and you're taking this from a Halo fan). The games also got me very excited, specifically Spider-Man: Miles Morales as I am a big fan of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and I really want to play the 2018 Spider-Man game. If it's true that the PS5 will have backwards compatibility with most of the PS4 exclusives, then I will definitely lean towards getting one.

Q6: Who is your favourite YouTuber?

A: Again, this is a really tough question to answer since there are so many great YouTubers out there. But if I had to choose one, then I'd probably have to go with Chuggaaconroy due to his relatability, likeability, and consistently high-quality videos.

Q7: Your favourite final level of any Sonic game and your most epic and climactic final boss in a Sonic game..

A: My favorite final level in a Sonic game has to be Metallic Madness in Sonic CD due to its great music and setting the tone for the final boss perfectly in my opinion, especially after going through the nightmare that is Wacky Workbench. As for the most epic and climactic final boss, it's hands down Metal Overlord in Sonic Heroes; the epic music combined with using every single playable character in the entire game in the first half sets the tone perfectly, and then once Super Sonic with Tails and Knuckles enter, Crush 40's "What I'm Made Of..." plus the intensity of the situation makes the entire boss fight not only one of the most epic Sonic final boss fights, but in my opinion one of the most epic final bosses in video games.

Q8: Where do you rely mostly for getting informed about the world events?

A: When it comes to world events, I definitely go to Twitter to get informed due to the vast amount of information and sources that are present on the site.

Q9: The best moment and the worst moment of your life.

A: : The best moment of my life is easily graduating from college in early summer 2018. The worst moment of my life is honestly a three-way tie: 1) my grandfather dying; 2) my mother's cancer relapsing on Mother's Day 2018 (she's doing much better now, though); 3) my dog dying in September 2018, a little over a week after I turned 23.

Q10: The best decision you’ve ever taken in your life.

A: The best decision of my life is easily signing up for my first film class in college in early 2015. I learned so much from that first class and it lead to me taking even more classes in college related to my filmmaking dreams and solidifying my plan of becoming a filmmaker.
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Featured Article

Razer the Fox

Razer the Fox is a Mobian fox, "born" in an undisclosed location within Mobius. He might seem to be the reworked version of Johnny D. the Fox, whom he was secretly taken to a lab not by the G.U.N., but rather, a much secretive organization that not even his two allies are wanting to reveal, especially for classified reasons. Even if his friends do not recognize him at first sight, Razer himself doesn't show much concern. His "counterpart" is Stella the Fox, created by Eggman using his DNA extracted to create a clone of himself (albeit female).

# Q1: Is he a pyromaniac?
A) No. He was traumatized when he inadvertently set the forest on fire while fending off the Egg Army, and completely refuses to engage in battle in forested areas. He won't fight in public and populated areas either, but he clearly refuses to fight in forested places

# Q2: What was the reason he underwent this genetic transformation?

A) A pretty tough answer, TBH. Back then, he used to be my fursona from years back, dating back around 2010. I figured that since fursonas (fursona are essentially OCs based off of other users reflecting themselves), and I figured I wanted to give a bit of a retcon from my former, fursona yet completely outdated character and give him a huge redesign/overhaul while still retaining his original abilities, hence genetic transformation. Of course, had his personality altered to be more short-tempered, but still express his caring for others, and make him someone who also has his flaws, including his weakness for both water and his serious refusal in fighting against others in forests

# Q3: Does Razer’s appearance , personality or food likings have some common traits with yours?

A) Like A2, no, as I want him to be far different than my own, like a completely different character

# Q4: What are some of his personality’s most obvious detriments?

A) His short-temperedness, especially if being repeatedly belittled which can result in Razer to fly into an often-uncontrollable rage and will not only attack foes, but also end up inadvertently attacking his own friends as well unless he's calmed down, such as Bidane, his love interest

# Q5: Why does Razer depend heavily on vehicles for his transportation?

A)  : He isn't like Sonic, or any other fast runners. He's more of a heavy hitter than using his own two legs for running and is only agile when avoiding incoming attacks, not by running in order to catch up to them.

# Q6: Does he have any ability or state that makes him ultimately powerful? Q7) Does sh

A) Being under the hot sun, including in much hotter areas such as the desert, or near volcanic areas. And if his anger is left unchecked for too long, he becomes Enraged Razer. Like Dark Sonic, only except it focuses on his unrelenting anger, and while powerful, is also a more dangerous and destructive one as it can result in dealing a great amount of stress, even when fully mastered. An equally powerful, albeit more stable, form is Vulcan Razer and, when concentrated hard enough, allows him to be able to fly, run, even talk via telepathy. Of course, he is still vulnerable to water and clearly doesn't wish to use either of his forms in forested areas at all

# Q7: Is Razer part of any storyline or fiction you’ve written?

A) Sadly, neither of them, no. I've yet to write a fully-detailed storyline/fiction about Razer, and to include Bidane and the Soumerca Egg Army, I'll need Ryushusupercat's permission if I do intend on writing a fiction of Razer's storyline/fiction

# Q8: “ Additionally, most of his body, along with arms, hands and legs also contains bandages”” Kind of like the entire cast of Sonic Boom, right?

A) Kinda like that, yes. Of course, it hides his scars from unknown sources, most likely from being genetically modified

# Q9: Did his metamorphosis have any complications to his health? Did some things in the process turn out wrong or not as predicted or is he considered a successful experiment?

A) Not sure as I've never written anything regarding his transformation, but its likely they kept him comatose as to prevent him from waking up with disastrous results as a safe side

# Q10: What are his voice mannerisms? What accent does he have and how does he speak?

A) Think like Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop english dub, with Benson from Regular Show when going on a rage, or if angry/provoked. If in battle and not enraged, still Spike Spiegel-esque, especially if talking normally
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