This page is part of the official policies of Sonic Fanon Wiki.
All users must adhere to this policy. If you believe that a change is needed, please discuss it on the policy's talk page, or in the Wiki Improvement Forum.

 The following is an explanation of the standards used on a user's message walls and the wiki's forum threads.

If a message/thread does not follow these standards, an administrator or moderator will delete said message/thread and administer a warning/ban depending on the severity of the rule violated.

Message Wall Standards

All messages in a user's message wall must adhere to the following.

Double Posting

Double posting is the act of a user posting one message less than four hours after another message they posted without the reply of another user. This causes messages to appear on the activity feed and can be perceived as spamming, or hogging the activity.

IF a user needs to leave an update or left something out of the last message, they can easily edit that into the message in order to prevent double posting.

In short, double posting is not allowed and is a warnable, if not bannable offense.

Inconfident Posting

Inconfident posting is the act of a user intruding on a conversation that is often times personal. To put this policy in short, if you believe that a message thread is personal and doesn't involve you, do not post.

Whether or not a post is considered inconfident or not depends on the descretion of the message thread's author(s) and should a post be considered inconfident, warnings will be administered to said intruder/inconfident poster.

In short, when in doubt, do not post.

Forum Thread Standards

All messages in a forum thread must adhere to the following.

  • The message(s) must adhere to the Main Policy.
  • The message(s) must adhere to whatever rules were established in the main post.
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