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All users must adhere to this policy. If you believe that a change is needed, please discuss it on the policy's talk page, or in the Wiki Improvement Forum.

Should an admin be considered unfit for service or corrupt, a "Call" can be made against the offending admin. There are two such calls that can be made on an active admin: "Confidence Call" and "Corruption Call".

  • In a "Corruption Call", the offending admin must have broken a policy involving the treatment of Users and their content on the wikis. An admin cannot be called for corruption just for being a "dick". The user who calls Corruption must link to the page of the offense, and give their reason for calling out the staff member.
  • In a "Confidence Call", there must be reasonable evidence that the called admin is unable to do their job effectively or competently. Said call must be verified and ruled as reasonable by two admins or one bureaucrat in order to be followed through.

Each "Call" has the following requirements:

  • If an admin tries to delete evidence against them, like deleting a blog where they insulted users, three witnesses must come forward to confirm they broke policy.
  • A third-party Admin will make sure the accuser and accused have no interaction during the voting period.
  • A 2/3 majority vote will decide whether an admin is demoted or not. No exceptions.
  • The blog will stay up for 3-5 days before votes are counted.
  • Calls can only be made against a specific admin once every three months.
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