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Chat Rules

This section includes the rules, terms, and conditions that are enforced in This Wiki's chat. The wiki's Main Policy applies here.


  • No Cross-Wiki Drama.
    • You will not bring drama from other sites and wikis to this site and continue them here.
  • Profanity is allowed-- however, it may not be used to insult or offend people.
  • Pornographic content is to be kept off of the chat and off of the wiki itself.
  • You will not spam the chat.
    • This includes overuse of emotes, ellipsis, links, and words/phrases.
  • Do not disrespect other users.
  • If a Chat Moderator, Administrator, or Bureaucrat asks you to stop something, you will stop.
    • With the exception of an argument in main chat, you will be given the opportunity to say three more things on the subject, and then you will cease all discussion of said subject, or it will have to be resolved in private messages.
  • If you are being harassed in private messages, take a screenshot. When no one has evidence, it's just your word against theirs.
  • Do not bring up topics that can be considered sensitive, such as suicide, religion, politics, etc.
  • DO NOT use autism or any other mental disorder as an excuse for your behavior.
  • No sockpuppeting. If someone is found sockpuppeting, the puppet will be permabanned and the original account's ban will extend.


  • No Godmodding.
    • Godmodding is defined as a character having the ability to do anything without set limits or boundaries.
  • No Powerplaying.
    • Powerplaying is defined as having outside knowledge of a character's powers, weaknesses, backstory, name without having met them prior, etc. This overlaps with what can be considered "metagaming".
  • Once again, no sexual/pornographic content.
  • You may not kill another person's characters without their explicit permission in main chat.
  • If no more than two people are roleplaying in main chat, please take it to private messages.

Ban System

  • 2 warnings
  • 1 kick
  • 2 hour ban
  • 1 day ban
  • 3 day ban
  • 1 week ban
  • Multiplied by two each time after


  • Exceptions will be made for severe cases of spamming, where it is difficult for warnings to be given out in the midst of a flooded chat.
  • Troll raids fall under this as well.
  • Joke-banning is prohibited, as they leave permanent records on users and often cannot be distinguished from a legitimate ban after a long period of time.
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