As of January 2019, the new criteria for Featured User are all of the following:

  • Must have at least 800 edits.
  • Must not have been a Featured User of the Month in the past 4 months.
  • Must have several high quality articles, each including headings, pictures, depth and description, as well as a profile template.
  • Must have a good behavioral record and no warnings in the past 6 months.
  • Must be an active user in the wiki or Discord chat.
  • Must have been a member in SFW for at least 6 months. Time and edits transferred from previous accounts are valid.

Current Featured User


Past Featured Users

June: Mr.gameandfight
May: ReensRedux
April: Julia Finitevus
March: MaxIrvaron
February: Wikikinetic
January: Timesmashaperil

December: Haunted Alchemist
November: Doomfin
October: Hikaruyami having-fun*
September: XophPsycho
August: Leeprower1012
July: Alphonse Uprising
June: Skyblade743
May: Flashfire212
April: Minato Arisato00
March: Williamcost
February: Julia Finitevus
January: CrimsonFlame2K

December: Ami670
November: Snowless Winter
October: Nitrogen218
September: XophPsycho
August: None
July: Darkest Shadow
June: AnnabelleRich
May: SolarBlaze (YoungEezy27 was interviewed instead)
April: The Real Knuckles the Echidna
March: .:.TellZeal.:.
February: Winduct
January: Williamcost

December: Darkchaos2795
November: Darkest Shadow
October: Chames the Hero
September: TheDarkMantis15
August: Winduct
July: Juely
June: Nitrogen218
May: Ryushusupercat
April: Saren the Dark Lynx
March: Akrivus
February: Doomfin (as Powermouse)
January: The Skull Wolf

December: True Lycalo (FrozenScorpio was interviewed instead)
November: Awkwarddingo
October: Chames the Hero
September: Nikki-Kaji
August: Ellyaely
July: HauntedAlchemist
June: Darkest Shadow
May: Smash the Echidna
April: None
March: FroZenHyBrid
February: Akrivus
January: Nitrogen218

December: AgentKai
November: CrimsonFlame2K
October: Gamedezyner (Smash the Echidna was interviewed instead)
September: None
August: FrozenScorpio
July: Chames the Hero
June: MetalTD
May: TheDarkMantis15
April: Kiramazing
March: Frost the Wolf
February: Nikki-Kaji
January: Smash the Echidna

December: MinatoArisato00
November: HauntedAlchemist
October: HS664
September: Monk the Cat
August: Memphis the Light
July: Gamedezyner
June: TheSkullWolf
May: Smash the Echidna
April: Bitbyte1214
March: None
February: JohnnyD-the-VGNerd
January: E-113:Xi

Featured User results began to be recorded in 2012, even though archives show that Featured User interviews were being done as early as 2010, adopted from Sonic News Network. Gamedezyner is the first user to have been recorded in the wiki's archives and the only one known to have won that year (2012). There were no other winners until January 2013.

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In this month's very late Featured User Interview we have a surprise guest by the name of Mr.gameandfight, a User most of you might not have ever heard of, yet he's been here for quite a long time. Despite not making his presence very noticeable, Mr.gameandfight has been active ever since he joined and is most frequently seen editing Rik the Spider Monkey, one of the wiki's top articles, which in the past had been nominated for featured article. He is not only an artist but also a fellow Smash Brother with a long gaming profile. In spite of a series of mishaps, including the fact that Mr.gameandfight couldn't believe that he won, we managed to interview him and give you all your monthly featured user interview.

Q1: How does it feel to have won Featured User for the first time?

A: To be honest with you it feels... unreal. When I found out the post was for me my heart almost skipped a beat of pure excitement.

Q2: How did you find out about SFW and why did you join in the first place?

A: One day on off time in high school I was googling Fiona Fox for this comic me and another user were working on at the time. I cycled through tons and tons of images and until there was an image that led me to SFW! As for joining, I just did a little exploring and thought it'd be perfect to show information on my OCs!

Q3: You’ve been here for such a long time, yet you haven’t interacted much with other users. Why so?

A: Easy answer to that. Firstly, I sincerely apologize to anyone that has tried to communicate with me and got no response from. Ever since I graduated high school I've become extraordinarily busy with projects (some involving Rik) that were big and were taking up most of my time such as making a comic and animation as well as collaborating with game developers. cough also owning my own wiki cough Again. I'm deeply sorry to all the people on SFW that watch me do a minor edit on Rik's page then leave.

Q4: Are there any articles here in SFW that you personally like or admire?

A: Tons! But the ones that come to mind first would definitely be all the stuff that Reens and CrimsonFlame have done. So much info and so much thought put into the characters that they've made. Another would most definitely be Smash The Echidna!

Q5: Which was your favourite E3 moment this year?

A: Hard to say.... on one hand, Banjo and Kazooie have finally joined Super Smash Bros., and on the other, Animal Crossing finally has information and content for us! But since it's delayed, I'll have to give it up to Banjo and Kazooie.

Q6: Your favourite book and the reason why it is your favourite.

A: My favorite book is without a doubt Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! It was one of the books I read non-stop growing up and some thing that helped me be the creative mess you see today. I've read all the versions of the book and watched all the movies. Such a Classic!

Q7: What is the single thing that gives you the most inspiration in your everyday life? Also, is there any quote that summarizes your main ideology in life?

A: Now this is hard. I feel like what inspires me the most is seeing all of my friends and my lover finding success shows me that anyone can do anything as long as they're passionate and determined about what they're doing. I've never been inspired to do so much ever since I've met them. As for a quote.. I don't think so. I just live on and keep grinding.

Q8: Which do you think is the most underrated Sonic game to date? Which Sonic game would you like to be remade from the ground up?

A: This question got me stuck. But I'm gonna have to say Sonic Spinball. It does way to much for a pinball game but it's just enough to be right up Sonic's alley and when people talk about classics, it's never mentioned that much. As for a sonic game that needs to be remade, Sonic Adventure 2 most definitely. If Sonic Adventure got one then the second should have gotten one sooner!

Q9: Are you a Smash Brother? Who are your main characters and which 2 characters are you hoping the most as DLC?

A: A) A super super smash brother! I've played smash brother when i was really young and to this day, I aim to be one of the best! My mains are Dark Pit and Luigi and I hope that my boys Crash Bandicoot and Ninten from mother make it into the game. Fingers crossed!

Q10: How are you spending your summer so far? Do you have any plans by the end of summer?

A: all I've been doing was working myself to the bone but thankfully I'm going to Super Smash Con in the beginning of August with my girlfriend. So it won't be all that bad of a summer. Other than that, nothing but work, games and drawing!
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