As of January 2019, the new criteria for Featured User are all of the following:

  • Must have at least 800 edits.
  • Must not have been a Featured User of the Month in the past 4 months.
  • Must have several high quality articles, each including headings, pictures, depth and description, as well as a profile template.
  • Must have a good behavioral record and no warnings in the past 6 months.
  • Must be an active user in the wiki or Discord chat.
  • Must have been a member in SFW for at least 6 months. Time and edits transferred from previous accounts are valid.

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Past Featured Users

April: MaxIrvaron
March: Ryushusupercat
February: Heroic412229
January: Chamesthehero

December: Skyblade743
November: Juely
October: Spyken
September: GalaxyWorld27
August: Vitaly Belyalov
July: CrimsonFlame2K
June: Mr.gameandfight
May: ReensRedux
April: Julia Finitevus
March: MaxIrvaron
February: Wikikinetic
January: Timesmashaperil

December: Haunted Alchemist
November: Doomfin
October: Hikaruyami having-fun*
September: XophPsycho
August: Leeprower1012
July: Alphonse Uprising
June: Skyblade743
May: Flashfire212
April: Minato Arisato00
March: Williamcost
February: Julia Finitevus
January: CrimsonFlame2K

December: Ami670
November: Snowless Winter
October: Nitrogen218
September: XophPsycho
August: None
July: Darkest Shadow
June: AnnabelleRich
May: SolarBlaze (YoungEezy27 was interviewed instead)
April: The Real Knuckles the Echidna
March: .:.TellZeal.:.
February: Winduct
January: Williamcost

December: Darkchaos2795
November: Darkest Shadow
October: Chames the Hero
September: TheDarkMantis15
August: Winduct
July: Juely
June: Nitrogen218
May: Ryushusupercat
April: Saren the Dark Lynx
March: Akrivus
February: Doomfin (as Powermouse)
January: The Skull Wolf

December: True Lycalo (FrozenScorpio was interviewed instead)
November: Awkwarddingo
October: Chames the Hero
September: Nikki-Kaji
August: Ellyaely
July: HauntedAlchemist
June: Darkest Shadow
May: Smash the Echidna
April: None
March: FroZenHyBrid
February: Akrivus
January: Nitrogen218

December: AgentKai
November: CrimsonFlame2K
October: Gamedezyner (Smash the Echidna was interviewed instead)
September: None
August: FrozenScorpio
July: Chames the Hero
June: MetalTD
May: TheDarkMantis15
April: Kiramazing
March: Frost the Wolf
February: Nikki-Kaji
January: Smash the Echidna

December: MinatoArisato00
November: HauntedAlchemist
October: HS664
September: Monk the Cat
August: Memphis the Light
July: Gamedezyner
June: TheSkullWolf
May: Smash the Echidna
April: Bitbyte1214
March: None
February: JohnnyD-the-VGNerd
January: E-113:Xi

Featured User results began to be recorded in 2012, even though archives show that Featured User interviews were being done as early as 2010, adopted from Sonic News Network. Gamedezyner is the first user to have been recorded in the wiki's archives and the only one known to have won that year (2012). There were no other winners until January 2013.

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MaxIrvaron, one of SFW's proudest contributors and members is once again under the spotlight of Featured User. It is worth noting that this is the second time in SFW's history where someone wins both Featured User and Featured Article in a month, since Skyblade's's double victory two years ago. Comes to prove how much you love and appriciate Max's work.

Q1: This is the second time someone has achieved a double victory in, winning both Featured User and Article in one month, as Skyblade743 did two years ago. What is your comment on that?

A: Well, it's definitely an honour of mine. I was gone from the wiki for a medium-length period of time to focus on real life stuff like school (which I was enjoying until Corona came knocking), but the pandemic's one positive effect has been allowing me to get back to doing things I enjoy! Texting friends, riding my bike, writings, and lots of exercise. Like, I'm becoming a bit of a fitness geek. Weird.

Q2: What is your major inspiration when creating your characters?

A: ) When I first began writing, my inspiration... it was a mollywhop (and I don't even know if I used that word correctly lol). They didn't take stuff from anything and were the result of various influences simultaneously. My first story was about a kid who liked candy dealing with a bully by using candy, and that was way back in third grade! From there, in fourth grade, I began to write Percy Jackson fanfiction, and before long, Max Irvaron was born, and besides Loko (the candy boy mentioned earlier), he's been one of my closest characters, and is my screen name on several sites. I don't want to bore you, but I might as well continue since this is an interview. From the PJ fanfics, I would reread them and realize that the combat was not like Percy Jackson at all. It was very flashy, had lots to do with bright lights and blasts, and introduced elements that weren't ever supposed to be in the series. I rationalized that a simple way to solve this would be to simply make my own universe, which I still have separate from my Sonic stuff.

But when it comes to the Sonic stuff, recent users might know that my first character on the wiki was Max Irvaron. Simply put, he was an abomination, and a disgrace to all I've worked on. I was so scared of him being Mary Sue-ish that I made him too flawed, and everything about him was insufferable. Around this age I was influenced by DBZ, and Max had several abilities that were basically "insert DBZ move here but with cHaOs EnErGy".

It didn't take me long to figure out having an annoying human in the verse wasn't going to work out, so I explored the wiki further, looking at all kinds of old characters and establishing how much I adore talking to users who used to be on the SFW. One character I found was very similar to Dante, and he was very popular around his time. I thought having a character like him would be really cool, a mercenary with a joking side (because that was so original). And so, Mackenzie Hartley the Tiger was born. Since the creation of Mac, I've mostly been influenced by media I've happened to watch recently. For example, I just got Disney+, and you can bet that I'm getting ideas from those movies. So it'd be hard to pick which source was my specific biggest inspiration, but I make sure things don't get stale when it comes to plotlines, trust me.

Q3: Tell us about your hobbies outside of SFW. You mentioned before on your previous interview last year that you like playing football, or as you Americans call it, soccer.

A: Oh, hobbies! Obviously, I've run my mouth talking about my fascinations with writing, but I have a life outside of that, haha. Soccer is my favorite sport quite easily, and I was just about to start a season with what I believed would've been one of my best teams ever.... and then Corona was just like "No, I don't think you will," and the season was canceled. Dang you....! But besides soccer, and I'm a large fan of watching movies and hanging out with my friends. I know, I know, it sounds like the most basic someone can get, but I'm really content with my life. With all my free time, like I mentioned before, I've gotten more heavily involved in exercise; I figured I might as well get RIPPPPPPPPPED before I go back to school. It's been about a week since I've started, and I'm making good progress!

Q4: What is the most valuable advice you’ve been given by someone and how have you applied it to your life?

A: I've gotten a lot of good advice from people a lot smarter than me throughout my life, whether it was from teachers, parents, or even friends. I can say that the two that've impacted my life was one from a teacher; the message basically being "Don't get so caught up with yourself that you fail to recognize others." Sorry, about the MaxIrvaron trivia again, but my IQ is 128-134, and I believe that is because my parents pushed me to excellence from such a young age (if IQs work that way, I dunno, I might've gotten dumber since last year). I was taught to be able to perform higher than most kids my age, and thus was told repeatedly how "gifted" I was. It resulted in me, even as a first grader, having an incredibly strong sense of pride, one that allowed me to easily block out the emotions of others. However, when my Gifted & Talented group teacher told me about what she noticed as a result from this when I was in fifth grade, it really changed my life, and I've been told that I'm a super kind and compassionate person (though I doubt it) from my classmates, a change I very much appreciate.

The second is from my dad, who told me "Don't let other people ruin your day." In hindsight, it's a very simple quote, though its effect is still present on me. Some pride is good, and good parts of it stayed over even when my teacher told me that I had too much of it. Before, it was easy to get me riled up about simple issues, and my dad just told me not to sweat it... so I stopped sweating about it. For some reason, life has gotten a lot less stressful since then.

Q5: Name the users who: A) You think has the most informative userpage. B) Has the best user icon. C) Would wish could write some more things about themselves so you got to know them better. D) Would like to be featured in the future.

A:  : Most informative userpage is Skyblade, I'm pretty sure. I don't even need to check for that one. B: I like Skidthehedgehog223's, Reens the Hedgehog's, Wikikinetic's, and DUBSTEPXSonic's. For the first, second, and last, it's because I really like to look at their character' art, but I like Wiki's because of how nostalgic it feels to just look at; I'm really used to seeing it at this point. C: To be frank, it'd probably be a super old user, because a lot of the new guys are connected. Like, EllyAely, Memphis the light, or Nikki-Kaji. Solar-Blaze seems like they're a super cool person, too, it's too bad I haven't had the pleasure of interacting with them. D: Crimson and Skyblade have both been featured, but they're really good at what they do. Heroic deserves it for his hard work as well. It appears that Sir-Duke is up and coming, too

Q6: What are your plans after graduating from high school?

A: Getting to an Ivy League college, having all that jazzy "college fun" while I still can while also maintaining a work-ready persona (have no idea how I'm going to manage to do that but I'll make it work... probably), uphold my morals, find love (awwwww), become a doctor of some sorts (haven't planned that far ahead lol), have a family, live long enough to have grandchildren, die surrounded by people who love me.

Q7: What is your biggest concern on the COVID-19 situation?

A: Just all the deaths in general! Some people are writing it off just because it more heavily affects the elderly, and while it's certainly better than it being fatal to all kinds of people, we still need to remember that our seniors are human! I hope that we can find a situation that results in several more lives being saved, because the world is struggling right now, and America as a whole... uch, don't even get me started on how we're "treating/handling" the situation, if you can even call it that.

Q8: Do you like Corgis?

A: I might get flamed for this lol, but I've never been fond of animals, really. When everyone was little, we were all obsessed with pets, but I didn't get one, which slowly just grew to me becoming more and more apathetic towards animals such as dogs as a whole. I don't find them particularly cute or anything, I just acknowledge the fact that they are alive and exist.

Q9: Do you think people should be censored based on what they say or write publicly by virtue of being deemed dangerous for society?

A: : Eh, freedom of speech is a thing. I heard a quote once that said something like "When you rip out a man's tongue, you aren't proving him false, you are proving you are scared about what he has to say." If someone's being stupid, eh, let them, it's their constitutional right. When someone gets "dangerous" as in threatening the public, though? Yeah, that's when the censorship needs to come in, because then it has a harmful and violent approach, and there's no good that can come out of letting that idea infest people's minds, and how easily they tend to be influenced in this point in history.

Q10: Has there ever been a time in the day when you sat and thought deeply by yourself, in silence, without any external interference, on important matters concerning yourself or the world and asked yourself “What am I doing everyday to make myself and the world better?”

A: Pffffft, every day. I had a breakdown (okay that's dramatic, but I thought really hard) about how I could die, and only my children/generation would remember or care that I existed in the first place. This is probably the pride talking, but I want my name in the stars, and I want it to be there for good reason..... once I've found out what that reason should be. Sigh. In the meantime, I guess all I'll do is be nice to people, make their lives a little bit easier, and just hope for the best.
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