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Featured User


As a three-time winner of Featured Article, Spyken also known by his DeviantART name Emidikun, has cemented himself as one of the wiki's most recognized users. Having joined 7 years ago, he has contributed much to the wiki's growth not just with his impressive articles but also with his fancy artwork. As some of you may have noticed, he might not prefer much to actively go talking to others, nevertheless he is a very friendly individual who has many interesting things to share. Spyken has a DeviantART account which I highly recommend you check out for more of his work.

Q1: Since your time joining here in 2012, what has changed today in SFW for the better and what has changed for the worst?

A: Oh, well for that I guess I should return a bit in the past. I joined this wiki especially because it looked more "professional"; it had some solid rules and I liked that, but it also had a pretty active community. Fastforward to now, and the rules have become stricter and the community is nothing like it used to be.

Q2: How is life in Belgium?

A: Life's pretty good around here, I really can't think of a better place to live at the moment^^(even though I'd have loved it to be a bit warmer haha)

Q3: What kind of video games are you into? What are your expectations of the future Sonic games?

A: While I can play a lot of different games, I have a preference for action/adventure games.

Q4: Who is your favourite character exclusive to the Sonic comics?

A: This is a difficult one, since I didn't really read those...but I'd say Mina Mongoose.

Q5: What do you for a living? What are your professional aims in the future?

A: I'm a nurse and have worked as such, but also recently in what we call a "CLB". It's an office working together with schools, which follows and helps children who need it (whether they have problems like bullying, difficulties to learn, questions about the future and so on) It's multidisciplinary and as a nurse you usually have to do "tests" like; looking at height, weight, BMI, teeth, vaccinations...but also things like lice and so on. I loved that job and would gladly do it again (I stepped in for somebody from December until June). As of now I'm studying for a Master's degree in Pedagogy.

Q6: Which application, program or website do you find most useful/helpful for your art?

A: I'm really an amateur artist, but if I have to name an application, it's IbisPaint I use on my phone. It really helps me out a lot. I'm pretty active on devianArt.

Q7: Do you have any hobbies other than drawing?

A:  : I used to do sports, I should maybe get back into it^^ I also mess around with 3D models in my spare time. (Also, does gaming/watching anime count? Haha)

Q8: Is there any scene in a Sonic video game or in the comics which you consider especially emotional? Also, which is your favourite quote from a Sonic game?

A: Not that super emotional, but I could feel sorry for Shadow in Sonic Heroes, when he wondered if he was real. As for the quote, this one from Sonic Colors; “Eggman! I AM going to save this planet, and I AM going to free these aliens! No copyright law in the universe is going to stop me!”

Q9: What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

A: : Pretty dumb, but I just love drinking coke. So whenever there is coke at home, I tend to pass by the fridge a lot^^

Q10: 2019 is almost over in 2 months. Which moment of 2019 do you remember the most fondly? Which was your happiest moment of 2019 and which was the worst?

A: Hum, what I remember the most fondly? On my last day at the office, my director and colleagues surprised me with an goodbye gift, told me just how much they liked my short stay with them and how they'd love to see me return. Really liked that yeah. Considering my happiest and worst moment of 2019, they are linked haha. I turned 25 in January and my family and friends did a surprise party! I felt awesome that day. And as worst...well when you turn 25 you lose a lot of privileges around here and let's just say it wasn't super great haha.
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Published 20:27, March 13, 2016 (UTC) by Akrivus
The main page has been updated to experiment with a new design and try to make it more friendly to joining users. Graphical formatting has been removed from the main page but will be added as the design is finalized. In the meantime, post your opinion and ideas here.

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A new feature has been added; news; this allows users to read up on situations in a compact and clean manner. When you add a new news message, add one after the comment so that they are organized by date.


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Featured Article

Raiden (CoM)

People sometimes say that lightning doesn’t strike twice. Raiden, on the other hand, probably doesn’t believe that to be true in the slightest. He serves as one of the main characters of the Clash of Mythics series, alongside a certain mercenary with a giant slab for a sword. At first, he decides to hunt down for the escaped test subject from the Genesis Corporation known as Burst, but soon finds himself in something bigger.

# Q1: Why isn’t he called Raiden the Lion and just Raiden?
A) I kinda got tired of using "the [insert whatever species]" here as part of the full name for my characters; that's really it. Nowadays, I usually reserve that for when the character has a moniker of sorts, such as Zagan the Gravebringer.

# Q2: Was Raiden trained by someone or educated somewhere to achieve this level of swordsmanship or is he an autodidact?

A) He received most of his sword training from his now-deceased father. He has gone down the self-taught route in recent years, given that he's mostly been a lone wanderer until the events of Clash of Mythics: Genesis.

# Q3: Did he experience any hardships in life as a child that may have acted to his benefit now as a fighter?

A) As far as early childhood is concerned, the most I can give you at the moment is that he has some lingering questions about his mother that remain unanswered. Apart from that, I can only imagine that reaching his level of skill with the sword was not an easy journey for him.

# Q4: How would you describe his fighting style?

A) Essentially similar to the likes of Vergil from Devil May Cry or Jin Kisaragi from BlazBlue, in that he has quite a bit of "quick draw" techniques with his weapon. Naturally, Raiden is quite deft and nimble in his movements as well while still leaving room for techniques that give him a generally well-rounded skill set.

# Q5: What is Raiden’s most powerful ability?

A) The Mythic Enchant would be a close contender, as it greatly bolsters his capabilities - but I wouldn't call it the most effective trump card ever either for reasons that will be further elaborated on in the future. There's also his finishing move, Raitei no Kamihandan - excuse the greatly-butchered Romaji, which instantly finishes the opponent if it hits, as a finishing move should, though he only really busts it out when the opponent has been sufficiently weakened.

# Q6: Who are some of the enemies he has faced? Who was his most formidable?

A) It shouldn't come as a surprise that Zagan gets this honor for reasons that have already been revealed in his story route in Clash of Mythics: Genesis. The two wouldn't be the main protagonists and have an heated rivalry with one another (mainly from Raiden's end, sure, but still) otherwise. That's not to say that Zagan feels the same, however, especially later into the series.

# Q7: In brief, what are his relations with Zagan the Gravebringer?

A) Zagan was the one behind the murder of his father and fellow comrades in their assassin squad, the history of which I have not fully-developed as of this moment. Naturally, Raiden would want nothing more than to exact revenge against the Gravebringer, but the mercenary has eluded him ever since until the events of Clash of Mythics: Genesis roll around.

# Q8: What does his sword’s name mean in Japanese?

A) It pretty much translates to "Thunder Demon King", more or less. I'll leave it at that.

# Q9: Does he do lion things when no one’s looking?

A) While I assume that would be funny, I don't imagine him doing so.

# Q10: Does he possess any dark secrets about his personality, his past or even his motives or allegiance?

A) You just had to ask the one question that would spoil everything about Raiden's character. (No joke tho, I need time to think about this one). I'll just sum it up that it is very possible that his sword, his mother, and possibly even his past allegiances (such as to his now-defunct assassin squad) will have quite the influence in the direction of Raiden's character development. I can't say any more than that without diving right into spoiler territory.
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