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Sonic Fanon R (originally known as Sonic R 2) is a video game that centrals around various characters and their races against Tails Doll.


Super Sonic Racing - SSBB

Super Sonic Racing - SSBB

Main Theme

Super Sonic Racing


Tails doll's curse has become more danger than ever.So Sonic and friends challenge him to a tournament. They figured if he lost he would die. (Since when tails doll loses in Sonic R his eyes bleed). So Sonic and friends must beat Tails doll in the tournement.



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  • Robbie The HedgeBoy (Play as Sonic and Beat Tails Doll between just you and him then you will race Robbie if you win you unlock Robbie)
  • Super Robbie (Play as Robbie 100 times)
  • Tails Doll (Beat him in story mode)
  • Super Sonic (Get all chaos emeralds)
  • Super Matt (Get all Super emeralds)
  • Hyper Sonic (Find all master emerald pieces)
  • Blackarms (Find all 5 character coins in Resort island)
  • Matto (Find all 5 character coins in Radical City)
  • Mishubi (Find all 5 character coins in Robotnik's Lab)
  • Nova (Play as Grinder 100 times)
  • Shadow (Play as Robotnik 50 times)
  • Dr. Eggman (Unlock Robotnik's Lab)
  • Ultra Matt (Play as Matt 100 times)
  • Kyle (Win a race as Shadow and Shima)
  • Ryushu the Cat (find the Pokeball in Radical City)
  • Desert Dominator (Finish 1st on all tracks (excluding Unlockable tracks) as the Desert Hawk on Very Hard difficulty)
  • J the Hedgehog (Finish 1st on all tracks (excluding Unlockable tracks) as the Desert Hawk on Hard difficulty)
  • Aero Sonic (Play as Sonic 100 times and beat story mode)
  • Hali the Hedgehog the Hedgehog (Play as Shima and Shadow 50 times each)
  • Dart The Echidna (Play as Knuckles 10 times)
  • SuperUnion Kyle (play as: Metal Sonic, Metal Knuckles, Super Sonic, Super Matt, Hyper Sonic, Ultra Matt, Desert Dominator, and Aero Sonic.)
  • Fire Aero Sonic (Beat Aero Sonic's mission 1 time)
  • Ice Aero Sonic (Beat Aero Sonic's mission 5 times)
  • Water Aero Sonic(Beat Aero Sonic's mission 10 times)
  • Steel Aero Sonic (Beat Aero Sonic's mission 50 times)
  • Dark Aero Sonic (Beat Aero Sonic mission 150 times 0_o)
  • Twister the Fox (use tail's flight power 10 times)
  • RG-15 (Play as the Desert Hawk 50 times)
  • N the Hedgehog (play as J the Hedgehog 10 times)
  • Sadie the Hedgehog (play as J the Hedgehog 30 times; play as J the Hedgehog 35 times to unlock the Mecha Sadie costume for Sadie)
  • Lightning the Hedgehog (Play as Sonic 50 times; you must win the races for a time to count)
  • Super J (Finish 1st on all Unlockable tracks as J the Hedgehog on Medium difficulty)
  • Stinkfly the Rabbit (complete Dragonfly the Rabbit's story)
  • Butterfly the Rabbit (complete Dragonfly the Rabbit's story)
  • Jewela L'Emeralde (complete Ruby Didane's story)
  • Claire Ouron (Play has Kayden 25 times in Free Race mode)
  • Violet the Hedgehog (Play has Shima and J 40 times each and Shadow and Hali 25 times each)
  • Trever the hedgehog (beat trever in story mode as road runner)
  • Troy the fox (play as runner 5 times)
  • Metal road runner (beat him in story mode as metal sonic)
  • Sonic JR (son of sonic) (Beat Sonics mission and race as amy 5 tmes)

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If you can think of any stages then go ahead and add)


  • Mobian Media Network headquarters (complete Ruby Didane's story)
  • Tribolt (Unlock Nova)
  • Robotnik's Lab (Race in Eggman's lab 10 times)
  • Seaside Hill (Play in Green Hill 10 times)
  • Space Colony A.R.K (Complete Tag mode with Shadow)
  • Anti-Brawler Hideout (Play in the Sonic Brawlers Hideout 10 times)
  • Radiant emerald (Get all 7 chaos emeralds)
  • Casino Night (Play as Matto 10 times)
  • Post-Apocalyptic Earth (Win 10 races as Eggman, Robotnik, and Kyle the Hedgehog, and win 10 races in Eggman's Lab, Robotnik's Lab, and Space Colony A.R.K.)
  • Ultimate Speedway (Win 10 races on Very Hard difficulty)
  • Fow Toth International Speedway (Win 20 Races as the Desert Hawk or J the Hedgehog on Very Hard difficulty)
  • Angel Circuit (Have a Sonic Adventure 2: Battle file)
  • Grand Agate Street, Agate City (complete Agate City with the high score)
  • Tempel of the Chose one (Beat two charaters that have Chaos Powers in a tag race with Kayden and Kaia)

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Game Modes

1p Mode

Story mode

Mission Mode

Quick race

  • Tag Race
  • Normal Race
  • Emerald Race
  • Battle
  • Time Attack

2p mode

Quick Race

  • Tag Race
  • Normal Race
  • Battle













Portuguese (Brazil/Portugal)




Suomi (Finland)






Malay (Malaysia)

Dutch (Netherlands)

Unlockable Game Modes


(Complete story mode with any character)

Final Story

(Beat Story mode with all characters)

Customize character

Win 10 emerald races with any character

View Awards

(Unlock 1 award


  • Begginer (Play in 1 race)
  • Matt Fan (Play as Matt 100 times)
  • Chaos Master (Win races as Shadow, Hali, Kyle, and Shima)
  • Metal Master (Win 10 races with Metal Sonic and Metal Knuckles)
  • Desert Hawk Logo (Win 15 races as the Desert Hawk)
  • Lightning Strike Award (Re-beat the whole game with Lightning the Hedgehog)
  • Faceker Bracker (Beat all the Sonic "look-a-likes has Sonic)
  • Demon Trainer (Beat Kayden or Violet has Kaia)
  • Add your own awards.


  • Collect 100 rings on resort island (Matt's Mission)
  • Tag Ultra Matt (Tails Doll's Mission) ANOTHER CURSE LOL!!!!
  • Find all shortcuts in radicle city (Matt's Mission)
  • Find all the secret passageways in Space Colony A.R.K. (Shima's Mission)
  • Destroy 100 Breakable Objects (Desert Hawk's mission)
  • Collect 5 Aero Emeralds (Aero Sonic's mission)
  • Collect all sonic character tokens before finishing the race (twister's mission)
  • Win every race in within 5:00 (Lightning's mission)
  • Avoid 150 incoming attacks while in 1st place on Space Colony A.R.K. (J's mission)
  • Beat shadow in a race around the ARK (Road runner's mission)
  • Beat each ULM in a rcae on a map of your pick (Sonic's misson)
  • Collect 14 Chaos Emelrads in Radicle Emerlrd (Kayden's misson)

Add your own mission

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