Sonic Fanon Party
Nintendo Wii, XBox 360, Nintendo Gamecube, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, PC, Mac, Linux
Release Locations
North America: May 12, 2011

Japan: February 6, 2011 Europe: July 5, 2011

Australia: May 22, 2011

Sonic Fanon Party (ソニックお約束パーティー) is the first title in the Sonic Fanon Party series. It was mainly developed by Pumpituppartyzone and published by Nintendo and Sega. The main focus of this game is to collect enough Power Rings to save Mobius from an invasion of baddies.


Tyr'ahnee the Jovian Queen has travelled to Mobius to try to take over the planet. To do her dirty work, she has unleashed an unspeakable amount of baddies all around the globe. These baddies are much worse than normal ones. They shoot at people, knock over buildings, and do much worse. Nobody knows what to do or how to do it so that they leave.

Our heroes have figured out what is happening and are tired of fighting them all off. One day, they all got together to figure out how to stop them. All of a sudden, Lumina Flowlight appears and informs them that the only way that they can stop the baddies is to attack the source - Queen Tyr'ahnee. She tells that it is a long and treacherous journey, but they can defeat her and restore order to Mobius once again. They all agree to help stop her, and the adventure begins!

Playable Characters

Default Characters

Maxie Flippercorn - Light Red

Cliff McMuffin - Royal Blue

Ike the Numbat - Green

Kou the Hedgehog - Maroon

Sharky the Hedgefish - Cyan

Heather the Kamin - Baby Barf Green

Indigo the Indigo Wablerr - Indigo

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) - Aerospace

Patricia the Skunk - Pink

Droget Tereya Frog - Jungle Green

Fa-La-Stu the Echidna - Magenta

Kimiko the White Wolf - Red Orange

Brittney the Cat/Wolf/Dog/Fox - Dark Violet

Duan the Hedgehog - Emerald

Krinkinko the Hedgehog - Turqoise

Unlockable Characters

Raven the Pig - Coral (Unlocked by completing a Game Board)

Sadie the Dog - Iris (Unlocked by being purchased for 80 PRs)

Kye the Cat - Vanilla (Unlocked by finishing first 3 parts of Story Mode)

Evo the Hedgegoose - Yellow (Unlocked by finishing the first half of Story Mode)

Metal Sonic - Navy Blue (Unlocked by finishing the first half of Story Mode)

Streak the Fox - Black (Unlocked by playing 50 minigames)

Darkstorm the Halfbreed - Taupe (Unlocked by collectin 7 dragon roots under 7 hours)

Sharka the Hedgefish - Powder Blue (Unlocked by being purchased for 80 PRs)

Rapid the Hedgehog - Lime Green (Unlocked when you beat the game twice)

Jim the Doggaby - Grey (Unlocked by beating the Game)

Artica E' Callette - Flame (Unlockable by bring purchased for 50 PRs)

Flower "Karina" Prower - Fuschia (Unlocked by finishing the final boss of story mode)

RMG-24 - Silver (Unlocked by beating the game with Duan)

Lol-Asl the Bee - Gold (Unlocked by using Fa-La-Stu 12 times)

Jackbot Nega - Platinum (Unlocked by winning every Board Game)

Non-Playable Characters

Lumina Flowlight

Hazel the Hyrax - Shop Owner

Hosts of Boards

Sunny Dayz - Illuminous Gardens

Sharken the Hedgefish - Mobine Ocean

Kyros the Hedgehog - Crazy City

Brianna the Horseshoe Crab-Delber Beach

Red the Red Knot - Artic Bay

Ichabod the Rhino - Rhino Foothills

Kimiko the White Wolf - ChuChu Rocket Station

Krinkinko and Droget - Twerunka Jungle

Brittney the Cat/Wolf/Dog/Fox - Brittney Land

Vector the Crocodile - Flex Express

Rory the Pika - Spooky Ridge

Shawn the Bandicoot - Shawn's Junkyard

Petunia the Porcupine - Paparazzi Square

Marine the Raccoon - Pleasure Castle

Board Residents

Maddie the Chao - In every board except for Juvious Fortress

Starrie Night - Illuminous Gardens

Bobby the Bear - Illuminous Gardens

Sha-Sha the Shadow Chao- Brittney Land

Chuih - ChuChu Rocket Station

Chubach - ChuChu Rocket Station

Chubei - ChuChu Rocket Station

ChuPea - ChuChu Rocket Station

Scarlotte the Scarlotte Wabler - Arctic Bay

Wendy Witchcart- Arctic Bay

Silver the Hedgehog - Arctic Bay

Squeaky Mouse - Arctic Bay

Tori the Turtle - Delber Beach

Sonic the Hedgehog - Delber Beach

Amy Rose - Delber Beach

Espio the Chameleon - Flex Express

Charmy Bee - Flex Express

Ginger McMuffin - Flex Express

Big the Cat - Spooky Ridge

Marie "M.L." the Otter - Spooky Ridge

Jake the Wolf - Spooky Ridge

Blaze the Cat - Spooky Ridge

Grounder - Shawn's Junkyard

Knuckles the Echidna - Shawn's Junkyard

Johnny - Shawn's Junkyard

Scratch - Shawn's Junkyard

Rouge the Bat - Pleasure Castle

Shadow the Hedgehog - Pleasure Castle

Cream the Rabbit - Pleasure Castle

Moe Flippercorn - Paparazzi Square

Honey the Cat - Paparazzi Square

Desiree the Bandicoot - Paparazzi Square

Xiomara the Wolf - Paparazzi Square

Tiara Boobowski - Juvious Fortress

Coconuts - Juvious Fortress

Storm the Albatross - Juvious Fortress

Bada the Gorilla - Rhino Foothills

Bing the Gorilla - Rhino Foothills

Rutt the Moose - Rhino Foothills

Tuke the Moose - Rhino Foothills


Tyr'ahnee the Juvious Queen


Up to six characters take turns moving around game-style boards. After everybody has had a turn, they play a multiplayer minigame to recieve rings to buy Power Rings and other items. While the object of the game is to amass the most Power Rings before completing a set number of turns, the focus is on the competition itself more than the outcome.


Items are things that players can buy from Hazel's shop. They can be used in many ways to give a player an advantage, such as setting traps on spaces to steal rings from rivals, to hamper a rival's progress, or to quickly obtain Power Rings. You can only use one at a time.

Leech Items

Leech Items are items that steal rings from other characters.

Item Description
Skeeter This little guy is thrown onto a space to steal up to 7 rings from whoever lands on it.
Vaccum This itemlets you throw a dart at your victum. Whoever it lands on loses 10 rings!
Elephant Whoever lands on this space loses half of their ring supply!

Dice Items

Dice items are used on the player. Using one of these messes with your dice!

Item Description
Sonic's Shoe This shoe lets your die go from 1-10 to 1-15!
Amy's Hammer One whack with this thing, and your die splits into two!
Knuckles' Glove When you punch your die with this, it splits into three!
Cheese Cheese will stun your die and make it shuffle more slowly!
Shadow's Ring Chaos Control! This ring makes your die go from 1-10 to 1-5!
Big's Umbrella Whatever you role on your die, this'll make you go backward!

Warp Items

Warp Items let you warp to another space before your roll your die.

Item Description
Vector's Bubblegum Blow a bubble with this gum, and you can float to a space of your choice!
Rouge's Boots Put on these boots and dig underground to a random space.
Froggy Legs Froggy will help you jump to a space that another player is on!
Shadow's Gloves Use Shadow's glove to switch places with a rival of your choice!

Halt Items

Halt Items affect anybody who happens to pass the space! Once somebody passes it, these items lose their effect.

Item Description
Cream's Dance This item shoots a hologram of Cream dancing on a space. Passers-by stop on the space to watch!
Animal Crossing This item signals small animals to cross your space so you let them cross.

Self Items

Self Items are also used on the player.

Item Description
Sheild Bubble This item will block any damaging space that you may cross!
X-Tornado Tails' X-Tornado will fly you straight to the Power Ring!

Fortress Items

Fortress Items are only usable at Juvious Fortress. They are used to steal Power Rings from rivals.

Item Description
Tiara's Staff This staff lets you zap your opponents and steall either half their rings or a Power Ring!
Eggman's Rocket Shoot this rocket forward until it hits and opponent. It will steal two Power Rings from them (unless they have none)!

Wi-Fi Mode

Wi-fi mode lets you connect to other players all over the world! It is the same basically as Party Mode, but there is an Retro Board that you can only use in Wi-fi mode.

Party Mode Boards

There are 15 boards in Party Mode. Some of the boards have different objectives and goals to earn Power Rings.

Board Name Description
Illuminous Gardens Players must move across this large board and try to arrive at randomly placed Power Ring first. Once the Power Ring has been bought from Sunny Dayz for 20 rings, it moves to another location.
Mobine Ocean Players must travel across the board to reach the end of the board. At the end of the board is Sharken the Hedgefish with the Power Ring. When a player reaches Sharken, they are given the opportunity to buy a PR for 15 rings and you swim back to the beginning of the board.
Crazy City Players must invest money in hotels in order to earn Power Rings. Investing in an amount of rings in the hotel will cause the hotel to buildup and make the amount of Power Rings the hotel can offer to increase by one. The maximum amount of PRs a hotel can carry is five. When a player lands on a Power Ring Space, Lumina will come and help invest coins.
ChuChu Rocket Station Players must travel through the station to get to the very end. The Power Ring is placed in a random location on the board and they cost 20 rings. When you get to the end of the board, you get rocketed back to the "Start". KapuKapus here have been turned into part baddie, and 3 of them walk around the board. They walk back and forth through three spaces, and if you find one, they steal an item. If you didn't have one, they give you an item and disappear.
Brittney Land Players find a place that looks exactly like what goes on in Brittney's mind. That is, aside from the fact that it has been infested with baddies! Every Mystery Space here gets the player gobbled up by Baddie Plants and lose 20 rings. The Power Ring is placed at a random location on the board. Here, they cost 50 rings.
Rhino Foothills Players climb a giant mountain filled with Half-Baddie rhinos. Mystery Spaces here result in being rammed by Rhinos and losing 30 rings. Baddie Spaces result in rhinos ramming you back to the bottom of the mountain. The Power Ring is placed at the very top of the mountain, where Ichabod the Rhino is standing and waiting to sell PRs. The first person the the top of the mountain can buy the PR for 10 rings. The more people that get to the top, the more expensive (increasing by 10) they get. After the price hits 90, it goes back down to 10.
Flex Express Players move through a train to get to the conductor of the train, who will offer a Power Ring for 20 rings. The train board is linear, and therefore, there are no branching paths. After being offered for the PR, the player travels on top of the train and back to the start, unlike ChuChu Rocket Station where the player instantly travels back to the start. If someone lands on a Mystery Space, Vector the Crocodile will be in charge of the train and offers a free PR to anyone who could make it to him. If Eggman is in charge instead when someone lands on a Baddie Space, Eggman will make the player lose a PR to who ever reaches him.
Spooky Ridge Players move through a very hilly board to get to the PR placed in a random place in the ridge. This board can turn from night to day. During the day, Mystery Spaces knock you down the hill, either forward or backward. During the night, Purple Spaces are replaced by Baddie Spaces, which result in getting flown via bat back to start if you land on it. Mystery Spaces during the night get you flown via the same bat to the Power Ring. Rory the Pika sells PRs here for 50 rings.
Delber Beach Players must travel around the beach to the very center, where the Power Ring is placed. Brianna the Horseshoe Crab and two clones of her are placed in random positions around the board. One of the clones gives you 40 rings when you find her. Another clone will either take 40 rings from you, or take a star from you. If you find the real Brianna, she will reward you by giving you a star for 35 rings.
Pararazzi Square Players must travel through a city and get to Petunia with the Power Ring that she sells for 45 rings. She is placed at a random spot on the board. The city is in the shape of a giant square with many branching paths. Mystery Spaces here give you the chance to cure a Koosalagoopagoop that has been infected by a baddie. If you succeed, you recieve 60 rings. Baddie Spaces here result in you getting a Paparazzi Ambush, where you lose 30 rings. The majority of spaces here are Baddie Spaces.
Pleasure Castle Players must travel all around the castle. On the first space on the roof of the castle is Marine the Raccoon selling PRs for 60 rings. There are much more Red and Mystery Spaces in this board than other boards. Most of the Mystery Spaces here knock you off the castle to the space below, or shoot you up onto a space above on the roof. Baddie Spaces here turn Marine into Rouge the Bat, and when a player gets to her, she steals either two stars or 50 rings.
Shawn's Junkyard Players travel around the junkyard trying to reach Shawn with a Power Ring. Here, they cost 30 rings. There are only 5 Blue Spaces on this board, and the majority of the spaces are Red Spaces. Baddie Spaces here turn Shawn into Grounder, and when a player reaches him, they lose either two stars or 70 rings.
Arctic Bay

Players move through a the ice to try to find Red the Red Knot and get a Power Ring from him. Out of three caves in the bay, Red the Red Knot is in one of them. If the player stumbles in other caves where Red is not hiding in, Baddies come and toss the player in the water, thus making the player swim back to the start of the board. Red offers the PR for 15 rings once the player reaches him. After paying for that, there is an earthquake for another shuffle with different caves in the bay. If the player lands on a Mystery Space, Lumina will cover up the hole and offer the player a free PR; if the player lands on a Baddie Space, Wendy Witchcart will cover up the hole and will steal a PR for the player who comes to any room.

Twerunka Jungle (Unlockable by buying for 160 Power Rings in Hazel's Shop) Players have to chase Lumina around the board at the chance to buy a Power Ring from her. After all 6 characters have rolled, Lumina rolls her die and moves that many spaces. If a player lands on a Baddie Space, Lumina will be turned into Dr. Ivo Robotnik until somebody reaches Eggman or lands on a Mystery Space.
Juvious Fortress (unlocked by beating Story Mode) In this board, players are given five Power Rings. Players must use the Tiara's Staff and Eggman's Robot to steal stars from opponents. The board is also linear; no branching paths exist . The player wins by stealing all stars the opponent has, and the winner goes in the middle, where Queen Tyr'ahnee is sitting(In Story Mode, you must fight her, but in Party Mode, you have a choice.).


Space Description
Blue Space When players lands on this space, they receive three coins.
Red Space When players land on this space, they lose three coins.
Mystery Space When the player lands on this space, an event happens. The event varies on location and board. The event may help or hinder the player or everyone.
Baddie Space When the player lands on this space, Baddies appear and causes a series of events, such as forcing everyone to play a Baddie minigame that can usually hinder the player who landed on this space or everyone.
Purple Space When the player lands on this space, they get to roll their dice again.
Duel Space When the player lands on this space, the player chooses who to duel with. After the opponent has chosen, the player who lands on this space gets to choose what to put at stake: stars or coins.
Chance Space When the player lands on this space, Lumina (Big in Spooky Ridge) appears, asking the player to help her find out who stole an item from her. The residents are the suspects, and if the player is correct, they recieve 100 rings.
  • There is only one Purple Space and one Chance Space in each board.

Other Features

  • Hazel's Shop: Hazel's shop allows players to trade their Power Rings to unlock special in-game bonuses, including unlockable characters, difficulties, and game tips.
    • Harder Difficulty: 30 PRs
    • Brutal Difficulty: 40 PRs
    • Articia E' Callete: 50 PRs
    • Psyco Difficulty: 55 PRs
    • Sadie the Dog: 80 PRs
    • Sharka the Hedgefish: 80 PRs
    • Taunts: 100 PRs for each character
    • Twerunka Jungle: 160 PRs
    • Wisps: 250 PRs

(Add other buyable things)

  • Minigame Mode: This mode allows the player to play any minigames that are unlocked or play a set of minigames using a set of rules
  • Option Mode: In this mode, the player can adjust sound settings, view minigame records and history for previous parties, and listen to the sound tests (some of the sounds and music must be bought at Hazel's Shop before available use).
  • Time Mode: In this mode, you try to collect Dragon Roots under a time limit. Time travels much quicker in this mode. When you collect seven under seven "hours", Darkstorm the Halfbreed is unlocked.


  • The ChuChu Rocket! franchise is used in this game.
  • This article was mostly based off of the Mario Party 6 article.
  • Kimiko the White Wolf is the youngest character in the game.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog is the only character to have two items named after him.
  • Since technically, Delber Beach is two boards, it has two Chance and Purple spaces.
  • Pleasure Castle is the only board based off of a Canon location.
  • Metal Sonic is the Only Cannon Character who is Playable
  • Krink and Droget are the only characters that are also board owners.
  • Tyr'ahnee's name was based off of the Martian Queen's name from Duck Dodgers.
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