Sonic Fanon Heroes is a fanon verison of Sonic Heroes[was gonna be called Sonic Heroes 2]


Canon Teams

Nack the WeaselSpeed]

Bark the Polarbear[Power]

Bean the Duck[Speed](this team uses a helicopter for fly formation)

Team Chaotix: Espi [speed] Charmy[Fly] Vector[Power]

Fanon Teams

  • Team Robbie:
    • Robbie the HedgeBoy[Speed]
    • Jack the Flying Squriell[Fly]
    • Sharlote the HedgeGirl[Power]
  • Team Nightmare Hero:
    • Slash the hedgehog[Speed]
    • Max the fox[Fly]
    • Slayer the hedgehog[Power]
    • Galaxy the hedgehog[Assistance]
    • Light the hedgehog[Chaos]
  • Team Elemental:
  • Mythika the Panther [Speed, uses the Element of Darkness and Dark Flames]
  • Lilya the Echidna [ Power, uses the Element of Earth]
  • Hailey the Bat [Flight, uses the Element of Air]

  • Team Runner
  • Road runner the hedgehog [Speed]
  • Troy the fox [fly]
  • Wrecker the echidna [power]

  • Team Galactic:
  • Renée the Magician ~Speed~
  • Dawn the Fox ~Fly~
  • Riot the Echidna ~Power~

  • Team Chaos
  • Kayden Ouron (Power)
  • Kaialen (Speed)
  • Claire Ouron (Fly)
  • Violet the Hedgehog (Speed)

  • Team Speedy
  • Speedy The Hedgehog[Speed]
  • Blast The Fox[Fly]
  • Eden The Echidna[Power]
  • Team Evil
  • Power The Hedgehog[Speed]
  • Metalia The Cat[Fly]
  • Power Bot[Power]
  • Team Female
  • Jewel The Hedgehog[Speed]
  • Bubble The Hedgehog[Fly]
  • Butterfly The Echidna[Power]


  • Team Lightineer
  • Charger the Hedgechilla (Speed,Fly,Power)
  • Prince Navy the Hedgehog (Speed)
  • Johana the Hedgfox (Fly)
  • Jolt the Stormhog (Speed)
  • Gale the Hedgehog (Speed,Fly,Power)
  • Nuke the Weasel (Power)
  • Tred the Echidna (Power)
  • Luke the Angelfox (Fly)
  • John the Runewolf (Speed)
  • Venom the Drakohog (Power)
  • Beast the Werehog (Power)
  • Sir Rune the Knighthog (Speed)
  • Typhoon the Wolf (Power)
  • Percies the Mouse (Speed)

Team Crimson:

Dark the Hedgehog (Speed)

Light the Hedgehog (Fly)

Hero the Hedgehog (Power) (this team uses Gravity for the Fly Formation)

Wow! We Have Increased! Thanks to SonicTheHedgehog1515 for adding Team Runner and others for adding

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