Sonic Energize

Sonic Energize is the start of a series created by RoaringRedRanger. This series takes place in a different universe, where the characters have new redesigns. The next series after is Sonic Energize-X.


Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog-0

Sonic the Hedgehog (Energize-Verse)

Sonic's personality is more or less the same in this universe. But his redesign changes features around him. His eyes are bigger, his ears are sharper, and his quills are smaller. His shoes now look identical to the ones he wears in Sonic Adventure 2. His gloves are the same, but in Chapter 3, Sonic gets the Phantom Gauntlet on his right hand. With the power of the Phantom Gauntlet, Sonic can use a variety of moves, including the Phantom Slash, Illusions, and Teleportation.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Miles "Tails" Prower-0

Miles "Tails" Prower (Energize-Verse)

Tails got a redesign too. Just like Sonic, his eyes and ears are bigger, but now his two tails are longer. His chest fur now covers most of his chest. Tails' arms, now have metal cuffs for his gloves. He now wears full metal boots. Tails got a personality update. He is smarter than most of the cast, (Besides Eggman, Infinite, and Metal Sonic) but he is still learning new things. He spends most of his time, either helping his friends, or designing new gadgets. Making him more helpful than before.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles the Echidna-1

Knuckles the Echidna (Energize-Verse)

Knuckles' eyes are, of course, bigger. Now he has two symbols on his chest, and he has fingers now. True to his name, each knuckles has a spike on it, made to fit a character with the name, "Knuckles". His shoes are changed, but kept some likeness to the source material. He now has green cuffs for his shoes and gloves. Knuckles is now smarter, instead of a moron who acts from anger. He now thinks through.

Amy Rose

Amy Rose-1

Amy Rose (Energize-Verse)

Amy now has a bow on her head. Her ears grew in size, and so have her quills. Her dress is open towards the arm and back area. She has a white zigzag stripe on her dress, and has new boots with a white diamond on them. Amy's new personality is that she knows who's Sonic, and who's not. Amy still has her crush on Sonic, but now she knows when it's serious. She's also not obnoxious to the point where it's annoying.

Cream the Rabbit & Cheese the Chao

Cream the Rabbit-0

Cream & Cheese (Energize-Verse)

Cream now wears a yellow, blue, and red school uniform. She has a blue tie on the front of it. She now has yellow and red shoes with black straps on them, to keep them on. Cheese's only difference is that his wings are bigger that usual. Cream will now cry for help every time she is faced with someone like Eggman, Metal Sonic, or Infinite. She won't be helping her friends in battle anymore. Cheese is much more brave than Cream, and will try to protect her whenever an enemy strikes.

Shadow the Hedgehog-1

Shadow the Hedgehog (Energize-Verse)

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow's quills are now smaller, but more sharper than Sonic's. He now wears a grey and red scarf around his neck. One of his ears has a cut taken out of it, and his red streaks, are now crests around his arms and legs. His hover shoes are designed to look different from Sonic's, but also similar. Shadow's personality is much more dark and mysterious. He is still the same serious hedgehog though. When Shadow makes a threat, he will carry it out within the first second of saying it, if whoever he's talking to, including Cream, doesn't back off soon. Though he is not evil, Shadow is still one of the most terrifying people ever.

Rouge the Bat

Rouge the Bat-0

Rouge the Bat (Energize-Verse)

Rouge now wears a dark purple armored suit with no sleeves, and lighter purple lines around it. Her wings have increased in size. She now wears her Treasure Scope from Sonic Adventure 2. She now has pink Chaos Emerald replicas on her gloves and shoes. Rouge's boots are now different as well. Rouge is still the same treasure-hunting bat we know, however, she does know that when it's not time to steal the Chaos Emeralds, she won't. That is, until what needs to be done, is done.

E-123 Omega

E-123 Omega (Energize-Verse)

E-123 Omega

Omega's design is now more bulky and muscular. He has bigger legs, and more yellow was added. There is now less red, and he has bigger hands. Other than that, he looks more or less the same. Omega's personality is the same. Then only difference is that he will only open up or talk to Shadow or Rouge. If it is Sonic, or anyone else, he will not talk. And if they continue to follow him, Omega will attack.

Blaze the Cat

Blaze the Cat

Blaze the Cat (Energize-Verse)

Blaze's hair is now drooped down. She now has white cuffs on her boots, and golden diamonds on it. She has golden rings on her arms. Blaze has a red gem on her head, and now wears a dress that hides her tail. Blaze's personality is now different. She is a loner. Although she has friends, in the Energize Universe, she keeps herself away from others. But that doesn't stop her from helping her friends.

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog-1

Silver the Hedgehog (Energize-Verse)

Silver has a red scarf around his neck. He now has glowing fingertips at the end of his gloves. His boots have the same color, but looks different. He has glowing lines on his arms and legs. Silver is now more optimistic. Though this doesn't stop him from his sense of justice. He is less naive though.

Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic-0

Metal Sonic (Energize-Verse) Note how you can see "MODEL 14" If looking closely

Not much could be said about Metal Sonic. His new design is made to look like Sonic in the Energize-Verse. He now has movable eyes and a tail. Metal Sonic does not serve Eggman. He went rogue and is out to destroy Sonic, weather he's working with Eggman or not.

Crimson the Hedgehog

Crimson the Hedgehog-3

Crimson the Hedgehog

Crimson is a new character created for this. He is a dark red hedgehog. He has dark blue eyes, and a brown muzzle. His ears and quills has black tips. He has a bang down his face, and has a patch of hair on his chest. He has golden cuffs, and grey boots. While Crimson is one of the more serious characters, he is not at Shadow levels of seriousness. He does have a comedic side. He is serious most of the time, but does crack a joke once in a while. He is also very playful. Just because he looks scary, doesn't mean he is scary. However, Crimson has been through a lot. He almost barely talks, and always stands in the darkness in deep though, which makes him mysterious.

Light the Hedgehog

Light the Hedgehog-0

Light the Hedgehog

Light is also a new character. He has light brown eyes. She has yellow fur. She wears a pink dress with cyan patterns. She has blue cuffs for her gloves and shoes, and has a golden ring on her arm. Light has a bang of hair down her face, with the rest in a hairband, as a ponytail. She has cyan and yellow shoes, with grey soles. Light is a really nice person. Even to her enemies. Light does not like to fight, and often leave it to Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, and Silver. She likes to think that bad guys could become good someday, and often feels bad about them. She also feels really shy about people she haven't met. She was really scared of Shadow when she first met him. Light feels more safe around Sonic than the others.

Dr. Eggman


Dr. Eggman (Energize-Verse)

Eggman is not actually seen in this series yet, so he is portrayed as a red screen with the Eggman Empire decal on it. He talks to Sonic and friends with this. His personality is the same.


Name Chapter
Sonic Energize: The Phantom Ruby Chapter 1
Sonic Energize: Enter: Metal Sonic Chapter 2
Sonic Energize: Transformation Chapter 3
Sonic Energize: The Battle of Hedgehogs Chapter 4
Sonic Energize: Light the Hedgehog Chapter 5
Sonic Energize: Team Dark Chapter 6
Sonic Energize: Mittelspiel Chapter 7
Sonic Energize: Hedgehog From the Future Chapter 8
Sonic Energize: Blue, Black, and Silver Chapter 9
Sonic Energize: Master Emerald Chapter 10
Sonic Energize: The Crimson Hedgehog Chapter 11
Sonic Energize: The Four Hedgehogs Chapter 12
Sonic Energize: Tails' Adventure Chapter 13
Sonic Energize: Save the World Chapter 14
Sonic Energize: Black Emerald Chapter 15
Sonic Energize: Eggman Empire Chapter 16
Sonic Energize: Super Sonic Chapter 17
Sonic Energize: Shattered Pieces Chapter 18
Sonic Energize: Plan to Vaporize the World Chapter 19
Sonic Energize: Sonic vs Shadow Chapter 20
Sonic Energize: Copy Crimson Chapter 21
Sonic Energize: The Ultimate Weapon Chapter 22
Sonic Energize: Escape from the X-Storm Chapter 23
Sonic Energize: Final Rush Chapter 24
Sonic Energize: Rebooted Chapter 25

Super Forms

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