Messanger: For those who've read TBB/Story, this isn't based off the Anthony character in there, this universe is based on a What if storyline, and Anthony is Sonic here.

Sonic Empire is a new fangame by William, it is however not apart of the TVOS series and is set in an alternate universe to which Anthony (Sonic the Hedgehog) is a freedom fighter as well as a survivor from the Day of Devestation. It is set in a very dystopian and broken down world, to which an epic adventure unfolds and a war is eventually slowly on the brink...

Prologue: The Day of Devestation

The camera fades in on a city, everything is beautiful. People are happy and people are in general enjoying life. The camera cuts to filmed footage of people across the world enjoying their lives, such as people standing in front of the Taj Mahal, as well as people in general messing around etc. We then hear narration, this person narrating talks about how life is a gift and that even though there may be exteremists on every side, there are those evil people with the schemes and motives, although life is so valuable because of the freedom people have, and that life really has no limits.


The E-Masks

This person narrating talks about how life is a great thing and that people should live it to the fullest, because there are exteremists on every side, and they will do whatever it takes, to take that freedom away from you. The camera then cuts to footage of 9/11 (real footage) to which we see the events play out. Then the camera cuts to various recorded bombings. The music played in the background of this montage is basically quite chilling and quiet, almost as if the same piano note is played in every scene shown. There's then game footage of robots attacking the city, as well as robots with E symbols on them blowing up in public places, there's then ingame footage of trucks with the E symbol on it, with people waving flags with the symbol on them, all wearing robotic-like gas masks. There's also videos of executions, where people apart of this "E" group do shoot resistances down. There's also newsfeeds on them and their terroist attacks, as well as reports on children's deaths during some of them. There's some scenes of the military infilitrating some of their bases and shooting some of them down too in quite an epic battle, however this terroist group have quite advanced weaponry compared to what the military have.

The person who was narrating before, narrates again now talking about how they called themselves The Patriots, or the Niks, and that in the last 10 years, they've conducted at least three large scale terroist attacks that have altogether taken the lives of thousands of people. He also says that no one to this day knows who's leading these people or whether what they're doing is based on religion. The person narrating also says that they were also quite an advanced group of people, with masks that withstood gas grenades, heat, less explosive damage, and gunshots, they also had alot of new weaponry unlike other terroist groups at the time, and that they're also master hackers, usually leaving death threats in The Pentagon's servers reportedly according to whistleblowers. The camera cuts to one person most likely in the Pentagon, seeing the E symbol as well as a symbol of man with a very jagged beard, and very sleek looking. There's then more quick shots of other conducted attacks until the person narrating says that that isn't all however, and it for a fact didnt end there.

The camera cuts to a home to which we see a young Sonic the Hedgehog (now known as Anthony in this), he is on a handheld and playing videogames. To which then his mum bursts into the room rushing Anthony and telling him to pack up quick to which Anthony looked at her in confusion, as she was panicking and seemed very frantic, even pushing Anthony out of the way to pack his stuff. It cuts to half an hour later, and a siren goes off, to which we see many cars parked outside the house as well as military vehicles and people running away from the scene. Anthony's mum calls him to which Anthony runs out of his room. She opens the door, and then we see that it is nightime and that they're even helicopters circling the area with lights. Anthony's mum does look at her car, however sighs and tells Anthony to follow her to which he does. (Day of Devestation: Mission: Follow Anthony's mum) (PC: Anthony) he follows her as well as military personell who are guiding people to the nearest helicopters, the two get close to one although there's a gate and they're many people there all screaming and asking if they can get through, the two wait for a bit and eventually make it to the front of this crowd where they let them through and to helipads so helicopters can take people away from the area. Anthony asks his mum whats happening, and Anthony's mum tells him there's no time to explain, they then ask one of the people also guarding the area if they're allowed to go through, when they get to their turn of course. Anthony and his mum are the last to get on the helicopter, to which when Anthony is already inside, there's a huge "boom" sound heard. The helicopter door slides shut to which Anthony is there confused and hits the door trying to call his mum. Anthony's mum tells Anthony (with Anthony being inside one of the helicopters and Anthony's mum locked out, his mum and others try to rush to the next helicopter Suddenly, there's then a nuclear warhead that rushes right past the area and explodes quite far from them, to which the helicopter Anthony's on eventually takes off, and Anthony looks at the huge explosion occur way in the distance, as if rage literally in his eyes, he then look quickly back down to see if his mum is okay, to which when that helicopter door is shut, the shockwave from the explosion knocks it over, causing it to flip and explode, and even the guys in the helicopter Anthony's in feel a bit of it. Sad music plays here, where Anthony looks out of his helicopter, tears in his eyes as if his whole world has literally torn apart. He then screams his mum's name, then people there in that helicopter try to get a hold of him and calm Anthony down, the camera fades out on the helicopter flying overseas and eventually the camera cuts to black.

The person begins narrating again, talking about how 15 nuclear warheads were released that day all around the world, not a single country missed by target. The camera cuts to people in Spain as well then there's the nuclear warhead which also blows up and kills everyone there, as well as montages of other countries seeing the warhead rush past them, and even people on a plane seeing the warhead fly right above them, almost hitting them. He talks about how life has never been the same since then, and will never be, the day where his and everyone else's world fell apart. The day the "empire" rose. The person then says that he'll avenge the death of his world and everyone else's that was torn that day, and that "all will revealed", to which the title comes up.

Chapter 1: The NEX Fighters

We see the helicopter Anthony was in land on a military ship to which in the camera, the words EAN-Military Safe Zone Ship, are written at the left hand of the screen and coordinates also written.

EAN Military Seacarrier

We see Anthony exit the helicopter, and the person narrating says that he had left Central City and the military took him and the other surviving people to the ship, to which is where they lived the rest of their lives, adapting and befriending. To which the camera cuts to a montage of Anthony doing different things as he gets older, such as talking to people, drawing pictures of Knights etc and we see Anthony get older and older. There's a scene with him talking to a male ram, a female chipmunk and another male brown bear, the scene is silent however the person narrating the scene talks about how the 3 of them, such as Jax the Bear, Damien the Ram and Sally Acorn. He says that they had become friends over the time they're on the EAN ship, and all had very similar experiences, Jax had his brothers killed when the nuke hit, Damien lost his family inlcuding his 5 year old daughter, and Sally lost her family as well, as they were actually a wealthy family as well as a big one. The narrator talks about how the three of them all had a similar goal in mind, and that was to destroy whatever was up to the Day of Devestation. The narrator even says that they hadn't seen land in the past 18 years of his life, him and everyone else staying on the ship, and that they thought that was how their life would be. On a ship. Though,  they're completely wrong and the camera cuts to black. It then fades in on a night at the ship. Anthony, Jax and Sally are all in Anthony's room, and they're actually busting out some rhymes while Jax busts a beat and are in general having fun, and we see Anthony do this. The camera then cuts to an exterior shot of the ship, and there's actually these weird looking creatures approaching the ship by sea, and most of them are very zombie-looking. These creatures all crowd the ship, to which then one by one they climb up the side of the ship (kind of like this scene from a zombie film). Guards are on patrol, and one guard does point this out, telling one of his other fellow guards that he can see a hand on the side of the carrier, then suddenly, these creatures hop onto the actual ship and they shoot at them. Its quite an epic scene, one military soldier on the ship tells his fellow one to alert the people on the ship for evacuation and pull the alarm and he does. The military personell inside the ship see through CCTV footage and alert the rest of the personel team. The alarm sounds all across the ship.

The Creatures

We then see Anthony and the duo hear this, and are confused with what has happened, military soldiers then open their door and Jax asks him what happened and the soldier tells them to follow him. The three walk out of the room to the hallway (of other rooms) where there's many people running in panic and fear. The camera then cuts back to the guards fighting these creatures, and then there's another scene of soldiers picking up weapons on racks and preparing them. Although, the guards are suddenly overwhelmed and the creatures make it for the interior. They even proceed to jump on fleeing innocents in the hallway. Military soldiers that are in fact evacuating the people get their weapons out and shoot the creatures down, killing them. However, the hallway is then even suddenly overwhelmed by these creatures. Sally warns Anthony and Jax of this, and asks where they're gonna go if these creatures continue to attack the ship. The creatures then attack from the front where the people fleeing from the attack are going, Anthony then drags the two out of the way of the chaos and into an empty room. 

The three freak out while within the room and try to consider their options.

11. 47 Down - Lone Survivor Soundtrack

The score for this entire sequence

Sally asks how they're gonna leave the ship, and Jax says that he doesn't know, Sally and Jax's conversation eventually grows towards an argument, and then Anthony tells them that they have to go back. Jax tells Anthony quite comically that there's a bunch of "weird ass" zombie looking things out there, probably out to kill whatever they can, and they wanna go back. Anthony tells Jax that that is their best option, since there are supply helicopters there. Sally asks how they're going to be able to do so, and Anthony tells the two that they need weapons, something to defend themselves. Anthony suggests they all search the room to see for anything that could help defend them and quick. (Mission: Search the room for any weapons of self defense) (PC: Anthony, Jax, Sally) Anthony finds a gardening rake, Sally find a broom, and Jax decides to quickly build a mini slingshot, out of soda bottles, a string and pieces of the bottles themelves. He then tells the two that he's ready, and Anthony asks if they're ready for this. Jax nods then Sally does, Anthony then nods and opens the door, and they can't hear anything, as if the carnage has ended. Sally asks if they're really gonna try make it to the end of this hallway, and Anthony says its they're only option. They do hear distance sounds of the creatures (snarls, and such like). (Mission: Make it to the end of this hallway) (PC: Anthony, Jax, Sally) Anthony and the two do make it to the end of the hallway, seeing many dead bodies while on their way, there's one body they spot on their way, that also looks deceased, the three walk past it, but the camera which is following the other three shows what's behind them, and in the distance, that body actually coughs out something and then makes a growl of sorts and screams eventually. The three stop and look behind them, and the supposed dead body actually stands up, coughing out blood and continuing its ear piercing screams, Jax aims his slingshot at it, though Sally actually runs at it, to which it tries to grab Sally however Sally ducks and swings the broom right at it's head, knocking it out. The snarls and screams of the creatures to which attacked the ship stop here, however steadily increases, the three stare at the other end of the hallway and suddenly loads of those creatures try run at them, standing over each other in a huge mess to do this, the three then begin to run. Anthony noticing he can run a little faster than usual here. Anthony takes a peak outside however notices that there's way too many there, Jax asks what they're gonna do now, then Sally tells them that they can use the stairs and that its most likely that's where they're directing them too anyways (as in an emergency exit since they were guided the other way as the creatures attacked from the way the three are at).

The three head downstairs. (Mission: Escape the creatures) (PC: Anthony, Jax, Sally) They make it downstairs to another hallway. They block the door that is on the other end of the stairs, blocking the creature's path. The three then continue to run looking for some sort of emergency vehicle takeoff. They do find something very similar, however its locked. The three panic here, shouting and asking each other to open the door, then Anthony kicks the door open after various tries. They get inside, and there's multiple emergency planes and helis there, and even some military soldiers who ask the three what happened and where they've come from, then Sally tells them that there' a bunch of weird zombie looking people attacking them and that they need to leave this ship, at this point the creatures break through the doors, and the military soldiers there fire at them. One soldier guides them to amilitary helicopter, to which the front of this storage unit unflaps itself, and it opens out to the outside world. The military pilot does try get to the helicopter the three are in although he is jumped on top of by the creatures and it munches on him. The three again freak out, as none of them know how to control a helicopter, Jax says he'll try fly after the whole commotion is over, Anthony and Sally slide the doors shut on the helicopters on both sides of it, as the creatures try get onto it. The helicopter then starts up, the camera cuts to Jax, who realises there's a manual for it on the sides. Sally asks Jax what's taking so long and Jax says that he's sorry however he's never flown a plane before. Anthony shouts at Jax telling him that they don't have alot of time right now. The helicopter then drives off, a little out of control at first and then finally lifts off, the creatures on the helicopter falling from the sides and top of the helicopter. Once they're high enough in the air, Anthony does slide the door open, and looks at the ship they once use to call a new home, as the lights on it shut off. The camera then cuts to black,and the narrator says that this was how it all began as well as how this whole experience is when it all started. The origin of the NEX Fighters. Then the camera cuts to black.

Somewhere in the Pacific Sea

10 years later...

The camera fades in on the same military helicopter Jax, Anthony and Sally escaped in a decade ago, however, it is more modified comapred to then with extra parts, machine guns on the sides as well as on the top as well as missile launchers on it too. It also looks way more sleek. The camera fades in on within the helicopter, and we see Anthony who takes a spear from a rack. He walks around the helicopter and enters another room where he sees Sally who now has a cybernetic glove on as well as a sword and asks Anthony how he is doing and Anthony tells her he's good. Anthony then walks around the helicopter again and heads to the pilot seat to which Jax is flying the helicopter, then he heads to the back of the heli and there's three Mobians standing there. One a white hedgehog that resembles Anthony although has a blue iris and a gun in his hand, an echidna with armour and another hedgehog. Anthony asks Sullivan (the white hedgehog) if he's really gonna go ahead with this mission and Sullivan tells Anthony that if by doing what they're doing it stops Julian from taking away more lives then this is what he has to do to which Sullivan pulls out a sword, Davile (the echidna with armour) who has an Irish accent tells them that his root and toot and ready for shootin', and then the last hedgehog there preps up his guns too and gives Anthony a nod too. Then the camera cuts to Anthony gathering up all the guys including Jax (the helicopter is on auto mode). Daville lays out a cyberformed hand and a hologrpahic birds eye view of the place they're going too is revealed. Anthony tells the group that this place is a sunken hotel in Dubai, Julian and his army have raided the place and claiming it as one of their bases, Sally then tells the group that Julian's robots are all over the hotel most likely and it is therefore highly guarded and that they should admittedly prepare for the worst. Sullivan then asks why they're going into the base in the first place and how they'll do it, Anthony tells them that the base is firstly one of Julian's bases, like they've raided in the past although that apparently they're hostages that are there as well and after defeating the robots they can collect some scrap parts from them to rebuild the ship, and lastly that since the base is highly guarded, Julian will probably be "shitting his panties" over it and then the crew laugh. Jax presses a button on some sort of device on his shoulder and the back of the helicopter opens up like a cargo plane, telling them that they're close to the location. Anthony asks if the whole gang are ready and every single one of them nod. They all jump out of the plane except Anthony who takes a deep breath then jumps out of the helicopter as well. 

There's a small scene showing the six of them gliding through the air aiming at the hotel head first then they pull out their wingsuits. 

Hotel interior

Interior of the Base

A small holographic pad appears near Anthony's ear who tells them that they're enemy ships that could engage, so they should be aware of that. (Sunken Hotel Base: Mission: Glide using your wingsuits to the checkpoint and avoid being detected by enimies) (PC: Anthony). Anthony and the rest eventually land within the hotel (which looks like shown in the photo). It is quite huge however very destroyed and torn. Jax asks Anthony what they're looking for and Anthony tells them they're looking for hostages. Sullivan then suggests a plan, he tells them that they could all actually split up into groups of three, one group distracts the guarding robots and the others get to the hostages so that there's then less enimies to encounter on their way to finding where the hostages are anyways. Anthony decides to go with Sally and Sullivan while Jax, Daville and the other hedgehog head to fight the enimies.(SHB:Hotel Disaster: Mission: Find the hostages) (PC: Anthony, Sullivan, Sally) They do encounter Julian's robots as well as others(the pictures linked are one of the most common in this stage and overall in the entire game). The three do hear screams and decide after a short conversation to follow the sounds of them. (Sunken Hotel Base: Hotel Disaster : Follow the screams) (PC: Anthony, Sullivan, Sally) They do follow the screams and it is in fact hostages who are locked up in cages while others are all in one space with robots patrolling the place and keeping them on a lockdown. The three do hide behind some debris, so are not spotted. One hostage however who looks like he was having a small arguement with his wife about what he does stands up and takes out a pistol, he shoots the one robot guarding them and then suddenly the spider-like robots do shoot a laser straight at him, ultimately and fatally killing him. Sally slowly starts to get more angered, then Sally asks the two if they just saw what they did to that man, Anthony then tells her to relax and a small commotion occurs. Sally,who all over a sudden gets angry, gets her guns out and shoots at some of these robots causing havoc. Sullivan sighs and tells Anthony that they might as well to which Anthony pulls out a spear and Sullivan pulls out a sword and the two attack. (Sunken Hotel Base: Hotel Disaster: Clear the perimeter) (PC: Anthony, Sullivan, Sally). The three finally clear the scene and let the hostages free though a robotic spider awaits. (Sunken Hotel Base:Hotel Disaster : Boss: E-Spider) Sullivan then asks Anthony if its now time to leave this place, and Anthony tells him that they have to find other three first.

Anthony, Sally and Sullivan are running through the whole base, stealthly taking down guarding robots. The three then end up at a balconey-level place within the hotel, there's a glass barrier that is there blocking them (its one way glass). They spot the rest of the team fighting on the ground,Daville, Jax and the other hedgehog as they're swarmed by enimies and are surpirsingly doing a good job defeating them, and there's a small cutscene showing them fighting these robots. They're near some sort of power source that's sparking though contained within a strong glass dome. The thing that stops them however is supposedly a robot that resembles a hummanoid rhino, it grows machine guns and shoots at the hedgehog there killing him, and then as Daville notices this and gets angry because of it runs up to it and tries shooting at it though, eventually it ends up catching Daville as if a rat with its hands and squeezes him tight and then pretty much pops him, since when the robot opens up its hands, there's only blood that remians. Jax shoots at the robot and lasts quite long with it, though the robot does toss Jax as if a doll all around the place, to the point where Jax limps when he walks and there's blood all over his face. He's also panting heavily, he tries shooting at the robot though though eventually loses ammo. He then decides that there's no other option so he takes out a grenade from his weapon belt. Anthony screams, and jumps off the balconey and tells Jax that this isnt the way, then Jax looks at the robot which prepares its miniguns and back at Anthony and tells Jax that this is the only way, he tells Anthony to live his life and to live a leader like he always has. Anthony screams "NO!" and then Jax pulls the pin and runs at the robot and then there's a huge explosion and Anthony goes flying back then the camera cuts to black. He wakes up and its first person view at first, and there's a ringing noise there's loads of debris and the balconey-level place has fell, although Sullivan and Sally have survived the blast. The dome which is at the centre of this place almost breaks. Sullivan takes Anthony pulling him away from the place as well as Sally who also helps. (SHB:Hotel Disaster:Mission: Escape to the waypoint in 2:00)The three escape as then the dome full on breaks and a shockwave occurs shattering all glass walls in this hotel. Anthony, Sally and Sullivan luckily survive the blast, ducking so that the shockwave didnt hit them. 

The three are now walking and helping Anthony up, they make it to a higher level in the base. Sally asks how the hostages are doing and Anthony tells them whether they survived the blast or not, there's no use looking for them now. They're then at a level in this sunken base, where there would've been a huge glass window if it wasn't for the shockwave blast. Anthony is laying down on a beat down chair, waiting for his leg to heal. Sullivan and Sally are standing near the edge of the broken window, which reveals quite a beautiul dusk sun and horizon of ocean. Sally tells Sullivan and Anthony that they're all good men, and they all died for something. Anthony buts in and tells them they didn't die to save their lives, they died for the human race. The camera then faces the three standing together at the edge of what was a window and looks quite badass. Sally then tears up and whispers Jax's name, then she wipes her tears. Sullivan asks Anthony what that's suggesting and Anthony tells the two that they'll finish off what the NEX Fighters fought for and always have fought for which is freedom for the people. Sally smiles, appreciating Anthony's enthusiasm. Then, Sullivan then says "about that..." then Sullivan gets his sword out and takes a strike at Sally's waste unexpectedly. Anthony sees this and looks at it in horror. Sullivan then takes the sword out of her waste and she drops into the sea. Anthony then asks Sullivan what the "hell" he has done, and Sullivan tells Anthony that he (Anthony) really thinks he'd join this stupid club of theirs, he then mocks how they always talk fighting for freedom and tells Anthony that there's no freedom here and there hasn't been for the last 2 decades and that Anthony should get use to that and understand that. Anthony, angered, asks Sullivan why he had to kill Sally to prove his point and Sullivan tells Anthony that killing something Anthony loved has pissed him off, and that's what Julian has done to almost every one who survived the Day of Devestation. Sullivan explains to Anthony how that is how it feels to have a special part of him ripped out right from underneath him. Sullivan tells Anthony that he (Anthony) isnt special, and that this is how things are now. Anthony screams in anger, and spears Sullivan and then a fight scene occurs (no music plays here). (Sunken Hotel Base:Hotel Disaster:Boss: Sullivan)Sullivan is trying to strike at Anthony though Anthony contiously dodges them, and its an in general quite intense battle. Anthony is struggling due to the pain of the explosion, and then asks Sullivan while fighting what he gains from all of this, and Sullivan tells Anthony that he gains revenge, he gets to see someone else suffer just like he did. Sullivan does do a triple flip and strikes a blow at Anthony's chest, sending Anthony skidding back a little during this in-cutscene battle. 

There's then Julian's fleet that appear hovering over the base, using searchlights as well to find Anthony. Even smaller fleet hover around the area and robots are unleashed from some of them. Anthony then finally catches Sullivan offguard as Sullivan looks to see if there's fleet that spot the two, and spears Sullivan again, now continosly punching him while doing so. Sullivan then gets up and delivers another strike though Anthony kicks the sword out of Sullivan's hand and into the sea. Anthony then gets his spear and delivers a blow through Sullivan's heart, ultimately killing him. Sullivan does cough out some blood and then a search fleet hovers right at where the two were fighting, and ready its weapons. Sullivan falls into the sea and then Anthony screams at the search fleet telling the person flying it to kill him, then Anthony collapses also into the sea. The camera then fades out as Anthony sinks deeper into the sea.

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