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NOTE: This game has paused development.

Sonic Empire is a (fanmade) game by Williamcost, and is its own spinoff game. It is based around a dystopian world that Eggman (or Dr Robotnik as he's called in the game) has created due to a nuclear bomb he created. It is set across all 7 continents, in one country per continent. Sonic is the main character of the game and is living through this dystopian world, which is quite heavily inspired off Fallout and Silver's game.

It will be released on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Wii U and Nitendo Switch. 

Sonic Empire
Sonic empire
Sega,Sonic Team, Naughty Dog
Xbox One, PS4, Nitendo Switch, Wii U, PC
Two Steps to Hell, Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL, Tyler Bates, Sadzic Husic, Imagine Dragons, Steve Jablonsky
Release Date
November 2017
3D Platformer
16+ (mature scenes, violence, bad language)
Story Mode, Empire Mode, Co-Op, Online, Multiplayer, Battle Mode, Sandbox (Free Roam)
Hedgehog Engine (next gen), CryEngine5
Preceded by
Proceeded by
Sonic Adventure 3: Revelations


After the world we once knew is wiped out by Dr Robotnik on the Day of Devastation, after a chain of events happen overtime, we follow Anthony (Sonic) the Hedgehog who after the death of his mother and after a string of events that occur after the Day of Devastation in his life, he's left a torn person who has now become a Freedom Fighter (a solo freedom fighter) who fights against Robotnik's laws and his rule in general. However, after an event that shakes the core of everything Robotnik wants to prove, Anthony is then wanted until an unexpected and unlikely hero, known as Miles, who tells Anthony about the Jewel City, a safehaven for survivors of the Day of the Devastation. The two go on a mini however epic adventure to get to the Jewel City, then after eventually stumbling upon the City, befriend new people such as Gin the Psychokenetic Hedgehog, who then discover that Robotnik has 7 World Leaders across 7 continents, so Anthony gathers a ragtag group of survivors to battle and fight these World Leaders across the globe and so a world changing and life changing adventure, and a war slowly rises...

Main article: Sonic Empire/Story


Sonic Empire will be a breath of fresh air in terms of gameplay, as the game will consist of multiple features and new techniques too. Of course, there will be new combos, and tag team combos do make a return from Silver the Hedgehog. However, firstly in terms of Sonic's gameplay, it'll resemble that of Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric's Sonic gameplay (wait, don't panic yet) although Sonic will be faster than he was in that game. As for how it's similar, Sonic will not be able to do the typical Spin Dash and Homing Attacks on enimies, since the game is going for a more realistic feel, Sonic (when encountering an enemy and when the player presses the button in order to attack) will in fact do actual fighting movies, such as triple kicks, ground slams, backflips kicks etc. Sonic will also be able to carry a weapon with him (not a gun) such as for example a spear which he has as his default weapon towards the start of the game. Sonic will be able to use that spear to fight enimies too as well as throw the spear at enimies. The upside to Sonic having a weapon is that more damage is dealt to the target than the normal fighting moves. 

The other supporting characters who appear in the game do resemble their features in their past games however with a more realistic twist, for example Knuckles now has gloves he's made since he had his hand chopped off. Knuckles' gloves are default however can deal alot of damage. This goes the same with most of the playable supporting cast.

A feature that is brought into this game is the Hunger and Thirst as well as Stamina bar which are at the top left side of the screen. They're usually full at first, although they can decrease. If Hunger decreases, the player begins to lose health and if at zero the player dies. If thirst decreases, it effects the players Stamina, to which the player (whatever playable Story Mode character) will slow down and if fully at zero, the player's character will just walk through the stage and lack his skills to fight. If they're all at zero, the player's character will just ultimately die. To keep this from not happening, the player can find water and collect it in a bottle, as well as explore the map to find abondened shops which contain canned food etc.

One new feature that has been added is the Skill Tree however and this skill tree is for all the playable characters  (by this I mean all playable characters in the game's story not unlockables, they'll have default attacks). All skills in a skill tree are locked at first, and it's only Sonic's default attacks. In order for the player to unlock skills in the skill tree, the player will need to collect E-Coins as well as also Units. These are the two new currencies in the game which will be explained further on. When the player collects enough Units in this case, he/she can go to the main menu and buy a skill from the Skill Tree. However, not all skills are unlockable via Skill Tree some skills are unlockable via console/PC achievements, side quests etc.

Also stages in the game are quite differentiated from the traditional, Sonic and the other playable characters in the game are able to explore the map as well as stages, and therefore there is more freedom, kind of like Unleashed and Rise of Lyric. After a mission, the player can just explore the map if he wants too, as this game's sandbox map is one of the biggest in any of the TVOS franchise games (as they also include free Roam/sandbox).

Enimies also this time around have different coloured bars on their heads dependent on how strong they are. Green means that they're easy to kill. Yellow means they're neutral. Red means they're quite hard. Orange means they're really hard. Gray means they're wild and violent and black means they're smart and are also exteremely hard to kill. The Black coloured bars are very hard to find on enimies, and if they are spotted it takes the player strategy in order to defeat them. One thing however is that a headshot with whatever character and weapon will always do a lot of damage to the enemy/target. 

I did mention before the two different currencies, in the game Units and E-Coins. Units are actually main menu coins and are given after completing missions, side missions, achievements and Multiplayer. E-Coins however are the currency collected in the actual game. Though, since the game is meant to be very realistic, you don't just collect E-Coins by running past a stage and collecting them, they're usually earned by missions, quests and finding them in areas to which the player can collect and can buy stuff say at the Diamond City or a survivor camp, such as food and items that can help the player etc. 

As for gameplay features, stealth and going in causing a ruckus in missions is considered by developers, so the map is developed to fit either sides of the coin. The player can use stealth to get through a level, using stealth attacks to get through, or go in doing fighting attacks and all. 

Modes that make a return in this game are Free Roam/Sandbox, Co-op  (up to 2 players), Multiplayer (up to 4 players), Online and Hardcore Mode. New modes introduced in this game are Empire Mode and Gladiator Mode.

Another thing mentioned here but not elaborated on that much yet here is side quests and side missions. Side quests are very similar to how they were in the TVOS series games as well as 06 and Unleashed. People can ask you to get their cats out of trees, to people paying you to mess around with someone's head and even killing people etc. Some side quests even link in to unanswered questions in the main story.

As for a few new notes, vehicles can be used in the game, such as vehicles similar to Speeder as well as normal buggies and vehicles in general. The only playable character in order to do this is Shadow. 

NOTE: In a way, overall, the game is very similar to Fallout and it's kind of gameplay and style. You can replay missions after completing the game, create save slots and the game does have a mod toolkit (similar to that of Skyrim and Fallout 4) for people willing to mod. However modding with a plug in made by fans is also allowed, as long as it doesn't interfere and breach with any Online coding/files.

Playable Characters

This game consists of many characters, old and new, with the old characters having new takes on them because of the world this game is set in.

Anthony/Sonic the Hedgehog

Anthony/Sonic the Hedgehog is a very determined character and a main protagonist to the game. After losing his mother on the Day of Devastation, his life changes quite ultimately, and after a series of events which also tear him emotionally, he decides to dedicate his life to defeating Julian Robotnik, and becomes the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog. He can run at super fast speeds, and fight with precision, using his mighty spear to completely end enemies.

He is voiced by Ryan Drummond.


Anthony/Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles Prower

Miles Prower is a flying fox who has his R.H.I.N.O Battlesuit Armour he wears, and is still a mechanic as in TVOS series. He is quite a smart fox and obviously a survivor of the Day of Devastation. He is a taller version of himself from the previous games. While being darker and more mature than he was in the past series, he still has his witty and foolish charm at points in the game and is also more motivational with people due to his past. Though, little did Anthony know, that Miles has a goal of his own...

He is voiced by Lainie Frasier (his voice is higher pitched obviously but not as high pitched).


Miles Prower

More characters being written soon...

Unlockable Characters 



This list compiles of all the stages and missions within the game. Stages do however work differently compared to that of normal Sonic games read the Gameplay section to understand how.

Day of Devestation

Follow Anthony's mum: In this mission, the player is tasked with following Anthony's mother, with the player playing as a younger Anthony. There are obviously no hostiles and the mission is pretty simple. The player will see though lots of panic, such as traffic, military soldiers all over the place as well as military soldiers guiding Anthony;s mother as well as other civillians. There's also helicopters in the sky as well and lots of screaming and commotion heard. This mission ends at a gate.

G.U.N Safe Zone Ship

Search the room for any weapons of self defense: Here the player can take control of three characters, a decade older Anthony, Jax and Sally. The three of them are in a room, and they have to search for anything they could use to fight with, with options including brooms, sticks, laptops, a frying pan etc. Interaction button will come up when the player is close to an object that can be interacted with to which when the player picks one up, the mission ends.

Make it to the end of the hallway: The player, whatever character he/she plays has to silently make it to the end of the hallway which is quite a distance away. 

S T A L K E R - Dark Ambient Creepy Horror Chase Tense Music

S T A L K E R - Dark Ambient Creepy Horror Chase Tense Music

Tension music in this mission (and sorry for the thumbnail lol)

This mission is more of a horror mission in a way, since the hallway is quite dark and there's distant sounds of the weird zombie creatures in the distance. If the player goes too fast, he/she may hear it go closer to them or it'll spot he/she and inevitably kill he/she by jumping at the player. 

Escape the creatures: The player has to now escape the creatures in this mission, they're chasing the player with quite some pace so its a very intense scene. Fast paced music is playing in this mission. The player can fight these creatures with the self defense weapon he obtained however it won't really do that much damage to them and the player will be faced with an endless wave of creatures trying to kill the player. The player can also fight them while running, since these creatures can crawl on walls so the player can take a little swing at them while running if in time. Though, in general the mission's music is quite fast paced.

Sunken Hotel Base

Glide using your wingsuits to the checkpoint and avoid being detected by enimies: The player is wearing a wingsuit and has to glide through various obstacles, mainly parts of buildings and the base itself. The player does also have to avoid enemy patrol ships from detecting him/her or else he fails the mission. The player is guided to he/she's location with rings in the sky similar to that of GTA V and the player keeps gliding through them. Although, as far as avoiding enemy detection, that the player has to figure of themself.

More coming soon...

Side Quests


Story Mode

Main article: Sonic Empire/Story 

This is the game's main story that is begun by default. In this game, there's no option to go to Story Mode a it starts by default. The game is in a sandbox automatically, and missions from the story, side quests etc are there too. However, for the most part, with the stages and such like, Story Mode remains way closer to how it originally was in the TVOS series.


Multiplayer and Co-Op in this game work like they did in the other TVOS games, you can control up to 4 characters in an optional split screen or normal screen (if you would call it that), and it's only co-op for up to 4 characters to play for Story Mode as well as Sandbox/Free Roam (which is practically where the player is at for the entire game).


Works exactly like in previous games, but this time players can now craft their own weapons in Online by visiting survival camps where blacksmiths are at, this includes guns as well as melee weapons. Another feature is that you are able to make your own crew by gathering maybe friends or an in general group of players online and call it whatever you want and they'll appear as light blue blip on the map when the game is paused. You are also able to create your survival camps by gathering objects and saving them in your inventory (which I'll explain later), where you can then find a place in the Online map where you feel is right to build a camp. You can even build a collection of camps and make a city almost though would probably take more than one player in order to achieve that. The camp will also be the place where you can save your progress in your in general Online experience since you'll be going to all types of lobbies throughout your time of playing Online. There's many opportunities with building in Online as you could probably even make a crew hangout or in general a hangout for friends, the opportunities are quite endless.

As for the new Inventory, if the player presses Square when standing still in Online, an inventory pops up, sort of like a menu. It's very much structured like how this menu is structured. Although it has "Inventory" on the top and obviosuly very different in terms of the options and the design. The menu design itself looks more older and retains a wood-like look to it. It only has one option at first which is "Items" and if the player presses it the player is given some categories such as Walls, Floors, Crafting Material, Decoration Materials, Misc etc. If the player presses, say Decoration Materials, the player will see many different materials there as options and besides them is <n/6> (n was written as it's whatever number) and the number out of six, is how much of whatever material in that specific option the player has collected. When the player presses one of these categories, and goes to a specific material or house components like a cupboard or a door etc. it'll spawn in front of the player and the player will be able to control that object and place it in whatever position he/she wants. 

Missions do also make it return from TBB though are mainly side quests given by characters that are barely or not at all in the story mode for the game. Some missions do connect dots from Online and Story Mode, as Online is meant to take place after Story Mode occurs and consedering what happens at the end people think Anthony has died. So that is referenced alot in Online. Some missions deal with killing certain people while others deal with trading or killing a group radiated creatures to which the player will be rewarded with E-Coins just like with Free Roam in Story Mode. Usually missions/side quests can be found by seeing people/Mobians with blue x's on their heads. 

Lastly another new addition is levels and rankings for the Online player, so at first when the player first joins Empire's Online he/she'll be on Level 1. If the player completes a mission depending on how big the mission is and how it has been approached, you'll gain XP and will be brought up to Level 5. If the player continues doing this or unlocking achievements etc the player's XP will increase continously. 

So, in general, Online is pretty much what the players anticipate it to be. There are still even many of Julian's bases across the map whether that'd be in abondened towers, warehouses or in a certain section of the map, where the player or a group of players can raid. Lastly, inspired by Rockstar's Editor in an update that came a week after the game's release, there is a Scene Director Mode, where after doing whatever the player has done in Online, such as fighting other player, or getting into a fight with another crew. The player can go to this Scene Director which is basically a replay of what the player has recorded in an Online session and change camera perspectives etc to make it more movie like. The player can even set up a scene in a private session with actors (such as maybe NPCs or gang NPCs) and actually fight them in game then edit that in Scene Director as well.

Empire Mode

Gladiator Mode

In the Free Roam, there's multiple arena like places around the map. The player is able to see them and enter them by paying the fee which is about 10 E-Coins. The player will be able to take his own weapons with him, mainly melee weapons. Though there's an option of weapons when entering the arena that the player can take such as decorated spear, a bow and arrow, a triden, axe etc the list goes on. Some weapons will need to be unlocked however here. After choosing that weapon the player wants to fight with there's a small cutscene with Anthony walking up the steps and heading to the arena, the camera though facing his back. He would have the melee weapon the player picked on his back. Then the Gladiator Mode would start, like expected there's waves of enimies that come here whether that'd be radiated creatures or Julian's robots and sometimes robots they put together themselves that look quite badass and very dystopian like. Like in normal gladiatorial battles, the waves of enimies gets higher in numbers, as well as the harder it gets etc. There is also some boss fights, such as some radiated creatures, as well as other human or Mobian contestants who fight the player. When completing the Gladiator Mode, the player unlocks a weapon from the Gladiator Mode which he/she can use in Free Roam and in Story Mode, E-Coins or Units as well as skills on the Skill Tree. Players usually use this mode to test out their attacks and practise their fighting skills.

NOTE: All playable characters from the Story Mode are able to fight in Gladiator Mode. 

Hardcore Mode

Voice Actor Cast


Collectibles and Enimies


DLC Packs 

Trailer Descriptions


Pre-Release Reception 

Fans in general were quite excited for this game due to the game's graphics firstly being one of the best, and fans are shocked as to how this game topped The Blue Blur and Silver the Hedgehog: The Telling of the Future's graphics, therefore the attention to detail in stages, and espiecally in city areas which fans were also surprised about as they thought forest stages in recent games have had the best graphics, that couldn't have been topped. Another thing fans anticipated for this game, is the gameplay as well the gameplay mechanics, fans felt that they've really improved on gameplay mechanics (after playing demos at E3) spiecally since EXE Chronicles didn't have that good of a gameplay mechanics as Silver's game did. So they thought this did good in that area, buttons were well utilised as fans were scared that they were gonna give us basically Rise of Lyric gameplay which wasn't the case. The thing fans though mainly liked was the plot of the game and how innovative and unique it was, while some were sceptic over time they did get use to this "Realistic What if?" kind of plot. 

However, not all criticism was met to good standard, the game's what if storyline did generate many memes dealing with Sonic and in general mediocrity of the idea. The memes included how edgy Sonic is as well as how Sega changing Sonics name to Anthony was a bad move though this point only was an annoyance for a little bit when William, the creative director reassured fans that they changed Anthony's name for a reason and so that Anthony overtime actually earns the Sonic name after "a chain of events that shake the plot completely" go down. Some memes though dealt with how also this game would make Shadow look stupid for being edgy. To which then Ryan Drummond told fans in an IGN interview that Anthony won't be edgy and that isn't their goal, Sonic will gain his whit that he's known for during the game since he does have quite a tragic past in the game's story which is explained at the start of the game.

Post-Releaase Critical Recepticon


These are different quotes from within the game. If you refresh the page, there'll be different quotes from the game's story that'll appear.

"They didnt die for our, no...they died for the human race"-Anthony (Sonic)


  • If an online player is caught cheating Online, whether that'd be a mod menu or what, they're either banned or without them knowing put in a session full of hackers. After the player leaves that session, there's a notice that comes on the screen telling the player how long he/she is banned from Online for. 

Easter Eggs

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