Sonic Earth 2: Back 2 Earth Again is the sequel to Sonic Earth. It stars new characters, and the characters are about as tall as their Sonic '06 appearances. A third movie has been planned, and a rumored title is "Sonic Earth 3: Adventure DX".

Characters/Voice Actor


  • Sonic the Hedgehog/Sonic the Human (Roger Craig Smith)
  • Miles "Tails" Prower/ Miles Prower *Human* (Zac Efron)
  • Knuckles the Echidna/ Knuckles the Human (Travis Willingham)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog/ Shadow the Human (Kirk Thornton)
  • Sliver the Hedgehog/ Sliver the Human (Quinton Flynn)
  • Amy Rose/ Amy the Human (Ashley Tisdale)


  • Zachary Barnes (Zachary Gordon)
  • James Jefferson (Devon Bostick)
  • Nicholas Steinstan (Owen Wilson)
  • Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (Mike Polleck)
  • Isabella Shapiro (Kate Higgins)
  • Cable Guy Larry (Larry the Cable Guy)
  • Candace Tiffdale (Cindy Robinson)
  • Phineas Flynn (Vincent Martella)
  • Ferb Fletcher (Thomas Stangster)
  • Buford Van Storm (Bobby Gaylor)
  • Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz (Dan Povenmire)


Scene #1: "Back to Earth"

The heroes of Mobius are seen beating up bots in one of Eggman's new bases. When the heroes bust through the last set of bots, they head into the main control room to apperhend Eggman. "Eggman!" shouts Sonic,"You've got to get a ring of tips, because 1991 called." "What did they want?" asked Eggman, confused. "More butt-kicking!" shouted Sonic, who was sucked into a portal by Eggman,"Hey! I'll get you, Eggman!!!!" Sonic fell through the portal, his body becoming taller, his ears disappearing, his fur disappearing, and his human body was formed. Sonic woke up and found himself in Danville, California. "Oh no," Sonic said,"I'm back on Earth!" He looked down at his human body and said;"Great...this again." He saw a famillar house off in the distance; the Flynn-Fletcher residence. He realized that now he was in Danville, in 2020, years before Mobius' current timeline.

Scene #2: "At Eggman's"

After Sonic was sent to Earth, Tails and Knuckles tried to beat up Eggman, but also fell into the portal. Meanwhile, Sonic was rushing around, looking for any way off Earth. He tried to get into NASA HQ without being seen, but failed and was arrested for trespassing on NASA property. Sonic was locked up, and his Spin Jump and Spin Dash were now gone, but he still was the fastest thing alive. Back at Eggman's base, a fight between the Egg Portalizier and Amy, Shadow, and Sliver was going well for the heroes until they heard Amy scream this:"HELLLLPP MEEE GUYYYYSSSSS!!!" before she was sucked into a portal. She landed in the middle of the road (Sonic X reference, from Season 1, Episode 1) along with Knuckles and Tails, who were humanizied. Amy was too. Cars and trucks honked at the trio. Tails tried to fly, but realized that his twin tails were gone. Knuckles could still glide, but not climb walls, and Amy could just pull out her hammer. "HEY!" shouted Amy,"STOP HONKING AT US, YOU WEIRDOS!!!" There was silence then, even from Tails and Knuckles. A 20 year old with red and a 19 year old with green hair (bet you can guess who these guys are!) peered outside the front seat windows. "Ferb," the 20 year old said,"Those guys look famillar..." "They look like Sonic characters," Ferb said,"Phineas, could their nemesis have sent them here?" "Nothing's impossible, bro," Phineas replied,"But let's seize the day, just like when we were kids that summer." Phineas and Ferb got out of the car to ask the strangers where they were from. "We're from Mobius," replied Tails," My name's Tails Prower, inventor!" "I'm Knuckles of the house of Edmund," said Knuckles. "And I'm Amy Rose," said Amy. Phineas turned and saw police cars surronding the friends. "You!" an Italian police officer shouted at the Mobian trio,"You're under arrest for being affilated with a criminal! I'll also arrest you two, Phineas and Ferb, for inventing things in 2007-2012 summers without adult supervision." Wait, Knuckles thought, Sonic was the first one to come here, so he must've wanted a way off Earth and tried to get into NASA HQ! Knuckles whispered this to Tails and Amy;"Sonic broke into NASA HQ to try and get off Earth". Back on Mobius, Shadow and Sliver had been battling the Egg Portalizier for longer then expected, and then Eggman sent them to Earth.

Scene #3: "Eggman Comes To Danville"

Shadow and Sliver had landed in the same area as Amy, Tails, and Knuckles had. The police were still there. "Oh shoot," Shadow said,"CHAOS SPEAR!!!" Then a GRRRK came from Shadow's hand and the Chaos Spear hit a police car's front bumper. A police man turned around at fired a bullet at Shadow, and it shot through Shadow's heart. Shadow died about 2 minutes later, which he said "Maria...". Sliver was arrested, while Shadow's body was placed in a cryogenic freezing facility so the blood could be reversed back into Shadow's heart. Just then, a large portal appeared in the sky over Danville. At the prison, Sonic looked to see that Tails and Knuckles were sharing a cell with him. He then noticed the Egg Carrier DX coming out of the portal. Eggman had crossed dimensions!

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