Sonic Earth Is An Action Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle Game Developed By Sonic Team And Published By Sonic Team. It Is A Human Counterpart Version Of Sonic


Visil (Sonic) - The Main Protagonist Of The Game Who Represents Sonic In Human Form. He Is A Twelve Year Old Boy.

Vera (Amy) - The Protagonist Of The Game Who Represents Amy In Human Form. She Is Eleven Years Old And Is More Courageous Than Amy, However, She Still Has A Secret Crush On Visil.

Max "Mighty" Taylor. - A Deturtagonist Of The Game Who Represents Mighty The Armadillo. In The End, Mighty Was Shot In The Head By R.O.B.O.T.nik But Resurrected By Visil And Vera.

Ray- Ray Is The Tritagonist Of The Game Who Represents Ray The Flying Squirrel. Ray Can Fly Like Tyler But Only For A Permanent Time And Stop On Command.

"Tails" Tyler - Tyler Is The Protagonist, Deturtagonist And Tritagonist Of The Game Who Represents Miles "Tails" Prower. Tyler Can Fly Like Ray But Only For A Temporary Time Because He Will Get Tired When Flying, He Flies For Atleast Four Minutes. Before Getting Tired.

Fire Blaze - A Protagonist / Villain Of The Game, She Was A Villain Turned Hero Along With Steven Shadow. Created By R.O.B.O.T.nik She Was A Clone Of Vera And Set Out To Destroy Them As ROBO's Assassins. She Has The Ability To Shoot Fire And Teleport. She Can Also Be Playable On The DLC Campaign Named "Hunting Visil And Vera" Where It Plays From Her Point Of View From The Game.

Steven Shadow - A Protagonist / Villian Of The Game, He Was A Villain Turned Hero Along With Fire Blaze. Created By R.O.B.O.T.nik He Was A Clone Of Visil And Has Some DNA Of A Shadow Person In Him. He Can Vanish Into Black And Appear In Front Of Someone, Thing Or Place, Much Like Chaos Control. He Can Also Be Playable On The Two DLC Campaigns "Hunting Visil And Vera" And "Revenge On R.O.B.O.T.nik" Where It Switches To His View On Hunting Visil And Vera, And Being The Main Protagonist In Revenge On R.O.B.O.T.nik.

R.O.B.O.T.nik - The Main Villian Of The Game Who Represents Eggman/Dr.Robotnik. He Is Half Human And Half Cyborg. His Weapon Is A Pulser Blast And A Gun (Which He Used To Shot Mighty) And Is Trying To Destroy The Fast Boy (Visil) And Vera, Along With All There Friends. He Created Badniks, Shadow, Blaze And Mostly All The Villains Apart From Shadow People, Aliens And The Government

Badniks And Other Villians - These Little Guys Are Mostly Like There Original Counterparts, The Only Difference Is There Color And Look, The Badniks Are Purple And Looks Like A Snail, Along With Other Villians.

Shadow People - These Things Are First Encountered In Visil's Sleep Paralysis Sequence. They Enter His Mind And Attempt To Attack The Helpless Visil, Obviously Failing. They Have The Ability To Temporarily Paralyse People To Deal More Damage To Them. They Can Teleport Around The Place To Get Away From Attackers.

Aliens - The Aliens Are Creatures That Come From An Unnamed Planet Here To Abduct, Attack And Test On There Victims, Learning About Something Called Genetically Enhanced People (Or People Born With Extraordinary Abilities) And Try Abducting On Them, Starting With Visil And Vera But Ultimately Failing After Chasing Them For A While.

The Government - The Government Is A Faction Attempting To Keep Things From People, Covering Up The Aliens And Saying Shadow People Aren't Real. If Something Is Exposed, They Would Attempt To Silence Them. Trying To Test On Extraordinary People, While Also Trying To Kill Them.

Grey Silver - Silver Is A Character Who Appears Revenge On R.O.B.O.T.nik. He Represents Silver And Comes From The Future To Warn The Others From There Dark Future. It Will Switch Between His View And Stevens View.


The Game Is Played Like The Original Sonic Games. Set In Chapters And Acts Are In Chapters. Sometimes Can Be In Third Person But Will Switch Back To Sideways At A Certain Point. You Collect Stars Instead Of Rings And Run Around The World Trying To Defeat The Badniks, Shadow People, Government, Aliens And R.O.B.O.T.nik. You Can Also Use Something Called Summon, Which Summons People From Your Party To Help In Your Battle.


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The Roleplay Can Be Found On The Wiki, Depicting Events Of The Game Through Users, The Roleplays Starts In Chapter One, Which Can Be Found Above


Mr.Magic Man - First Seen In The Theatre In London, He Uses Magic Spells To Attack And Wears . His Abilities Include: Avadacadbra (Makes You Fall Back 2 Ft), Go Away, Silly Day (Makes You Vanish For Three Seconds), Throw (Deals Damage By Throwing Wand), Baa! (Shoots Magic Beam Which Deals Medium Damage), You Need To Pay First! (Shoots Multiple Beams That Are Different Colors, It Deals Low, Medium And High Damage All Together.) His Battle Is Running Around His Stand And Dodging His Attacks.

Freddy The Deddy - Freddy Can Be Seen In The Hotel In New York. He Is A Man Wearing A Hoodie, Trousers, White Trainers And A Yellow Bear Mask. He Attacks The Player By Using Pulses And Punches.

Steven Shadow - The Battle Between Shadow Is Quite Similar To Visil's Mechanics Accept He Uses Black Vanish

Fire Blaze - Blaze's Battle Is Much Likes Mr.Magic Man's Accept There Is Fire And You Chase Her As She Teleports.

The Government Officials - These Guys Use Guns To Try To Shoot You Multiple Times But Miss If You Dodge On Time But If You Are Hit They Shout Things Like "The Boy Is To Fast!", "Fire! Fire! Don't Let Him Get Away And "I Can't Do This Anymore" Eventually Escape.

Alien Mothership - This Space Ship Fires Around You, Trying To Kill You As You Jump From Platform To Platform. You Must Hit Three Weak Spots Before Destroying It.

Shadow People - Taking Place In Visil's Mind, The Shadow People Are Creatures Trying To Attack You By Paralyse As Well As Other Things. Abilities Include: Paralyse (Temporary Paralyses The Player), Punch (Punches The Player), Vanish Attack (Vanishes Only To Pop Up Close The Player And Attack Him)

R.O.B.O.T.nik - The Final Boss Of The Game Taking Place In Canada, R.O.B.O.T.nik Uses His Robot To Try And Destroy Him. His Robot Is Destroyed, Gets Into His Suit And Tries To Defeat The Player With Bullets, Hitting And Pulser Blasts. He Fails And Flees From The Area, Leaving Steven And Silver To Take Him Down.


Music By Crush 40 And Steve Jablonsky For Cutscenes.


  • Arcade
  • Co-op
  • Free
  • Story
  • Online Race

Unlockable Content

  • Arcade Mode Can Be Unlocked By Completing Story Mode.
  • Free Mode Can Be Unlocked By Completing The Game 100%.
  • The Gallery Can Be Viewed By Completing The First Two Levels, Showing Concept Art, Videos And DLC Trailers.
  • Skins Can Be Unlocked By Going Around The Map And Taking A Picture Of The Character.
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