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Sonic Dimensions is a game developed and created by Jocky221 on IOS and Android only. The Gameplay is similar to Sonic games on these platforms in the past but with added work to the formula. No More Edit on this page after November 26, 2014 but the Reception on the game. IOS version released November 25, 2014 and Android version November 26, 2014.


Story takes place before Sonic Adventure 3:The End of the World that is released in late 2016.


Silver, Blaze, and Marine come from their respective dimensions to Sonic's dimension but this caused the dimensions to collide and if Sonic and his friends don't find and fix the Dimension Time Switch in the the center of the Earth it will be the end of time. In the end of the story, Blaze follows Silver to his dimension and leaves Marine the Racoon to take over the kingdom in Blaze's Dimension.


Sonic Dimensions Title Screen

 Playable (Super Forms Are Optional After 50 Rings in Regular Stages) (Choose who you want to play as in any level)

  • Sonic the Hedgehog/Super Sonic (Special Ability: Boost)
  • Silver the Hedgehog/Super Silver (Special Ability: Telekinetic Power)
  • Final Boss Load Screen of Super Sonic

  • Blaze the Cat/Burning Blaze (Special Ability: Flame Power)
  • Marine the Raccoon (In Game Purchase) (Only in Stage Select) (Special Ability: Attack Multiple Enemies at Once)


  • Dr. Eggman
  • Eggman Nega
  • Professor Pickle
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Amy Rose
  • Metal Sonic

Game Modes

Main Game

  • Story Mode
  • Time Attack

    Regular Load Screen for Sonic

  • Boss Attack
  • Stage Select


Check who is the top player.


Play with a friend.


  • Music
  • Concept Art
  • Cutcenes


Adjust the game to your liking

Voice Actors

Sonic Roger Craig Smith
Silver Quinton Flynn
Blaze Laura Bailey
Eggman Mike Polluck
Eggman Nega Mike Pulluck
Tails Kate Higgins
Amy Rose Lisa Ortiz
Marine CIndy Robinson
Professor Pickle Dan Green


Lakeside Heights (2 Acts)

This is the first level in the game it take place in a low populated ocean area.

Storm Carnival (2 Acts)

A party is happening and they need to try and save the people there from getting hurt. This is also where they come to meet Professor Pickle for information on the Dimension Switch.

Aquatic Tracks (2 Acts)

The water level that takes place right after Storm Carnival. Silver is the advisable playable character because he is the only one who can swim in water.

Steel Mile (2 Acts)

This takes place in the base the Eggmen are staying to work together. Eggman and Eggman Nega evacuate The Egg God before our heroes arrive.

Energy Circuit (3 Acts: 1 for each character)

Final level on earth. Blaze, Silver, and Sonic attempt to go to the Energy Curcuit to get to the Dimension Time Switch.

Energy Circuit

Final Trials (3 Acts: 1 for each character)

The final level in space you play as Super Silver in the first act, Burning Blaze in the second act, and Super Sonic in the third act


Nega Thunder Cat

The robot created by Eggman Nega. This boss battle takes place after the Storm Canyon level.

E-978 Radion

The robot created by Dr. Eggman. This battle takes place after the Energy Circuit level.

The Egg God

The Ultimate robot that is created by Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega. This is the final boss battle. This is fought by Super Sonic, Super Silver, and Burning Blaze.

The Egg God


The IOS version of Sonic Dimensions received generally positive reviews. IGN and Game Informer have similar opinions on how the game is a fun time but they hate the fact it is exclusive on IOS and Android devices. Empire Magazine thought that this game was only average and "it was only just a hold over until the main console game coming out next year." GameRankings felt the IOS version was 'above average'. Also although giving the score 7/10 Gamespot said this game can give excitement to Sonic and platformer fans for the blockbuster of a game coming out next year, Sonic Adventure 3: The End of the World.

The Android version was taken less better overall than the IOS version because of the frame rate at certain points but it still got positive reviews either way.



8.7/10 (IOS)

8/10 (Android)


77/100 (IOS)

71/100 (Android)


72.39% (IOS)

64.96% (Android)

Game Informer

8/10 (IOS)

7/10 (Android)


7/10 (IOS)

6/10 (Android)


3/5 (IOS)

3/5 (Android)

Sonic Dimensions Gameplay in Lakeside Heights