Sonic Dash 3 is a Endless Runner Action adventure mobile game continuing the game's "Dash" Franchise and for the first time introduces Fan Characters as playable characters. going back to the classic gameplay with new areas to explore and a new Vs. Mode is introduced.

Sonic Dash 3
Sega, FTR Games
Hardlight Entertainment
iOS, Windows Store, Apple Store, Google Play
Play Status
Free to Play (with in app purchases)
Release Date


Sonic Dash 3 play entirely like Sonic Dash 1 except with new characters and a new envirement based off of lost hex. there 4 areas you can run through and fan characters are added as playable characters.


Playable Characters.
Character How to Unlock
Sonic Starter
Tails Purchase with 20 red star rings or earn in the Spinner
Knuckles Purchase with 35 Red Star Rings or earn in a Spinner
Amy Purchase with 25 Red Star Rings
Shadow Purchase with 40 Red Star Rings
Blaze Purchase with 55 Red Star Rings
Silver Purchase with 45 Red Star Rings
Rouge Purchase with 50 Red Star Rings
Cream Purchase with 65 Red Star Rings
Ion Purchase with 70 Red Star Rings or buy him throudh the store.
??? Event Character


Standard Mode

Play the game like you would originally

Vs. Mode

Get farther than other players and claim victory.

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