Sonic D. Hedgehog is the Main Protagonist of Sonic Piece. He is the Captain of the Blue Blur Pirates.


In the his childhood, Sonic grew up admiring his Uncle Chuck, who is a pirate. He would often try to join the crew, but was always declined. One day, after another failure to join his Uncle's crew, he unknowingly ate a Devil Fruit, costing him his ability to swim.

Despite this set back, Sonic decided go to sea by himself, but his boat was attacked by a shark! However, his Uncle came by, and saved him, but it cost him his arm. Sonic decided to not set sail, and vowed to train to be a great pirate. Chuck then gave Sonic a Ring made of Fool's Gold, and he promised to one day become the King of the Pirates.


He looks like main series Sonic, except with brown fingerless gloves, a red unbuttoned vest, and a necklace with a gold ring.

After the timeskip, Sonic changed to a red sleeveless roll-neck sweater with a white stripe in the middle, a black belt with a gold buckle, white gloves with red cuffs, a grey and yellow bracelet with green in the middle, and new red and white sneakers with yellow on the toes to the ankles. He wears his gold ring necklace under his sweater.


Sonic is reckless, brave, and kind and somewhat gullible. He cares for his crew deeply, and will risk his life to rescue them if they are in danger.

After the timeskip, Sonic has grown more mature, and has become a better leader, due to the near-death of his crew, and his training with Lupe.

Powers & Abilities

  • Dash-Dash Fruit: Sonic ate the Dash-Dash Fruit, making him a Speed Man. He can move at incredible speed, but, he grows more hungry the more he uses it, however due to his Chaos Energy he doesn't get hungry much anymore.
  • Combat Skills: Sonic spent ten years training to be a pirate.
  • Chaos Energy: Sonic can manipulate Chaos Energy. He has a large supply of it.
  • Wolf Fang Arts: Lupe taught Sonic martial arts.


  • Blue Tornado: Sonic runs in a circle, creating a powerful tornado.
  • Sonic Bullet: Sonic accelerates the speed of his punch. It can punch through Iron Bars.
    • Twin Sonic Bullet: Sonic preforms the Sonic Bullet with both hands.
  • Sonic Tommy Gun: Sonic unleashes a barrage of accelerated punches.
  • Sonic Boom: Sonic moves faster then the speed of sound, creating a sonic boom. Doing so, empties his stomach, leaving him vulnerable.
  • Sonic Wind: Based off Antoine's Flying Slash Attack. He kicks to create a flying slash.
  • Wolf Fang Arts: Wolf Ax: Sonic jumps into the air while preforming a front flip, and slams his heel against his opponents head.
  • Wolf Fang Arts Secret Technique: Palm Strike Spear: Sonic curls his fingers and thumb, and strikes his opponent in the chest with his palm. It has the power to shatter a ribcage.


  • Devil Fruit Weaknesses: Because he ate a Devil Fruit, he can't swim, or touch sea prism.


  • Sir Charles: Sonic's Uncle. He admires his uncle, and he is the reason he became a pirate. He hates hearing his Uncle insulted.
  • Sally: Sonic's first crewmate and friend. Despite their less the friendly encounter, they have since become good friends, with an unbreakable trust between them. Sally ultimately worries about Sonic the most, and even went as far as to forcibly train him, so he would stop getting nearly killed. As of Voyage 60, He and Sally are now dating.
  • Rouge: Sonic second crewmate and friend. At first, Rouge only joined so she could steal from him, but she came to like the crew, and hesitated. After she did steal from them, Sonic chose to hear her side of the story, and defeated the Mobster forcing her to steal. She is now a permanent member of the crew.
  • Tails: Though not having the brotherly care the original versions have, Sonic and Tails are good friends.
  • Tangle: Sonic and Tangle are good friends, and Sonic is the most patient with Tangle's antics and hyper personality.

Differences from Main Series

  • Sonic got his Speed from a Devil Fruit, rather then being born with it


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