Sonic Crossovers is a pixelated beat-em-up PC fangame.


Sonic Crossovers has every Sonic Character, OC, version (eg; modern or Boom), etc.. The way to win is to be the last one standing and fight one or more opponents. You can choose a background, a level of difficulty, a song, an opponent, multiple opponents, or even all characters. You can even make your own opponent or player and describe their attacks and abilities. All characters are unlocked. You can’t transform, but you can choose the forms on the character choice (like choosing to play as Super Sonic).


Only Hp is displayed on the screen, but a character has every attribute.

Attacks and Abilities

  • Attack 1
  • Attack 2
  • Attack 3
  • Attack 4
  • Special Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Final Attack
  • Finishing Move
  • Limit Break
  • Max Break
  • Transcendence Break
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