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Sonic The Main character

Sonic Corrupted is a fan game made by Chaos Blaze inc. along side

Water Nymph Studios.

In game characters

Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic is the fastest thing alive and goes where ever he feels even if he lost contact with his family a long time ago. He dslikes evil of all types and will go out of his way to save anyone in need. Shima and Sonic may have got off on the wrong foot to start out with but Sonic will do anything to protcet her.

Violet the Hedgehog - Violet is the oldest of the Ultimate Lifeform Family and holds a dark past not many know of. Becuas of this she want's to make up for her wrongs and works with Sonic and Kayden to save the world from what ever life sends her. She fights Cain becaes of the fact he want's to get rid of the Ultimate Lifeform.

Kayden Ouron - Kayden is the Choesn One and holds a power that may someday force him to do something worse then death. Even if the days ahead are unclaer his cokey mind is alway's ready for what come's next. The man he fights wants to remake man kind for his "beter stroy".

Shima the Hedgehog - *Coming soon*

Hali the Hedgehog - *Coming soon*

Kaia the Hedgehog - Kaia lost her family to a fire a few moths ago but keeps srong. Kayden and Kaia are coles and repest each other alot. She fights the father in a hope to stop him from using other for his joy.

Shadow the Hedghog - He is the first Ultimate Lifeform to come out of hiding and is dark man who gave up his past. He may not have Darkness or Pureness but he is just has powerfull has his sisters. The man he fights doesn't seem of this world but it's almost like Shadow know's him.

(More info coming soon)

Themes of the game

Game theme - Blow me away by Breaking Benjamin

Sonic - Good theme (Coming soon) / Dark theme - Mr.Trouble Maker by Janne Da Arc

Violet - Good theme - Be One by CAO / Dark theme - Missing by Evanescence

Kayden - Good theme - Wild Fang by Janne Da Arc / Dark theme - Animal I have become by Three days grace

Shima - Good theme - That's What You Get by Paramore / Dark theme - Evreybody's Fool by Evanesence

Hali - Melt by Hatsune Miku

Kaia - Again by YUI

Shadow - (Coming soon)

Game play

(Coming soon when I get more time)

Story and sript

(Same goes for this)

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