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Sonic Conquest
Tye The Hedgehog
Release Date
3D Tatical RPG
Single Player Multi-Player(Online)
Nintendo 3DS
Followed By
Sonic Conquest:RB

Sonic Conquest is a new 3D tatical rpg only for the 3DS. It is the first game to start the new series. It takes place somewhere in mobious call Valencia. The release date for the game is unknown.

The story follows the Avatar (Name is Gale for Holy Knights and Lin For the Rebels((Default Names)) and it's friends(either side) as they try to stop their opposing forces. It's Similar to the fire emblem series where they have a dual system to defeat your enemies. You can also customize your avater to something that you like.


War is happening between The Rebels and The Holy Knights. You as the player decide rather who side wins this war.The Knights want Power and Order while The Rebels want Freedom and Adventure. It's up to you the player to choose your fate. The wheel of fate is turning. There is a possible version where the character brings peace to both sides.


Like most rpg games each character and every character has a class which some can upgrade them. The Avatar starts off with the Hero class. Then there are other class that othr characters have. You can change your class from time to time depending on what you wanna use for that class.For example Tye is in the Swordmaster class and a few others are in different classes.

The fighting system is based off of Fire Emblem's Dual System. This feature allows you to pair up with another units.. So basically the lead character receives a boost in stats from the supporting unit. This brings us into Dual Attacking which allows your supporting member to attack with you if you are near them. Dual Guard allows the support character to push the character out of the way of an attack and block the attack, nullifying all damage. 

So Other than the combat fighting everything else is in 2D/sprites (execpt cutscenes) for various reason. 


The Holy Knights

On this side you choose to work with the highest orde,The Holy Knights. You choose Power and Order over Freedom and Adventure. Their only wish is to rule Valencia and end the Rebels and other people who oppose them.

  • Leader is Rin

The Rebels

On this side you choose to aid the rebels and continue the rebellion that goes against The Holy Knights. You choose Freedom and Adventure over Power and Order. Their Wish is to free Valencia from order and let everyone be free. They stand up against The Holy Knights.

  • The Leader is Tye


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Here are the basic classes you need to know about

  • Hero
  • Swordmaster
  • Healer
  • Mage
  • Archer
  • Fighter
  • Knight

Some sides will have exclusive classes only for that side


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Sign ups?

Use as many characters as you like and a roleplay will be stated when we have enough people for each side.

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