Sonic Comics Fanon is a Fanon Version of the Sonic Comics and is a rerun to the Begining of Sonic Time. every issue has at least 2 Storys.

Sonic's Story

Setting: Green Hill Zone

Sonic is running thriugh green hill zone. all of a sudden he see's a giant robot come off of the horizan. Sonic Stops and then Runs to the Robot. Sonic starts to talk to the Robot, "Hey big Boy What are you doing in my neck of the woods?" "I AM HERE TO KILL SONIC THE HEDGEHOG." Said the Robot. "Well then i guess i should be going now." Sonic Started to run the robot started to shoot rockets at sonic. sonic dodges the rockets. the robot shoots 3 more rockets. sonic dodges 2 and gets hit by the third. The Robot Walks up to sonic. he grabs sonic and takes him bake to robotnik's hideout.

Setting: Scrape Brain Zone

"Let...Me...GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sonic Screamed. "I am so sorry but i can't have you ruining my planes. Sonic the hedgehog." Said a Mysterious Voice. "DO i Even Know you?" Asked Sonic. "Yes...Yes...Yes... I am in imfamous Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Creater of all non-organic life forms. concurer of south island leader of the dark egg leagion." Robotnik got Cut off by Sonic. "And this is suppose to matter to me why." "Because without you here i will be free to destroy all nature and make every thing robotic. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Well then i guess i'm going to have to stop you." Sonic Spin Dashed and Broke the Robots Hand. He Catapulted himself at Robotnik's Nature Destroyer machine. the Robot Guarded the Machine. Sonic Destroyed the Robot. Robotnik came out in his egg wallker. "Now you will see real power." Robotnik shot a lazer beam at sonic. sonic dodged it and spin dashed Eggman's machine. "You %$#@ Hedgehog you destroyed my machine." "Well it's all in a days work. and i will not let you destroy my home." "Well then you'd better get your army ready because i'm comeing full charge and you will not survive." "Yeah We'll see about that when the time comes." Sonic Rushes out the window and runs home.

Tails' Story

Setting: Tails labratory

"Whew i've been working all day on the tornado. mabey i should go home. Yeah mom and dad are probaley worried sick about me." So Tails left his labratory and went home. on his way there he saw a weird looking figure leaping throught he trees. The Figure Vanished. all of a sudden Tails Heard screaming from his home town. he ran home. his house was on fire. "Oh no oh no oh no MOM DAD WERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!" Tails Screamed. Tails Rushed into his house. He check his room and the kitchen and even his sister's room but nothing. finally he ran to his parents' room and he saw them lieing on the ground blood splattered and dead. he Looked to the Back of the Room. he saw he same figure that he saw in the forrest. "Well well well if it isn't the little fox kid i saw in the forrest." Skulk said in a Sarcastic voice. "Your going to die you racoon freak." tails Launched himself at Skulk Skulk Dodged the Attack. "Name's Skulk you can find me in many places if you want to fight meet me at skull Island. see Ya." Skulk Flead the Scene of the Crime. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tails Screamed into the Smoke FIlled Sky.

Knuckles Story

Setting: Angle Island/MASTER EMERALD Podium

"It's Been five years and i still don't what is going on with me. am i the protector or am i ment for more." Knuckles said talking to himself. All of a sudden there was a gun shot. Knuckles Rushed to the MASTER EMERALD. Knuckles Stop at the Top when he saw a bullet fly into the Master Emerald Shattering it over Angle Island. He Turned and saw a wolf. "Who the %#^$ are you Wolf." Screamed Knuckles. "Names Fang... Fang the Sniper. happy to O'blige." Said Fang. "What are you doing here you wolf." "Not Much just collecting some lut." "Well knock it off." "No." "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Knuckles Lunged at Fang. Fang Dodged and started Shoting at Knuckles. Knuckles Dodged and Punched the Ground knocking over Fang. Fang Retailiated and shot 2 bullets at knuckles knuckles got hit with one. knuckles the stood up and picked up the first shard of the master emerald of of the podium. he Used it and his fist started to glow green he lunged at Fang one More Time and Knocked him out. Knuckles Hand Cuffed Fang and Took him to Prison.

End Story

Setting: Green Hill Zone

"Well that Robotnik Fellows probley right i should get togethre and take a couple of Heroes to help me fight the Villains." Sonic Picked up a Power Traking kit.

Setting: Funeral Home

"So when is there funeral going to be sir." Tails Asked the Funeral Home Manager. "It will be in 2 weeks. young sir." Said the Manager. Tails Left the Funeral Home Depresed and ready to kill the murderer of his Family.

Setting Angle Island Prison

"Well who's paying you for the Emeralds." Yelled Knuckles at Fang. "That's Non of your bees wax." Said Fang. "Well then just sit here and rot." "Deal" Knuckles Walk out of the Jail.

Look for Issue 2: Angles and Demons Relaesed June 25 2009

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