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What is this???

Sonic Chronicles 2: The Travel Tales is an upcoming FANMADE game created by AmyRose14 on the SNN, or Superstar101rose on Youtube.

Silver and Mirage are the only other playable characters that get cut out of the game after a few chapters, or if you put in the wrong things for a conversation.

Sonic Chronicles 2 Best Trailer!

Sonic Chronicles 2 Best Trailer!

Trailer #1 (Note: Fan Character Opennings are now closed)



Sonic The Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Amy Rose

Cream The Rabbit

Shadow The Hedgehog

Rouge The Bat

Knuckles The Echidna

Shade The Echidna

Miranda The Raccoon

Marisol The Raccoon

Marine The Raccoon

Missy The Raccoon

Blaze The Cat

Candy The Rabbit

Jake The Hedgehog

Mikee The Echidna

Honey The Cat

Fly The Fox

Francisco The Flying Squirrel

Diana The Fox

Alter The Wolf

Playable Characters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The fastest thing alive. Sonic can travel faster than the speed of sound hence his name. Sonic has kind, heroic, and carefree personality and saves the day as if it was an everyday job. He once again needs to defeat the forces of evil with his friends by his side.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower: A two- tailed fox who is the loyal best friend and sidekick of Sonic. He is a smart young boy who spends his time repairing machines yet most of his time saves the world with his friends alongside him.
  • Knuckles the Echidna: A short-tempered and somewhat gullible echidna. He is guards the Master Emerald which controls all seven Chaos Emeralds and is strictly protective over it. He is a bit gullible but is easily angered but packs quite a punch.
  • Amy Rose: A pink hedgehog who has an obessive crush on Sonic. This girl will do whatever it takes to get Sonic to go on a date with her. Amy's trademark weapon is a Piko Piko Hammer.
  • Cream the Rabbit: A long- eared rabbit who is Amy's best friend who is implied to be her sidekick compared to how Tails is to Sonic. She is a kind and gentle young girl but can be bold when need to.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog: The dark rival of Sonic who is the Ultimate Lifeform. Shadow lacks a sense of humor as well as having signs of showing happiness. Despite this, Shadow isn't heartless and has shown to care about others instead of his own well being. He is the leader of Team Dark and G.U.N.'s best agent. He has a new apprentice, Jake the Hedgehog and treats him like Sonic does to Tails.
  • Rouge the Bat: A bat who is G.U.N.'s top spy but she has an obession over jewels. Most people think of her as a selfish young woman who cares about nothing but her jewels. But she isn't completely heartless as she has shown to care more for others, even when not admitting it.
  • E-123 Omega: A destructive robot who was created by Doctor Eggman. However, he hates his creator for wasting his potential and locking him up to guard Shadow. Omega is G.U.N.'s greatest weapon considering he is literally a walking arsenal. Once again, this ruthless robot joins the saga, helping everyone save the world from harm.
  • Silver the Hedgehog: The hedgehog who comes from the future appears in the sequel. At times he may be cocky and somewhat naive but is good-hearted and knows what is right. Appearing in the sequel, he is found joinning everyone battling the forces of evil. He is best friends with Blaze who he seems to have met in the future.
  • Blaze the Cat: A lavender colored cat who is a princess of another dimension. However, she often prefers to work alone. She is the guardian of the Sol Emeralds and developed a friendship with Silver the Hedgedog in the time of the future.
  • Shade the Echidna: An echidna who reappears in the next adventure. Shade's personality is the opposite of Rouge as she has a noble spirit. She appears to be closer to Knuckles than any other character, and is very shy when showing it.
  • Marine the Raccoon: The leader of the Raccoonettes and the best friend of Blaze the Cat. Marine has a love for adventures and exploring around places with her crew. At times Marine can be considered a bit odd or annoying but can be serious when need to be.
  • Jake the Hedgehog: The Ultimate Apprentice of Shadow the Hedgehog. He has devoted his life to serving under Shadow as his apprentice and always puts Shadow and his friends before himself. This can be quite a problem for him because of his kind nature earning him so many friends. Above all and when in doubt, he will do as instructed by G.U.N. and/or Shadow. Miranda is Jake's girlfriend and he tries to keep a close eye on her seeing as she gets into trouble often.
  • Francisco the Flying Squirrel: As the master of the winds, Francisco is still determined to master his wind powers. He is always alongside his friend Bullet, the Bullet Bill. Francisco helps out his friends whenever, but is more contempt on keeping himself away from danger. Francisco is always ready for a battle, and never turns down a fight.
  • Mikee the Echidna: A lving Master Emerald. Mikee is made of half of the Master Emerald's energy and protects it alongside Knuckles. She can be shy at times but has a short temper.
  • Candy the Rabbit: A very long-earred rabbit who is a member of Team Girl Power and she is the best friend of Honey the Cat. She also has a secret crush on Tails. Candy is intelligent, kind, cheerful, and considered "charming."
  • Honey the Cat: A pigtailed cat who is fourteen years old. She is the best friend of Candy the Rabbit and also a member of Team Girl Power. Honey is a tomboy and is known to be easily enraged if insulted which could possibly attack her foes and even her friends with her claws. Despite this, she is good-hearted and bright.
  • Miranda the Raccoon: A member of the Raccoonettes and the girlfriend of Jake the Hedgehog. She is said to be the least valuable of the trio but she tries her hardest. She is sensitive of which may bring her to the point of crying and sometimes leaves her in bad situations.
  • Marisol the Raccoon: Miranda's best friend and sister who is also a member of the Raccoonettes. She is hydrokinetic just as Marine.
  • Missy the Raccoon: The newest member of the Raccoonettes and the youngest member. Missy is known to be very silly and a tad ditzy to where she can be over-confident and naive.
  • Alter the Wolf: A cryokinetic wolf with extraodinary talent. He is known as the Protector of Chaos. After breaking loose of Mephiles the Dark's constraints and manipulations with the help of Shadow, Jake and co., Alter has done everything in his power to prove to the world that he should not be feared as the Dark Fang anymore. Alter is very quiet and very distant from others, but he will always lend a helping hand to stop evil.
  • Lily the Cat: A young cat who is capable of using psychic abilities such as Psychic Lily. She is very kind and friendly. She seems to share a special friendship with Alter.


Note: Some characters that were going to make a major part in the story were moved to cameos in the middle of production due to time limits:

  • Ray the Flying Squirrel: A yellow flying squirrel who was previously Marisol the Raccoon's boyfriend, but the two have broken up for unknown reasons, although it was hinted in one seen by Jake as Marisol was acting a bit bossy.
  • Mirage the Raccoon: Marine's right hand ma'am of The Raccoonettes. She is a mechanic and appears to be the brightest of the group.
  • Diana the Fox: A fourteen year old light blue fox who has been trapped in a tower her whole life until she had met Sonic and fell in love with him. Although she's shy and softspoken, she is very talented at singing and has an interest in orchestra and Mozart.
  • Cesar the Hedgehog: Coming soon.....


Dr. Eggman


Black Doom

Nocturnus Decurion

Nocturnus Praetorian

Nocturnus Dynamite

Dark Oak

Fiona Fox

Scourge the Hedgehog

Molly Fox

Penny Raccoon


Green Hill Zone

Sapphire City

Mystic Ruins

Maple Forest

Creepy Crossway

Station Square

Unagi Cove


Angel Island

Voxai Colony

Zoah Colony

N'rrgal Colony

Kron Colony

Night Carnival

Nightmare Base



Due to the fact that there can be over 23 pairings, we will do the Sonamy/Tailream plot. The two are combined because if you choose a regular or "Common" if you will, pairing, then it will include another common pairing. So here's the Sonamy/Tailream plot

when selected from the menu screen, this is what you will see:
Current Sonic Chronicles 2 character screen

The current character selection screen. Note how there are currently 16 spots left. Hurry in!!

You would hear: "I'll do it!" for Amy, and "Yeah, let's go!" from Sonic.

You would hear: "I'll try my best!" from both Tails and Cream..

PS: When in gameplay, you can type or say what you want the character to say. The cutscene is made by the game, but the characters' dial

Chapter one:

Next....there would be a cutscene showing Eggman with a crown on his head, saying, "There is no doubt that I have ruled the world!!" Then, Team Sonic appears to be infiltrating his base, but just as they grab the Chaos Emeralds, Dr. Eggman uses a teleporter, and teleports Amy, Sonic, Tails, and Cream to the Green Hill Zone, and that's the end of the cutscene. Then, you see Sonic, Tails, Amy and Cream in the small forest of Green Hill Zone, near the waterfall. Sonic will say, "What? We lost?" Amy will sigh, and whisper, "Yes, Sonic. We...lost." Cream will start to cry, and Tails will comfort her, but adds, "Sonic! What about Mirage??" Sonic then gasps. Mirage was the one who was always the supporter between the duo. Ever since Sonic first met Tails and Mirage, they had been best friends. Sonic then clenched a fist. "If Eggman did something to her...." He released his anger in a punch at a rock. Cream then jumped and said, "How about we split up! Sonic and Amy can go to Central City to find Mirage, and Tails and I will head to Mystic Ruins to find Big. He's part of Team Rose, and we can't leave him in Mystic Ruins!" Tails and Amy nodded happily, and took off. "Come on, Sonic!" Amy cried happily. Sonic smiled and took off with his friend.

Once reaching the bridge between Central City and Green Hill Zone, Sonic and Amy notice that a nocturne scout, Dakite, was walking around, patrolling the area. Amy gasped. "Sonic....what?" Sonic was too busy fighting the scout and this is the first boss battle.

After defeating Dakite, Sonic carries Amy over the bridge to Central City, and a mission pops up on the screen, saying, "Beat Tails and Cream to the completion of the mission. Tails and Cream will take 4 full days, and starting from now, you will be on the clock all day and night, trying to find Mirage." This is a time mission. Do not change the time at all, even if it is Daylight Savings Time, because if you bring it back, it moves to the next day, it you move it forward, it moves to the next day! This is the end of part one to the first chapter. There are 3 parts to every chapter....

Part 2

Once reaching Central City, the entire city is in ruins. "How can we find Mirage here?" Sonic sadly cried. The two hedgehogs had to run throughout all of Central City, and it was quite big. Amy sniffled. She was tired of Sonic forgetting her love for him. Yes, they somewhat fell in love on the last journey, but Sonic had probably forgotten. Sonic was running around when he saw Tails' workshop. Tears streamed down his face. "Mirage...." he sobbed. The place was in flames. The entire workshop nearly collapsed. Sonic burst into the room, only to find Mirage.... "Mirage!" Sonic shouted. He picked her up, and started charging past the flames. Sonic felt like he was about to pass out, when Mirage groaned, and whispered, "Sonic...." and passed out. Sonic went even faster, and blew the door away, jumping as the workshop collapsed. The two of them tumbled down the hill, and landed at Amy's feet. Mirage was holding onto Sonic when she noticed she was free. "Sonic, oh thank you!!" she cried, leaping into his bruised arms. Sonic was so happy she was safe. "Mirage, I would've been crushed if you had been killed in the fire. What happened??!"Sonic asked, dusting his friend off. "Dr.Eggman, wants to marry me again! When I refused, he set the workshop on fire! I tried to run, but the door was blocked. I didn't know what to do. I thought it was all over, and Miranda and Marisol were almost trapped, but they left on your adventure. I need to find Tails. The only thing that I really could save was Cosmo...." Mirage sadly sighed. Sonic smiled as she pulled out the plant, created by Cosmo before she died. "Well, the two of you are alive, and that's what matters. Come with us Mirage!"


The game play of Sonic Chronicles 2: Travel Tales will feature customized teams of 2 that will work together throughout the game. Some characters will have exclusive access to areas that other characters can't reach. Additionally, the pairing of characters is impacted by how they react to each other. Some pairs will work together and get along well while others will often argue and jepordize the mission so choose wisely. The following is a list of pairs.

Team Speed Hammer (Sonic and Amy)

Team Unbreakable Bond (Sonic and Tails)

Team Powerhouse (Sonic and Knuckles)

Team Arch Rivals (Sonic and Shadow)

Sonaze (Team Fast Flames) Coming soon...

Team Speed Captains (Sonic and Marine)

Sonrage (Team Speedy Fantasy)

Team Sibling Bond (Tails and Amy)

Tailream (Team Sidekick)

Team Young Love (Tails and Candy)

Tailrine (Team Flying Captains) Coming soon...

Tailrage (Team Flying Fantasy)

Knuxade (Team Echidna 1)

Mikade(Team Echidna 2)

Knuxaze (Team Guardian)

Team Treasure Hunter (Knuckles and Rouge)

Shadamy (Team Dark Hammer)

Team Jubilee (Amy and Cream)

Team Spy (Shadow and Rouge)

Team Dark (Shadow and Omega)

Team Chaos (Shadow and Jake)

Shadilver (Team Dark Future)

Shadandy (Team Dark Chocolate)

Shadly (Team Dark Inferno)

Shadisco (Team Firearms)

Silvaze (Team Future)

Team Sol Sisters (Blaze and Cream)

Team Sticky Fire Rivals (Blaze and Honey)

Team Young Rivals (Marine and Cream)

Mirine (Team Crazy 'Coons)

Team Loving Strikers (Jake and Miranda)

Team Girl Power (Candy and Honey)

Team Echidna Power (Team Echidna Power)

Miranga (Team Spunky Spectacles)

Team Bad Chemistry (Candy and Rouge)

Team Lemon Trouble Twins (Miranda and Marisol)

Team Chaos Inferno (Jake and Fly)

Jakisco (Team Chaos Wind)

Flycisco (Team Vortex) < A vortex is a flaming tornado

Jakandy (Team Bond)

Team Quest (Jake and Mikee)

Team Success (Miranda and Candy)

Team Toppings (Cream and Candy)

Tailisco (Team Flamboyant Flyers)

Silvisco (Team Future Rivals)

Frandy (Team Optimistic Pals)

Team Unlikely Allies (Rouge and Honey)

Team Smooth Claw (Mikee and Honey)

Team Shopping Spree (Amy and Candy)

Team Sonic Boom (Sonic and Omega)

Team Rainbow Clover (Marine and Missy)

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