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Once Dr.Eggman took over when the friends return the place is dark and dim.When Sonic and his friends attempt to stop him they are knocked unconcious and taken to a secret base.Sonic manages to escapes with Amy,Knuckles and Tails but Cream was still in Dr.Eggman's clutches.Sonic discovers Eggman has gotten much more powerful.But how?With the help of new friends and old Sonic and friends must save the world...And Cream.Each secret leads to another

Included Characters

Main characters

Additional characters(Add your character)

  • Knight the wolf
  • Dutchess Night
  • Cream the rabbit
  • Amber the hedgecat
  • Shadow the hedgehog
  • E123 Omega
  • Rouge the bat
  • Big the cat
  • Shimmer the Hedgehog
  • Penelope the Hedgehog
  • Neo the Fox       
  • Emily the hedgehog
  • kaelin the heg fox
  • Zapor the Hedgehog

Optional characters(Add your character)

Non Playable characters

  • Cheese the chao
  • Ix the echidna
  • Eggman Nega
  • Marine the racoon
  • Monica the hedgehog


It runs the same as Sonic Chronicles:The dark brotherhood.Each character can do certain things to unlck things or get on with the storyline.The battle tactics are the same no matter which consol it's on.

XBOX360 controls

Activate specail move:A

Do helping hand:B


Move:Control stick


PS3 controls

Under construction

DS controls

The same as the prequil

3DS controls

Activate specail move:X

Do helping hand:A


Move:Control pad + and control pad O



The opening cutscene is in High definition and 3D.The additional cutscenes are in 3D but not as detailed and at the scene.A few cutscenes are like the opening cutscene like the final cutscene and a few more cutscenes in between but most cutscenes are just on the spot a bit like Sonic Adventure except better gaphics and realistic motions.Unlike Sonic Chronicles:The dark brotherhood the characters actually talk and have voice actors.There is subtitles in the additional cutscenes but not the opening,epilegue and other cutscenes in between.


How it began

The game follows Sonic Chronicles:The dark brotherhood when the game opens up to a destroyed city and crashed cars.It looks a lot like Crisis City from Sonic the hedgehog 2006.Doctor Eggman's shadow grows by the sun and you hear his annoying evil laugh.You see Sonic the hedgehog appear with Amy rose,Knuckles the echidna,Miles"Tails"Prower,Cream the rabbit and Shade the echidna beside him.The team jump up and attack Doctor Eggman when a powerful force pushes them away.They fall to the floor and are knocked unconcious. When they awake the screen is no longer high definition and 3D.They wake up in individual pods of some kind and Eggman says a boring speech.He turns to work on his computor when Amy Rose wacks her hammer through the glass and makes a huge crashing sound.She frees everyone and went to Cream's pod when Eggman grabbed Amy.Knuckles kicked him on the leg causing him to drop Amy.Eggman was in the way but Amy made an attempted to squeeze through and save Cream when Knuckles pulled her away and the team ran out of Eggman's base.Amy was in tears to see Eggman had Cream.Tails said they needed more people in order to defeat Eggman and the friends set off on a journey to stop Eggman.

Finding the "Friend"

Eventually they found Becky who had a mission to find a friend of hers and the guys were forced to do the mission being teleported to another area and unlocking another chapter called Finding the "Friend".Once the friends travel defeating swatbots they unlock a cutscene about Tails wondering who this "Friend" is.They reach a castle to see Dutchess Night who fights Sonic and friends.Once they defeat her they see a picture with a girl inside.Dutchess Night joins you and it all leads back to Eggman's base.The teams split up into groups(Shade,Sonic and Tails and (Amy,Knuckles and Becky).It starts with Amy's group when Amy goes inside the room from when they were kidnapped to see nobody there.Amy goes in despair seeing Eggman had taken off with Cream.Then Sonic's team find a girl surrounded by swatbots being forced to do something.The team attacked the swatbots and won.The girl scolded them for "helping" her when she said she didn't need their help.Infact,she was about to find out how to defeat Eggman.After the minor setback she introduced herself as Cyclone the hedgehog.Sonic assumed she was the friend Becky was talking about.Tails remembered the picture and thought to himself why would Dutchess Night keep a picture of a girl.Once Cyclone explained they needed her to use her powers to make something so they ambushed her at night.She said she thought of the plan to go there and discover if Eggman was using Magic to make himself be invincible so she got herself caught to see if she could solve it all until  "These hooligins" ruined everything.In the end she joined their team and found Amy's group.Becky said she was her friend she was talking about.They continued their adventure.

Sonic CD all over again

In the next chapter Eggman gives Sonic a message where he shows prove he has Nikki tied to a pole.Eggman says to bring Cyclone to him or he will drown her.Eggman says not to bring anyone else.Sonic at first decided to go alone but Cyclone insisted she accompanies him.This gets Amy a little jealous but Cyclone talked it out with her and was able to convince her to let them go alone.After a long walk Cyclone and Sonic meet a rabbit named Cassie who joins your team.After another long walk they are attacked by swatbots which get easily defeated. They eventually find Eggman's new base.Once they enter inside they see Nikki in pain.Sonic helps her up and she feels blushes slightly.Eggman appears with Cream and demands Sonic to give Cyclone in order to have Nikki.Nikki was disgusted on how he just spoke to Sonic and fights Eggman with Cassie.This cutscene is in high definition and 3D.They defeat Eggman and attempt to rescue Cream but again Eggman got away with her.The friends return and Nikki joins their team.After they return to see Knight come and hug Cassie glad she's alright.He says she is one of the last rabbits and joins your team.

Other dimensions

Nikki says she was taken from the Sol dimension when she was with Blaze and Marine.Cyclone says she knows Blaze and Marine and thinks she can help.Cyclone and Sonic find two chaos emeralds to chaos control and go to the Sol dimension.They find Blaze and Marine and Blaze joins your team.Marine says she has to help the coconut crew and the teams understand.They attempt to chaos control home until a robot bird takes the chaos emeralds. Blaze explains the Sol emeralds and the Chaos emeralds shall cause an explosion between both their worlds if the chaos emeralds didn't go back to their world.The guys say goodbye to Marine and travel to get the chaos emeralds which Eggman Nega stole.In an attempt to get them back they defeat the robot bird but see the bird no longer had the chaos emeralds.Eggman Nega put the emeralds in a machine and a portal appeared sucking everything powerfully into it.Some of the team was in a fair range but Sonic,Cyclone,Nikki,Cassie,Becky,Shade,Amy,Knuckles and Tails get sucked into the portal.They awaken in a world that seemed to have taken place in Sonic Adventure. They see Tikal who joins them on their adventure.They find the master emerald to get home and Tikal accidentally seals herself into Sonic's world.The others seemed to have gotten the chaos emeralds and returned to Sonic's world with Blaze.When Blaze goes to the future with the chaos emeralds she finds Silver and smiles.The two have a conversation.This cutscene is in 3D and high definition so it had wonderful graphics.They return still with a 3D cutscene with good graphics and High definition.They speak to Cyclone,Nikki,Cassie and Sonic saying Silver can help.

Ix returns

Tikal and Knuckles have a little chat saying she was so sorry her clan attacked and angered chaos.Knuckles says it's alright and Shade comes along agreeing.Cyclone and Sonic have an arguement.Cyclone says Sonic is acting immature in this situation and Sonic says an adventure has to have humor.In the end Cassie breaks up the fight. Sonic,Nikki and Cyclone infiltrait Eggman's base trying to figure out what he did to make himself superior.They find a scroll that contains a recipe to "Wealth potion".They assume it's what he's using and they report what they found to the others.Amy,Tikal,Tails,Becky,Shade,Silver and Blaze each find an ingrediant and when they return they find Team dark(Shadow,Rouge and E123 Omega) who they beat and they join their team.On the way they find Amber the hedgecat who joins them in delight saying she's looking for Eggman as well.They find Big and Froggie who joins their team as well.The team make the Wealth potion and pours it on everyone.They go to Eggman's base and everyone defeats Eggman.They save Cream and Amy hugs her in joy.It turns into a group hug when Blaze,Nikki,Cyclone and Cassie join in.Once he is defeated they believe they are free when they hear a similar voice.It was Ix!He destroys everything around the team making nothing but rocks and ledges floating around in an orange area.

The final fight

All cutscenes in this chapter are in 3D and high definition.Ix punches half the rock seperating Cyclone and Sonic from the others.Cyclone and Sonic explain they need to work together to save the world and their friends.Sonic gets his chaos emeralds to turn Super Sonic and Cyclone uses her Mystic being powers to become her superior form Angel and the two defeat Ix who grows 50 foot.Once they defeat Ix he vanishes into dust.The land is restored to normal and Angel returns to Cyclone however Super Sonic has his powers drained and he falls to the floor lifeless.Becky and Cyclone combine their Mystic being powers to revive him and he awakens.Nikki hugs him and realises what she just did and lets go blushing getting Amy angry with her.Tikal says her goodbyes to everyone especially Knuckles.She teleports back to her time and Silver returns to his time.Blaze and Nikki return to their world waving goodbye.The series ends with everyone cheering in a celebration for Cyclone and Sonic and their friends with the glee version of Don't stop believing playing.There are fireworks shaped liked every characters face with their voice actors.A bit like the ending of Wreck it Ralph.The credits start and the game ends.

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