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Sonic Chronicles: The Eclipse of Mobius is an RPG for Wii. The game follows Sonic the Hedgehog attempting to save Mobius from a 147-day eclipse that comes every 500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years. While usually, it's beautiful, Dark Oak is just using the line that separates the dark side and the light side as a guide on where to cut Mobius in half, and it only happens during this eclipse. Now, it's up to Sonic and his friends to save Mobius before it's too late!

Sonic Chronicles The Eclipse of Mobius

Sonic Chronicles: The Eclipse of Mobius Box art

Playable Characters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog- A blue, lightning quick hedgehog who lives for free will. He detests any knavish activity and will not do anything formal. He enjoys fighting Dr. Robotnik, but now they have to team up to save Mobius. His best friends include Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, and Silver.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower- A yellow, two-tailed, flying fox who is Sonic's best friend and trusty mechanic. He can build many inventions to help Sonic do whatever it takes to stop Eggman. His best friends include Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Cream and Charmy.
  • Knuckles the Echidna- A red echidna with oversized fists. He devoted himself to the Master Emerald one day, and he spent his days sitting on it. One day, when Sonic told him about Dr. Eggman and the Eclipse of Mobius, everything changed... His best friends include Sonic, Tails, Vector, Silver, and Chaos.
  • Amy Rose- A pink hedgehog with a big hammer and an even bigger love for Sonic. She was looking for Sonic until she found out that the Eclipse of Mobius would lead to the destruction of Mobius. She decided to help change things with her friends. Her best friends include Sonic, Tails, Cream, Big, and Gamma.
  • Cream the Rabbit- An innocent, cream-colored bunny who uses her own two Chao to attack. She lost Chocola one day and she vowed to join Sonic's team forever if he could find Chocola. She is very polite, very nice, and never does anything mean. Her best friends include Amy, Blaze, Cheese, Chocola, and Big.
  • Big the Cat- A large, lazy fisherman cat. He spends his days fishing and hanging out with his best friend, Froggy. He is laid-back, but also very simple-minded. He, like Cream and Amy, is just about nice to everyone except for his enemies. His best friends include Amy, Cream, Froggy, Sonic, and Gamma.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog- A merciless, black hedgehog blessed with the abilities to use the power known as Chaos Control. He differs from Sonic because he rides vehicles and uses guns, two things Sonic says he wouldn't be caught dead doing. He suffers from amnesia constantly, but his friend Rouge helps him through it. His best friends include Rouge, Omega, Sonic, Silver, and Gamma.
  • Rouge the Bat- A clever seductive bat who can fly and treasure hunt extraordinarily well. She is much loved by those around her, but mainly because she is hot and sexy. In addition to digging, kicking, and flying, she also throws bombs. She pretends she loves Knuckles, but it is normally assumed that she loves Shadow. Her best friends include Shadow, Omega, Knuckles, and Blaze.
  • E-123 Omega- A loyal robot to Shadow and Rouge. He lives to get his revenge on Dr. Robotnik, but the Eclipse of Mobius stops him. Now, he's joining his friends to go and defeat Dark Oak. His best friends include Shadow, Rouge, and Gamma.
  • Espio the Chameleon- A ninja chameleon with intense skill. He loves peace and quiet and doesn't like to fight. However, when approached with a fight, He is almost always the clear victor. He can turn invisible, throw knives and shurikens, but his greatest weapon is his ninjato, or ninja sword. He is loyal to his leader, Vector. Not a huge fan of talking, he rarely ever talks. His best friends include Vector, Charmy, Mighty, Heavy, and Bomb.
  • Vector the Crocodile- A green crocodile who wants to be rich. He and his friend Charmy like to laugh for no reason. He is the leader of Chaotix, he can attack by punching, kicking and biting. He agrees to join Sonic and help him defeat Dark Oak and Mephiles the Dark as long as he got paid for it. His best friends include Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Heavy, and Bomb.
  • Charmy Bee- A little bee who looks up to Shadow and Vector. He and Vector laugh for no reason throughout the game and it annoys the rest of the team. He can fly in battle, but he is very weak. He can annoy the rest of the team by asking the same questions over and over again. His best friends include Espio, Vector, Mighty, Heavy, and Bomb.
  • Mighty the Armadillo- A red rolling armadillo. He is cool to most of the team and does not care what other people say to him. He can throw punches and spin dash like Sonic, but he is not as strong as Knuckles. He agreed to join the team because Charmy said it's a good idea. His best friends include Espio, Vector, Charmy, Ray, Heavy, and Bomb.
  • Heavy- A strong robot that can lift just about anything. He can't talk, so that annoys the rest of the team. He is the strongest, but can't jump, and is very slow. His best friends include Espio, Vector, Charmy, Mighty, and Bomb.
  • Bomb- A little bomb. Like Heavy, he can't talk. He is weak like Charmy, but he can jump high. His best friends include Espio, Vector, Charmy, Mighty, and Heavy.
  • Silver the Hedgehog- A psycokinetic hedgehog. He is still very gullible, and naive and is also very negative. He attacks by using psychokinesis, which can lift objects and be thrown at enemies, but he is slow, but he can fly. He promises Sonic that he will never leave the team if he helps him rescue Blaze from the demension she sealed herself in. His best friends include Blaze, Chaos, Sonic, Shadow and Espio.
  • Blaze the Cat- A fire cat. She is very intelligent and has a positive attitude unlike Silver. She attacks by throwing flames and making tornados, can jump high, and is fast. She is stuck in a different dimension at the beginning of the game and needs to be saved. Her best friends include Silver, Chaos, Cream, Amy and Marine.
  • Chaos- A mutated chao. He take himself apart so he can attack more than one enemy at a time. He attacks by throwing his parts and making waterfalls. His best friends include Silver, Blaze, Tikal, Cheese and Chacola.
  • Marine the Raccoon (optional)- An orange raccoon who is one of Blaze's best friends. She is week in battle but can jump high. When Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Silver and Blaze leave the dimension, she tags along with them and she does not come back to the team until later. Her best friends include Blaze, Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Cream.
  • Ray the Flying Squirrel (optional)- A yellow squirrel. He is week but can fly in battle. In the game Mighty asks Sonic if he can join and you can make him say yes or no. His Best friends include Mighty, Sonic, Espio, Vector and Charmy.
  • Jet the Hawk- A green hawk with a hover board. He does not like teaming up with Sonic and he refuses to say that Sonic is good in any way, because he really hates him. He is a tricky character so he is hard to control. He starts to compete with Vector for who will get the money after defeating Dark Oak. His best friends include Wave and Storm.
  • Wave the Swallow- A purple swallow with a hover board. She finds Jet and Storm annoying because they fight for her. Her best friends include Jet and Storm.
  • Storm the Albatross- A gray albatross with a hover board. He can be dumb at times for saying the wrong things and he tries to compete with Knuckles for who is better. His best friends include Jet and Wave.
  • Dr. Eggman- He is a really smart man with an IQ of 300 and he is the only playable character in the game that is a human. He is Sonic's main enemy and only agrees to help Sonic, because he knows that if The Eclipse destroys Mobius, then Sonic will die too, and he wants to be the one to kill Sonic. His best friends include Metal Sonic, Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles.
  • Shade the Echidna- A mysterious Echidna who was formerly one of Ix's henchman, but she quit. She takes everything seriously, and she says that she needs to focus on fighting and saving Mobius rather than a bunch of unimportant things. Throughout the game she befriends two of the playable characters (who happen to be from the comics). Her best friends include Rob O' and Monkey Khan.
  • Emerl (Optional)- A robot who can copy anyones ability. He thinks that Amy is his mother, and she just goes along with it rather than telling him she is not her mother. He is not required to join the team, he is more of a gimic anyways. His best friends include Amy and Cream.
  • E-102 Gamma- Another one of Eggman's robots who betrayed him. Although he had that self destruct on the Egg Carrier, he was reconstructed by Tails and Eggman so he can help stop the eclipse, after his reconstruction he was much more powerful and could do more things. His best friends include Amy and Tails (because he fixed him).
  • Rob O' the Hedge- A hedgehog who happens to look like Sonic except he is dressed as robin hood. He is Amy's cousin. He has arrows that he shoots that happen to help the team in some ways. His best friends include Shade, Amy, Monkey Khan and Sonic.
  • Monkey Khan- He is a monkey king from Chun-nan, he has a staff which allows him to use magic spells, when playing as him, he can use any element and he can also heal the team too. His best friends include Shade and Rob O'.
  • Fang the Sniper- He is a coyote, who is part of a mysterious team that keeps leaving and joining the party out of nowhere along with Bean and Bark. He is good with guns and he likes to search for treasure. His best friends include Bean and Bark.
  • Bean the Dynamite- He is a duck, he is obsessed with bombs or anything exploding, if he has the chance to see something explode he probably will try to make it explode. He is considered annoying by most of the playable characters too. His best friends include Bark and Fang.
  • Bark the Polar Bear- He is a Polar bear, he loves to work out or do any thing that will make him stronger, that is what he lives for, he only focuses on fighting, because that is his favorite thing to do besides working out. His best friends include Fang and Bean.
  • Metal Sonic- A robot version of Sonic created by Eggman. He is programmed to be just like Sonic, but he can also fly and shoot lasers, and he can't take as many hits as Sonic. His best friends include Eggman, Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles.
  • Tails Doll- A robot doll version of Tails created by Eggman. He is considered to be the scariest on the team and people have rumors of his curse. He likes to pretend hes just a regular toy, but hes not. His best friends include Metal Sonic, Metal Knuckles and Eggman.
  • Metal Knuckles- A robot version of Knuckles created by Eggman. Like Metal Sonic, he is programmed to be just like Knuckles, but with the ability to shoot lasers and fly too, but he is not as fast as Knuckles. His best friends include Eggman, Metal Sonic, and Tails Doll.

Non-Playable Characters


Egg Pawn En pwn
Egg Robo Eggrobo
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Gameplay of Sonic Chronicles: The Eclipse of Mobius is a real-time RPG like new Final Fantasy or Tales of Symphonia. Each character has five actions that can be performed with one or multiple buttons: A normal attack, a special attack, a spell, a transformation, and an ultimate attack. There are also four actions you can perform when the "start" button is selected: An item, switching the character from auto to manual (Whether a character is controlled by a CPU or not), the ability to run from a battle, or the ability to check skills so you know how to use them.

A normal attack is just a simple punch, kick, or other simple physical attack. (i.e. Sonic's punch, Knuckles' punch, Rouge's kick, etc.)

A special attack is a much more powerful physical attack, such as a grab or a drop-kick. (i.e. Sonic's Spin Dash, Amy's Hammer, Knuckles's Super Punch, Tails' Tail Attack, etc.)

A spell is a different form of a special attack; it is a strong attack with a certain effect on it, such as an element, never missing, a one-hit kill, etc. (i.e. Sonic's Homing Attack, Knuckles' Rock Throw, Shadow's Chaos Spear, etc.)

A transformation is a character's powering up to a super form or such. (i.e. Super Sonic, Hyper Sonic, Super Tails, Super Shadow, etc.)

An ultimate attack is a super-powerful attack that can only be used when a character's ultimate bar is filled completely. It is incredibly powerful and affects the whole stage. (i.e. Sonic's Super Sonic Wind, Knuckles's Ultimate Boulder, Tails' Tornado Attack, Shadow's Super Chaos Spear, Bean's Bomb Rain, etc.)

Outside of battle, you have one character as the navigator. That character will be used to walk around and talk to people and just navigate. Depending on what character you use, you can do certain things to get past certain obstacles. You can also switch which four characters are on the battle screen at one time.

There are a total of 50 chapters in the game, in which characters go on quests such as saving people, finding hidden objects, accessing a certain area, defeating a boss or ridiculous amount of enemies, breaching a barrier, finding pieces to objects such as massive weapons, transportation, and robots, or finding out ways to access a certain area.


Note: This Section is going to be completely remodeled, so what you are about to read will change.

Chapter 1: The Eclipse of Mobius

Sonic is watching his TV when he sees on the news that the Eclipse of Mobius is coming after five centillion years. Sonic, amazed stays tuned to the TV, finally glad that he has nothing to do. All of a sudden, he hears the words "Breaking news". He quickly looks at the TV. The TV then says that Dr. Robotnik is in his Egg Carrier, ready to attack Sonic's home town. Sonic runs out, quickly, and then finds Tails and Knuckles. Dr. Robotnik sends down his goons to attack Sonic and his friends, but the team quickly defeats them. They pursue Dr. Robotnik and board the Egg Carrier. When they find Dr. Robotnik, they fight him, but don't defeat him. Dr. Robotnik then uses his rocket launcher to blast Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles away.

Sonic wakes up, and sees Shadow in front of him. Shadow helps him up. They investigate to find Metal Sonic in the standby position. Sonic taps his head, but it is a mistake. Metal Sonic wakes up, so Sonic and Shadow have no choice but to fight him.

Boss 1: Metal Sonic

Some time through the fight, Silver comes out of nowhere and finishes Metal Sonic off. Metal Sonic goes back into standby. Silver tells Sonic and Shadow to help him, and that if they do, he will join them forever.

Tails and Knuckles wake up in the Mobius District, hoping to find Dr. Robotnik, but the Egg Carrier is nowhere in sight. The two are ambushed by Egg Assassin, one of Dr. Robotnik's sinister inventions (who returns several times throughout the game). Amy finds Knuckles and Tails on the ground, then sees Egg Assassin. She then fights Egg Assassin, defeats him, and helps up Tails and Knuckles. Amy asks them if they've seen Sonic, but they don't know where he is at the moment.

Dr. Robotnik, being the dirty, rotten, evil genius that he is, decides to revive a foe that even Super Sonic lost to in a fight: Dark Oak. He replaces the old wiring with new wiring, and then Dark Oak is revived. Dark Oak grows so gigantic that he is even too big to stay in Mobius, so he resides in space.

Party 1: Sonic, Shadow, and Silver. Party 2: Tails, Knuckles, and Amy.

Chapter 2: Hostilities

Sonic and Shadow do not know what Silver is talking about when he says 'help him out.' Sonic asks what he means, and Silver says that he has not seen Blaze since forever and he wants to rescue her from her super-dimensional prison. Sonic claims that that is the least of their problems, but then Silver begins to run away since Sonic and Shadow did not agree to help him. Now, they need to find him, as he would be crucial to the team's success. As soon as Silver leaves Ix comes and starts to fight them.

Boss 2: Pir'Oth Ix

Amy, Knuckles, and Tails still pursue Sonic, although he is nowhere in sight. They find a newspaper with an article about Sonic, and that's when Amy decides that he is miles away. She runs very fast along with Knuckles and Tails to find him, but the 'Sonic' in the article was really Silver. Amy asks him what he was doing, and Silver says that he was escaping from Sonic and Shadow because of their disagreement. Amy and her team leave because they are disgusted with Silver leaving the group.

Party 1: Sonic, Shadow. Party 2: Tails, Knuckles, Amy. Party 3: Silver.

Chapter 3: Into the Inferno

Sonic and Shadow find Tails, Knuckles and Amy and then Amy asks Sonic what the disagreement was and Sonic tells her that he refused to help Silver save Blaze. Amy tells Sonic that they need to talk and Amy told him that he should help her and that it won't take very long to do. Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles and Amy find Silver and Sonic apologizes for not helping him. Silver forgives them and they go into the future. Silver uses a chaos emerald to get them in the dimension and when they get inside all the colors went to negative mode.

Blaze and Marine are talking to each other and Blaze tells Marine that she had a friend who's name was Silver, but now that she's in another dimension she won't ever see him again. Marine tells her that someday he might go in the dimension to visit them. Iblis comes out of nowhere and attacks them and they are unable to move.

Boss 3: Iblis

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow and Silver notice Iblis and they get ready to fight him. After they beat him Silver tells Blaze that he came to rescue her and he had to take her out immediately. Blaze says she wants to leave unless Marine can't come. Sonic says yes and they leave. Blaze thanks them for saving her and asks why they did. Silver says it was his idea then Blaze kisses him.

Party: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Silver, Blaze.

Chapter 4: Reunion

After leaving the future Marine leaves and says she might come back. Sonic shows Blaze the Eclipse so she knows what there up against. Blaze says that it's a solar eclipse and that it's not supposed to come very often. Shadow says that mabye they should get Rouge and mabye even Omega. Sonic tells the others that they are going to find Rouge and that they have to come with him.

They leave to find Rouge, but as they start walking to find her she jumps on them and tells them that there is an eclipse that they must stop from Dark Oak. Sonic says that's the reason they are looking for her. Tails starts to explain the eclipse, but Shadow slaps him and says "Shut up Tails, she already knows". Rouge laughs at Tails and then tells them that she will join if she gets a jewel. Sonic pulls one out and says "here, take it, now lets go". Amy says that she saw Cream the other day and she looked sad and that they should cheer her up. Sonic says that they don't have time for her especially because she's a little girl, so they don't want her to get hurt.

Dr. Eggman comes out of no where and releases robots to attack them.

Boss 4: Robot mob

Sonic tells the others to get going so they can find Dark Oak which is still many days away.

Getting Characters to Like Sonic

Throughout the game, Sonic is asked certain questions that the player must choose an answer for the question, depending on your answer, it will make the character like him more or less, depending on what you say certain characters might not make it with you to the end of the game, meaning they won't help you fight the final boss.

Difficulties for getting characters to like Sonic


  • Amy
  • Tails
  • Cream
  • Big
  • Mighty
  • Ray
  • Marine


  • Knuckles
  • Blaze
  • Vector
  • Espio
  • Charmy
  • Heavy
  • Bomb
  • Rob-O'


  • Shadow
  • Rouge
  • Omega
  • Silver
  • Shade
  • Monkey Khan
  • Chaos
  • Emerl


  • Wave
  • Storm
  • Fang
  • Bean
  • Bark
  • Gamma


  • Metal Knuckles
  • Tails Doll
  • Metal Sonic
  • Jet
  • Eggman



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