Sonic the Hedgehog CD 2 , or simply Sonic CD 2, is a platform game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is the sequel of the 2D game and is playable on the wii. It is in 3D and uses songs that has already been used before. It is much like Sonic Adventure 2, using it's songs and graphics.


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[edit] Gameplay

Sonic's gameplay remains similar to that of Sonic Adventure 2 but with the addition of the Super Peel Out, which lets him zoom into a quick speed from a standing pose. He has scrapes all over his body to start some dramatic gameplay

Amy has gameplay in this game, too, unlike the first Sonic CD. She wears her original clothing from Sonic CD. She can use her piko piko hammer for quicker movement with the additon of instant attacks by shaking the wii remote in a circle in the air very quickly. To add drama to the game, after Amy uses her hammer on a enime, blood drips from it when she puts it away behind her back.

Tails comes with the pack as well, and he knows karate! Tails uses kicks and karate chops in this game to give that drama to his story.

Knuckles is playable with everyone else. His story is kinda boring. There's not many levels for him exept team levels. There's no drama in it either.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic has been all scraped up from the last CD game. AND HE'S 12! It turn out this takes you to a skipped period in Sonic's past, you saw he was 11 in the last game right? This is 1 year later people!

Amy Rose

Amy is also in her skipped period of past, she's only 9 in this game but she's got her hammer now. It seems she smashes a bit too hard with her new hammer, I mean look at all the blood on it!


Rouge came along in a secret level with Shadow as a partner. (Hey, I'm a Shadouge fan writing this!) She's 8 in this game, so she can't fly very high. And that's good cause the only flying playable character is Tails and he was to chicken to go fight.




Knuckles was being lazy in this game. I mean just look at his missons! 2 STUPID LEVELS AND THERE ALL JUMP AND DUCK!

Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic was still being restored and a half made one is the main villain of this game.


There is a special gift from Mario and Sonic at the winter games! Complete the secret level 23 times and play as your mii! This could take a while though, this was based after Mario Kart giving you Rosalina if you have a lot of wins and Super Mario Galaxy.

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