This is the timeline for Sonic Burstfire.

Post Worlds Unite Era.

Arc 1

  • Cora Dimension was Created after the battle of the unified worlds, after mobius split into two seprate universes
  • Core City Guardains was formed after The battle of the unified worlds
  • Core Keys was Created from the Genesis Nexus
  • Ion and his friends was created and born at vaired ages.

'Arc 2' 

  • Coratin Empire was formed
  • Eggman discovers the Cora Dimension
  • The freedom fighters ally with the Core City Guardians forming Core City Guradians of Freedom

Arc 3

  • Eggman invades the cora dimension and teams up with Coratin
  • Cora City Guardians of Freedom engage in a battle against both the eggman and coratin empires, with help from the New Freedom Fighters, Silver and Blaze.
  • both empires are defeated and eggman Leaves the Cora Dimension and coratin escapes to his lair.
  • both freedom fighter groups thanks each other for the help and the New freedom fighters leave The Cora Dimension.

Arc 4

  • ion, corta and Otega's Ex Gear was created
  • Jet, Wave and Storm was introduced

Era Ends

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Era

Arc 1

Arc 2

Pre Burstfire: 25 Years Later/Crossfire Era

Brustfire: 25 Years Later/ Crossfire Era

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