Sonic Brawlers

Location Megalo City
Alignment Heroes
  • Sonic Heroes
  • The Chaotix
  • Anyone good
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Anti-Brawlers


Secondary Characters


  • Darkor
  • Darkro
  • Darkra
  • Anti-Clawz
  • Anti-Hornz
  • Copy-Neo
  • Anti-Melody
  • Anti-Wingz
  • Anti-Chelsy
  • Anti-Blitz
  • Anti-Sonia



Clawz and Hornz Story

Chance: Hey, dude. Wanna raid Eggman's base?

Harrison: Yes, very.

Chance: All right then! Let's go!

Chance and Harrison zip to the base, bouncing off security robots, then headed to the Emerald containment unit. First Chance grabbed it, then suddenly, Kapow!! The Emerald mutated his fingers, to where 2 inch claws ripped out of his gloves. Next a wave of chaos energy burst from the Emerald, which hit Harrison, transforming his nose into a horn, and growing 3 horns on the tips of his ears.

Chance: Sweet!

Harrison: Radical!

Chance: Let's see these in action!

Then they attacked the robots, Chance ripping them into shreds, and Harrison bashing holes in robots with his nose horn, short-circuiting them, thus blowing them up. They escaped the base successfully.

Chance: Wow! That was wicked!

Harrison: Yeah, you know, we should probably have cool nicknames because of these claws and horns.

Chance: Your "claws and horns" part of your sentence gave me an idea.

Harrison: Oh yeah.

Chance and Harrison: Clawz and Hornz: Radical Duo!!

Both Clawz and Hornz jumped and high-fived. A new duo had been formed.


Neo Story

Amy chases Sonic. Sonic stops to see a shadow of what seems to be Shadow.

Sonic: Shadow, is that you. No, wait, you have white stripes. Who are you?

It turns out that the mysterious figure was Neo the Hedgehog, time traveling Shadow-look-alike.

Neo: ...............DIE!!!!

Neo: CHAOS CRATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neo's Chaos Crater attack smashed right at Sonic. Amy was astonished.

Amy: AHHHHHHHH! SONIC!!!! Are you okay?

Sonic: OUUUUUCH!!!!!! Who did that!?

Neo: Pathetic. I'm outta here.


Neo is speeding around on his blue futuristic air shoes.

The awesome, extraordinary, superb cat, Chance, with his "new" name, Clawz and his best buddy Harrison, nicknamed Hornz were looking around for their treehouse shelter. With his enhanced sight, Clawz was the only one to see the black and white blur.

Clawz: Hey, who's that!

Hornz: What!!!

Neo: Hey ....wanna team up?

Clawz and Hornz whisper about it.

20 seconds later...

Clawz and Hornz: SURE!!!!

Neo: Yes!!