Sonic boomhog ADVANCED Sprite sheet!

WOAH! It's getting HUUUUGGGEE!!

Sonic boomhog ADVANCED is a sprite comic showing what Sonic the hedgehog, his No.1 fan Grinder Ashcroft, and all their pals get up to. On the request of Dark Paladin Danny (Who you could say is my...mentor?) the Sonic characters left, and characters based on real life friends of the author, Liam Ashcroft, became main characters.

The characters

thumb|300px|right|The cast in a video!

  • Grinder Ashcroft

The main character and Sonic biggest fan.

  • Ripper the Fox

Grinder's brother, has a large arsenal of weapons.

  • Sonic the hedgehog

You all know who he is! He left.

  • Princess Sally Acorn

Sonic's wife. DON'T YELL AT ME SONAMY FANS! She left.

  • Clawz Razorbro

A dude with claws, a badarse guitar, and a scream that can MAKE YOUR EARS BLEED!

  • Hornz Spikebro

Clawz's brother.

  • Matt the hedgehog

Like Clawz, one of Grinder's best friends.

  • Silver the hedgehog

A hedgehog with powers of kick ass. Thats what he says anyway. He left.

  • Rocket Metal

The metal sonic from the opening of Sonic the fighters. He doesn't appear now.

  • Neo the Hedgehog

An assasin for hire. Not to be confused with [[1]]

  • Dr Ivo Robotnik/Eggman.

The main enemy of the comic.

  • Abbo the hedghog

Grinder's pokemon mad friend. His girlfriend is Molly.

  • Amy the hedgehog

A hedgehog who hates Grinder and Ripper and has jet boots.

  • Cam the hedgehog

Grinder and Ripper's best mate.

  • Molly the hedgehog

Abbo's girlfriend.

  • Kyan the leapoard

He is a theif, and Grinder's rival.

  • Mishubi the dog

The instant she and Grinder met, Mishubi fell in love with him. Of course, Grinder doesn't quite return the favour.


  • The comics actually have a theme song!
  • Ripper's fave band is Linkin Park.
  • Clawz Razorbro and Hornz Spikebro's fave band is Crush 40. That explains why they are usually caught listening to Live and Learn, Sonic Heroes, ect.

The comics.

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