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Sonic beyond
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Everyone 10+
SEGA,Sonic Team
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Cry the catbat

Altered clones


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Sonic Chronicles 2:Secrets Galore
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Sonic space
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Included Characters

Playable Characters
Character Info Clone

Sonic the hedgehog


Sonic the hedgehog is the main character of the Sonic series.He will do anything to help anyone and save the world. When this guy's faster then the speed of sound nothing can stop him.

Amy Rose


Amy Rose is a pink hedgehog who is in love with Sonic and wants to marry him. Sonic,However, doesn't return this love.

Shadow the Hedgehog


Shadow the hedgehog is the ultimate life form.He is an experiment created by Doctor.Gerald Robotnik to destroy the world.

Blaze the Cat


Blaze the cat is the princess of the sol dimension.She protects the sol emeralds and because of this she became independent. She learnt to trust others and make friends with the help of Sonic,Cream,Tails and friends.
Flame the dark.png

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the hedgehog by mintenndo-d5uoref.png

Silver the hedgehog is from the future.He is good friends with Blaze and will do anything to keep his future safe.

Miles "Tails" Prower


Tails is a flight type fox and Sonic's best friend.He always wants to help out and is incredibly intelligent.He can fly with his two tails and he always wants to help out.

Cream the Rabbit

Cream the rabbit by mintenndo-d5cbsdh.png

Cream the rabbit is a cute little rabbit.She is incredibly sweet and responsible because her Mother was strict on her which made her a perfect child.She met Sonic after being kidnapped by Doctor Eggman and rescued by Sonic.


Irma Hegine the hedgehog


Irma Hegine is a bubbly hedgehog who has a huge crush on Shadow. She is very sassy and works part time making clothes for models.She loves to draw sketches in her notepad and is Shadow's roommate.


Cyclone the Hedgehog


Cyclone is an adventurous hedgehog that is huge rivals with Mia the hedgehog.She has alot of forms and likes to tease Cassie,Mia and anyone who would react really hard on her.


Rouge the Bat

Wpid-rouge the bat model 3d n2 by fentonxd-d4ltarc.png

Rouge the bat is an agent of GUN and a trained jewel theif.She is Shadow's best friend/Sidekick and Knuckles's rival.She is very flirty and does anything to get her way.

Cassie the Rabbit


Cassie is a 12 year old rabbit and member of WOLF PACK. Some call her a nuisence and incredibly annoying.Her best friend is Knight the wolf and she has an attitude.

Vanessa the Cat


Vanessa is a former GUN member and joined a new secret team called TEARDROP. Her brother is Edward the cat and she is the love intrest of Knight the wolf Vanessa got stronger for punching a wall in anger for her father's death for the rest of her childhood.Now she is cold and cruel.

Mary the Hedgehog


Mary is the future daughter of Shadow and Irma.She is the sister of Lightning the hedgehog and the best friend of Lullaby the hedgehog.She has a crush on Toby the hedgefox and is the only playable character without a clone. Doesn't have one

Name Info

Cry the catbat


Cry is a clone from Chant's DNA. However Cry cared about others and wanted to save the world unlike the other clones.Chant gave her a potion that made her suffer from amnesia and raised her as her own.Chant then lied to everyone and said she was evil and cured her.

Knuckles the Echidna


Knuckles is an echidna who lives on angel island.In this game Eggman tricks him into working with the clones getting all the chaos emeralds.When Sonic and the team tries to reason with him he doesn't listen and turns them away.

Doctor Eggman


Doctor Eggman is the main villain of the sonic series.In this game he saw the clones were ultra powerful and worked with them to collect all the chaos emeralds.The clones eventually betrayed Eggman and Eggman teams up with Sonic and team.



Chant is the legendary pokemon Tusk and can be unleashed with the power of the seven chaos emeralds.She created the cloning pool to make clones which will help her collect the seven chaos emeralds.

Lightning the hedgehog


Lightning is the future son of Shadow and Irma.His big sister is Mary and he is the boyfriend of Lullaby the rabbit.He assists you as a fighting ally throughout the game.

Vanilla the Rabbit

Vanilla the rabbit by crispurplehearts-d6ccvpy.png

Vanilla is the mother of Cream the rabbit. She isn't a big role in the game but she is in party mode.She was kidnapped by Doctor Eggman in Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic rescued her and she was reunited with Cream once again.

Party mode characters


Main Article: Sonic Beyond(Fan Game)/Story

The game features a race to the chaos emeralds in story mode.Sonic and friends were sent into a pool which form doppelgangers of themselves.The clones learn about chaos emeralds and team up with Doctor Eggman to help him take over the world.With the help of,Irma's future children,Mary and Lightning and a young clone who was good,Sonic and the Team must stop Doctor Eggman,the clones and a Lost dragon called Tusk.


  • It's all over by Three days Grace(Final fight song)
  • Get out alive by Three days Grace(Theme song)
  • Until the end by Breaking Benjamin(Cencored)(Song playing in credits)
  • I am all of me by Crush 40
  • A beautiful lie by 30 seconds to Mars
  • Things left unsaid by disciple
  • Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin
  • Fight the knight by Crush 40
  • Live and learn by Crush 40
  • Open your heart by Crush 40
  • My Immortal by Evanscence
  • Vela Nova
  • Believe in myself
  • My sweet passion
  • His world by Crush 40
  • Follow me
  • Dreams of an Absolution
  • Get out by JoJo(English version)
  • Only my railgun by Fripside(Japanese version)
  • Butterfly by Dance Dance Revolution
  • Never too Late by Three Days Grace
  • Losing You by Death by April

Party mode

In this game there is a party mode with mini games and characters which aren't in story mode or aren't playable in story mode.


  • Mix and Match-find 'em
  • Volcano launch-run!
  • Volcano launch-Attack!
  • Mix and Match-beat 'em
  • Wack an eggman
  • Spot the difference
  • Swim for life!
  • Pull the carpet
  • Dolphin race


  • Erica Sakura's Game world
  • Mobius island
  • Metropilous
  • Rock band
  • Crisis City
  • Trouble in paridise
  • Strange Cyberspace


Multiplayer mode is someone selecting a playable character from story mode and another does the same.Then they fight until one has no more rings and is defeated.At the end of the battle each character will be shown their scores.The player has the option for how many rounds there is and what arenas will be chosen.The arenas are based on the levels in story mode.There can be up to 5 rounds.

Chao Garden

This game features a chao garden and a store where you can spend rings you collected for eggs.It works alot like the Sonic Adventure series.This time the chao garden can be selected on the title screen.Once it is selected the player can choose which playable character to go into the chao garden and look after the chao.Like Sonic Adventure 2, once enimies are defeated in story mode, they leave these crystals which can be fed to the chao in the chao garden. If animals are picked up in story mode, the chao can absorb it's features.The player starts off with two eggs.An egg that hatches a normal chao and a mystery egg which would hatch a chao any color.Depending on the characters you play and how you care for it, the normal chao is going to change color,alignment and personality.You can also decide it's name.


The store allows you to buy things for your chao garden using rings collected in stages.You can buy a number of things like:


The eggs you can buy are:

  • Regular egg (10 rings)
  • Golden egg (30 rings)
  • Blue egg (30 rings)
  • Mystery egg (20 rings)
  • Purple egg (45 rings)
  • Pink egg (45 rings)
  • Green egg (20 rings)
  • Red egg (20 rings)
  • Yellow egg (20 rings)
  • Orange egg (15 rings)
  • Dark blue egg (20 rings)
  • Black egg (45 rings)
  • Brown egg (15 rings)
  • Hot pink egg (45 rings)
  • Purple-pink swirl egg (50 rings)
  • Hot pink-Pink hearts (50 rings)
  • Black-brown hearts (50 rings)
  • Green-Yellow polkadots egg (50 rings)
  • Purple-Blue Stripe egg (50 rings)
  • Orange-Yellow swirl egg (50 rings)
  • Blue-Dark blue hearts egg (50 rings)
  • Hot Pink-Black stripe egg (50 rings)
  • Yellow-Red swirl egg (50 rings)
  • Blue-Geen Polkadots egg (50 rings)
  • Pink-Blue stripe egg (50 rings)
  • Orange-Dark blue polkadots egg (50 rings)
  • Sonic chao egg (70 rings)
  • Tails chao egg (70 rings)
  • Knuckles chao egg (70 rings)
  • Amy chao egg (70 rings)
  • Shadow chao egg(70 rings)
  • Rouge chao egg (70 rings)
  • Blaze chao egg (70 rings)
  • Silver chao egg (70 rings)
  • Cream chao egg (70 rings)
  • Espio chao egg (70 rings)
  • Vector chao egg (70 rings)
  • Charmy chao egg (70 rings)
  • Omega chao egg (70 rings)
  • Cyclone chao egg (70 rings)
  • Irma chao egg (70 rings)
  • Big chao egg (70 rings)
  • Cassie chao egg (70 rings)
  • Vanessa chao egg (70 rings)
  • Doctor Eggman chao egg (70 rings)
  • NiGHTs chao egg (70 rings)
  • Reala chao egg (70 rings)
  • Ristar chao egg (70 rings)
  • Zapor chao egg (100 rings)


There are toys for the chao to play with which can be bought.The toys are:

  • Train (10 rings)
  • Ball (10 rings)
  • Teddy Bear (10 rings)
  • Toy Dog (15 rings)
  • Rubber chicken (15 rings)
  • Frisbee (15 rings)
  • Skipping rope (20 rings)
  • Walking Robot toy (20 rings)
  • Music player,plays current character's theme song when turned on (20 rings)

Outfits for Chao

Chao can wear all different tops and features.The things that you can buy are:

  • Microphone (20 rings)
  • Bow (20 rings)
  • Necklace (20 rings)
  • Harp (20 rings)
  • Tiara (20 rings)
  • samuri sword (20 rings)
  • Glasses (20 rings)
  • Guitar (20 rings)
  • Straight blonde girl's wig (20 rings)
  • Black curly boy's wig (20 rings)
  • Brown ponytail girl's wig (20 rings)
  • Spiky red boy's wig (20 rings)
  • Pink dress (10 rings)
  • Black jacket (10 rings)
  • Sonic's shoes (5 rings)
  • Knuckles's shoes (5 rings)
  • Tails's shoes (5 rings)
  • Amy's clothes (15 rings)
  • Rouge's clothes (15 rings)
  • Blaze's clothes (15 rings)
  • Cream's clothes (15 rings)
  • Cyclone's clothes (15 rings)
  • Irma's clothes (15 rings)


Once a character is selected, the player can choose which chao garden to go to.The choices are:

  • Rock Pools
  • Small waterfalls
  • Cream's house
  • Beach
  • Forest
  • Alumia City

Voice actors

Characters English voice actors Japanese voice actors
Sonic the hedgehog Jason Griffith Junichi Kanemaru
Amy Rose Lisa Ortiz Taeko Kawata
Shadow the hedgehog David Humphrey Koji Yusa
Blaze the cat Bella Hudson Nao Takamori
Silver the hedgehog Pete Capella Daisuke Ono
Irma Hegine the hedgehog Monica Rial Yu Kobayashi
Cyclone the hedgehog Tara Strong Yui Horie
Cream the rabbit Michelle Ruff Sayaka Aoki
Rouge the bat Lani Minella Rumi Ochiai
Miles"Tails"Prower Kate Higgins Ryo Hirohashi
Cassie the rabbit Sarah Silverman Satomi Arai
Vanessa the cat Penelope Cruz Mikoi Sasaki
Mary the hedgehog Gwendolyn Lau Ai Nonaka
Cry the catbat Kaitlyn Maher Akemi Kanda
Knuckles the echidna Michael McGaharn Nobutoshi Canna
Doctor Eggman Mike Pollock Chikao Otsuka
Chant Sabrina Grdevich Yuki Matsuoka
Lightning the hedgehog Mathew Valencia Akira Ishida
Vanilla the rabbit Rebecca Honig Sayaka Aoki
Faith Fox Avril Lavigne Sound effects
Alyssa the dog Mae Whitman English sound clips
Christina the hedgehog Michele Knotz Kaori
Nikki"Nikkell" the hedgehog Avril Lavigne Akiakane
Neo Tranquil the Fox Brandon Hart Koji Yusa
Ages Tranquil the Fox Maile Flanagan Junko Takeuchi
Zero Evol Ethan Hart Yuri Lowenthal
Ellie the Bunny Hilary Hagg Miyuki Sawashiro
Echo the Cat Jessica DiCicco Ikue Otani
Dusk Evol Selena Gomez Rikako Aikawa
Zapor Greg Cipes English sound clips
Jewell Hilary Haag Miyuki Sawashiro


All cutscenes are in high definition.The sound quality is reasonably loud and the graphics look like they would be seen in a movie.The handheld version has a little worse graphics though and deleted scenes.


Website Score out of ten
IGN 8.5/10
Nintendo Power 9/10
Yahoo! Games 7/10
Game Radar 9.6/10
GameSpot 8.7/10
GameFAQs 9/10

This game has been well recieved by fans and a favorite to some.IGN gave the an 8.5. for it's wonderful graphics and awesome CGI.Nintendo Power gave a 9/10,pleased with the return of the chao garden and the elements of the Sonic Adventure series.Yahoo games(Who gave the lowest score of all the reviews)Gave a 7/10 saying the gameplay was great and the story had was very exeptional but upset how they brought in pointless characters like Silver,Blaze,Mary,Lightning,Cry,Knuckles,Cassie and Vanessa.Game Radar gave a 9.6. and praised it's gameplay but had the only flaw,which was how the story didn't have enough plotholes and was too realistic for a Sonic game.GameSpot gave a 8.7. who praised the gameplay,for keeping the speed and reminding people "What a 3D Sonic game is.GameFAQs gave a 9/10 and said "The story may be very serious but still kept the humor going".

Select screen

At first there is an intro to introduce the game.The title will appear on the screen and a button which tells the player to press start.Once they do,several options will appear on the screen:

  • Story Mode
  • Multiplayer
  • Party Mode
  • Chao Garden
  • Gallery
  • Options
  • Xbox Live connection(Xbox360 version only)

If Story mode is selected,the player has the option of which Chapter they would like to play.Chapters are unlocked by progressing through the story.

If the Multiplayer option is selected,there will be a screen to select how many players are going to play multiplayer and the option to add controllers.After that the players shall choose their character.

If Party Mode is selected the same screen as multiplayer shows up with selecting how many players will be in the game.Then the player has the option of a wide range of characters to choose from exclusively to Party Mode and the four main characters of the Sonic franchise:Sonic,Tails,Amy and Knuckles.For the first time,Vanilla is a playable character in Party mode(Not in Story mode).The player/s select their character and Party mode starts.

If the Chao Garden is selected,they are automatically in Chao garden but with an option to select which character to go into the chao garden as.

Gallery automatically goes to the page but with more options on what to view.

Options helps select the Subtitles,language,brightness and Difficulty level.

Xbox Live connection

If playing on the Xbox and you have Xbox live you can go wirless and do multiplayer with someone else who owns the game.

Hub worlds

The hub worlds in this game are:

  • Aclumia city(Main/most used hub world)
  • Eggman's base
  • Forest Zone
  • Chant's house
  • City ruins

Gallery mode

Fan art

This is the area where Sonic art made by fans are seen.


This area gives you the option to watch certain cutscenes that you have unlocked in story mode.There is also an option to see all cutscenes at once or play the current cutscene and continue from there.


  • In the 3DS version of this game you can touch the character and they will react(Like in Sonic Rush).
  • Some people find this as a Sonic Adventure 3.
  • This is the first game Vanilla is playable in even though it is only in party mode.
  • This game is rated E 10+.
  • Cassie's clone,Cassandra could have the same name as her because the name Cassie is a nickname.
  • Flame,Cassandra,Vanetta and Lanie are the only clones who don't have red eyes.
  • Lanie is the most colorful clone having pink on her.
  • The clone's theme song may be I am all of me by Crush 40(As well as Shadow) because whenever they are around it plays in the background.
  • Mary is the only playable character without a clone.
  • Irma breaks the The fourth wall in gameplay asking Cyclone why others were so hard on recolors and classify them as art theft.She then states it was "rasict".Cyclone blushes and says it was random while Cassie says they should get moving already.
  • Although the ending song "Until the End" by Breaking Benjiman has lyrics slightly changed from the original.The original said "f**king up" but it was changed to "Messing up".
  • Cream is the only character to be playable in a hub world with Sonic at the scene storywise.
  • Cream and Blaze are the only characters in a Hub world that are female.
  • The game has an autosave feature.
  • In the original script of the game,Cream was going to kiss Tails on the cheek in the final cutscene.
  • In the Game manual,Amy has a different outfit.She wears her olympic games outfit.But in the game Amy is in her usual outfit.Her clone Lanie,however,still has Amy's olympic games outfit which was slightly confusing.



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