Sonic Battle 2 is the sequel to the original Sonic Battle. There are more characters and extra stages, It's for the Nintendo DS. The story is on my talk page (User talk:Mastergravity26) If you want to add your own fan characters or stages please let me know and enjoy.


Sonic Battle 2 has the fighting style similar to Sonic Chronicles and the original Sonic Battle. Players can explore various stages such as Mystic Ruins, or Green Hill and collect rings or Chao Eggs. If you run into the enemy you have to fight them and defeat them to win. You can run away from some enemies while some you are forced to fight. Several power-ups can be bought at the shop or found anywhere around the stage. If you lose, you can retry your battle, or reload your adventure.

Also, you can change the way your character speaks to others like on Chronicles.


Sonic the Hedgehog
Miles Tails Prower
Knuckles the Echidna
Amy Rose
Rouge the Bat
Shadow the Hedgehog
E-123 Omega
Cream the Rabbit
Big the Cat
Emerl the Gizoid
Doctor Eggman
Gizoid Warrior
Nocturnus Soldier
Shade the Echidna


Chaos 0
Silver the Hedgehog
Blaze the Cat
Marine the Racoon
Xrox the Echidna
Xrex the Echidna

Fan Characters

Flash the Hedgehog
Wreck the Weasel
Ben The Hedgehog
David the Fox
Tommy the Hedgehog
Beau the Hedgehog
Andy the Hedgehog

Wireless Characters

Metal Sonic
Egg Robo
E-121 Phi
Tails Doll

Non-playable characters

Guardian Units of Nations

G.U.N Commander

Vector the Crocodile

Vanilla the Rabbit

The President

President's Secretary


Green Hill Zone

Central City

Mystic Ruins

Blue Ridge Zone


Angel Island

Fatal Temple

G.U.N Headquaters

Gizoid City

Nocturnus Base

Moonlight Summit

Planet Egg


Beach Zone

Cyclone Bridge

Space Colony ARK

Emerald Beach

Tails' Lab

Chao Ruins

Battle Highway

Club Rouge

Amy's Room


Metal Depot

Holy Summit

Death Egg


Ocean Palace

Red Mountain Zone

Dusty Desert

Egg City

Battle Hill- Practice Mode

Robo Lab- Wireless Battle Only

Futureopolis- Wirelesss Battle Only

Mushroom Hill- Wireless Battle Only

Sonic Stadium- Wireless Battle Only

Egg Fort 3- Wireless Battle Only

Fan Made

Sunshine Island

The Junkyard

Ben's House

Shadow Ben's Castle

The Suburbs

Story Mode

Here you proceed through battles and explore your surroundings. You can unlock many characters by going through each level. Shade the Echidna is the first character you play as until you get to Green Hill Zone and play as Sonic or Amy.
Sonic 141

Sonic's the name, Speeds my game!

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is the fastest character and will get you through many obstacles. When He Dashes it sends him to a high place so he can proceed. Sonic's attacks start at 20, then it will upgrade to a higher number. The world's fastest hedgehog returns to the Arena to take out any evil and will run circles around the Gizoids!

HP: 255/255

ATK: 20

SPD: 36

DEF: 24

LCK: 22

POW Moves: Fastball, Whirlwind, Axe Kick, Spin Dash.

Shade the Echidna

Sonicchronicles shade

The only one I can trust is Sonic.

Shade is one of the strongest characters in Sonic Battle 2. She can climb walls and teleport short distances. She lost against Xrox the Echidna but she vowed to help Sonic throughout this adventure.

HP: 222/222

ATK: 45

SPD: 23

DEF: 42

LCK: 23

POW Moves: Cloak, Blade Rush, Hyper Hammer, Fatal Fist.

Amy Rose

Amy may not be the fastest, but her hammer allows her to smash enemies and Iron Crates. Amy has a great collection of moves with other players. If you want to experience different attacks, pick Amy.
Amy 13

Stay away from Sonic!

HP: 100/100

ATK: 35

SPD: 5

DEF: 19

LCK: 24

POW Moves: Low Blow, Blow Kiss, Spinning Hammer, Hammer Smash.

Wireless Battles

Got Friends? Then connect and challenge your friends to wireless battle. Here there are extra characters and stages. Please note that every character and stage in wireless battle are only available here.
Metal Sonic 16

I was created for the sole purpose...of destroying you!

Metal Sonic

Sonic's Robot Doppelganger is here to make sure Sonic is finally defeated. After taking several beatings from Sonic, Metal has lost his speech and can't say much, but he only has one mission... TO DESTROY SONIC!

HP: 144/144

ATK: 45

SPD: 30

DEF: 45

LCK: 22

POW Moves: Slash, Rocket Headbutt, Drill Claw, Metal Claw.


Egg Robo 3

Eggman is my master!

EggRobo returns with a his friends to destroy the heroes and serve Dr. Eggman. EggRobo and his team can use several different attacks together.

HP: 100/100

ATK: 38

SPD: 28

DEF: 24

LCK: 19

POW Moves: Web Blaster, Blue Fire, Robot Rampage, Kick

Tails Doll

Tails Doll

Don't be scared Tails...I'ts only you! Hee Hee!

Modeled after Tails and created by Dr. Eggman, Tails Doll enjoys scaring people especially Tails.

HP: 120/120

ATK: 29

SPD: 23

DEF: 19

LCK: 29

POW Moves: Frightening Face, Gem Shot, Spin Kick, Stuffed Punch.


This Robot made his first apperance in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity and has returned to show off his battle skills.
180px-Scrgp 2


SCR-GP recently got a fighting upgrade from Dr. Eggman.

HP: 122/122

ATK: 45

SPD: 12

DEF: 50

LCK: 20

POW Moves: Rolling Robot, Bomb Blaster, Self Destruct, Self Repair.

E-121 Phi

Phi is a copy of Emerl, but the two robots do not share the same attacks. Phi is quick and Nimble
E-121 Phi

All will Perish!

when it comes to fighting.

HP: 133/133

ATK: 31

SPD: 29

DEF: 12

LCK: 10

POW Moves: Copy, Rock Throw, Triple Blast, Power Punch

Miles Tails Prower

Tails chronicles

Lets go team!

Tails is the smartest one one the team, He can tinker with robots systems and make them join his team. Tails improved on his Tornado, so now it has Nocturne Energy.

HP: 121/121

ATK: 29

SPD: 19

DEF: 50

LCK: 30

POW Moves: Tinker, Wrench Attack, Sheild Bot, Tailspin

Knuckles the Echidna

600px-Knuckles 35

Get ready to Fight!!""

Knuckles' strength is similar to Shade and Emerl. He can pick up boxes for his own advantages.

HP: 144/144

ATK: 54

SPD: 10

DEF: 20

LCK: 20

POW Moves: Uppercut, Rock Throw, Rocket Fist, Knuckle Punch.

Big the Cat

''Big is not the smartest guy around, but he is vulnerable to poison and electricity. It is unknown why Big can go through harmful things.

HP: 218/218

ATK: 35

SPD: 2

DEF: 40

LCK: 23

POW Moves: Lure Whip, Froggy Rain, No Pain, Cast

Rouge the Bat

Rouge's skills allow her to distract enemies making them take their minds off the Battle.
File:Rouge 14.png
Rouge is currently Investigating the Gizoids.

HP: 199/199

ATK: 35

SPD: 12

DEF: 40

LCK: 40

POW Moves: Gem Storm, Spinballer, Distract, Tornado Kick


In every level you will find someone who owns a shop. You can buy different Items and trade Rings for POW Points. You can upgrade before every battle, so be wise.

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